Snoop Dogg Clowns Kanye & Kim


    snoop dogg kim kardashian kanye kiki

    Snoop just heard the rumor that the “KiKi’ Drake is referring to in his “In My Feelings” song is actually Kim Kardashian…and now, Uncle Snoop don’t know how to act!

    Peep this video of him clowning Kim and Kanye

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    Kiki is ???

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    1. We are now in a generation in which old people act young and stupid asf and young people look old and stupid asf. Social media is the worst thing that could have happened this generation

      • That Bitch knew what was going to happen ta Pac like that Bitch puffy knew what was going to happen to biggie…if you look at the last interview each of them had with the mark you can see it ALL over their faces.

    2. I thought Kiki was a name of a person that is on the feminine side in prison. I guess I could be wrong…….

    3. if snoop ends up in jail you know the kardashians had something to do with it.

      daz already got locked up cause he called kim and her family hoes

      all the deathrow rappers are going live talking about the deathrow days like its still 1995

      daz, yukmouth and gonzoe aCT LIKE EAZY AND PAC JUST DIED


    4. Stop talking about Kanye and making him relevant, and albino Drake/Aubrey/PedoPapi/DeadbeatPapi is over anyway.

    5. Those two mtfs don’t belong on TV anyways, it’s funny how young stupid mtfs with obvious gay attentions think Kanye, drake, Migos and the rest of the homos are the greatest thing ever invented, mcs from the old school will always be legends, drake and Kanye are considered legends to kids 20 and younger on social media only, wake the Fuck up youngins these dudes are trash

    6. Sooooooo…. Snoop did you forget your wife had a whole baby on you? or do you really think that chocolate little girl is yours??❌

      Since you giving advice, I challenge you to take a dna Test, cause there’s is a n—-ga running around Cali claiming to be the daddy of your baby. Just as an FYI…

      • Thank you lovelylady!! I been saying that forever. That pretty little girl is not snoops baby. He was acting a fool out here trying to divorce Shante. She was preggo with lil mama when they got back together. He accepted her wholeheartedly though. Cant front on him for that. But nah Choc is not his biological kid. I hope they dont lie to her much longer because it’s tough and confusing for her to have 2 lighter skinned brothers and not understand why her complexion is darker than theirs. Sadly, she is like the Khloe Kardashian of the family.

        • thats the exactly what I heard. He got his nerves. Lol He can’t even keep a regular high school sweet heart In check. So how Kanye gone keep Kim, who got her own money, in check? Please… snoop need to sit down and rethink his own situation. Cause if he walk away from Shante again he gone have 4 more other niggaz kids to take care of. Or is shante in menopsuse? Snoop take s break and stop trying to be a bully before you get yourself roasted.

          • And Shante didn’t even like Snoop at 1st. She wasn’t feeling him at all. 😛 He had to woo & pursue (& beg?) her. 😛

              • Well it’s not surprising to me he made the album, but bouncing back to his old ways after making the album is what got me shocked.

                • I knew snoop was faking the gospel life

                  Snoop anything for a dollar

                  He might join Scientology next

                  Snoop the Muslim didn’t last long

            • A lady is suppose to be woo’ed and pursued if the fella likes her. If she still says no, then it is over.

              • Don’t bother trying to speak common sense into this Rat…she doesn’t know the meaning of the word.

    7. hell no choc aint his

      word was snate was creeping with snoops boys back in the deathrow days

      daz baby mama is talking

      daz need to quit going around talking bout another mans wife sucking dick

      and while daz is clowning suge knight jr calling his mom a ho

      lets not forget daz ate groupies who phukked snoop

    8. Agent Snoop is a old idiot but I think that lovely chocolate young woman is his daughter she just has his complexion but she resembles her mother but who knows.

      • Nooo. Everyone already knows who her dad is, it’s notvsnopp but another OG dude. Snoop has another son as well that he takes care of but I guess shante don’t let him post pictures of the boy. But he take care of him, he know his brothers and sisters.

        • Don’t matter, Snoop is taking care of the girl, where is and what is the father of girl doing?

    9. In the beginning of the video he seem like he was showing his true self moving like that. Now I see why he took the picture with bruce

    10. Agent Snoopy is a creme puff (Don’t believe me just ask my dad Marion) He was the one poking snoop (outside of Dre) in the booty hole.
      So Snoopard needs to Shut his mouth before Yeezy slaps some ding ding to his face. But in all honesty Snoopie would just love that now wouldn’t he.

    11. Snoop gave dl hints years ago

      Crying over dre back in the day lol

      Him and dre talked about doing a album breakup to makeup


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