Simone Battle Suicide Blamed On Money Issues

Simone Battle Suicide Blamed On Money Issues

All Work and No Pay!

While it was originally reported that Battle had not been depressed before her suicide, that story is now that she is fact was depressed…and it all came down to money.

Here is what’s now being reported:

“G.R.L. singer Simone Battle had been struggling with financial problems before committing suicide.

Friends and family members told law enforcement that she was depressed over money issues recently — the family wasn’t specific but they were clear … money was bringing her down.

The family didn’t quite understand, because Battle was part of a successful singing group that had just completed an overseas tour.

People close to Battle told cops … she was frustrated that she hadn’t hit in the U.S. and worried she never would.  Apparently Battle wasn’t cutting it financially overseas.”



  1. Poor thing. What a waste. There are broke people all over the world who are happy to be alive and are used to the struggle. I’m sure money wasn’t the only thing that was bringing her down. There must have been some underlying emotional issues she was dealing with.

  2. Shit my water bill due tomorrow dont got the money got get kidz more uniforms still owe rent. But unless its GODS will ill be waking up ready for the struggle. Only the strong survive at least she made it that far. Sad her faith wasnt in GOD.

      • YES!! This is how to start the day!!

        I ask, touch and agree !!

        In Jesus name amen!

        Have a great day sisters and brothers!

    • Yes ma’am, he will always give you what you need. Some people have problems because they don’t know the difference between needs and a wants.

      • The word says God will give you what you need as well as supply your wants, based on his riches. He isn’t a sometime God, He is an all the time, on time God!

        Trust me, my wants were fulfilled for years. When I got to a point where I couldn’t spend like I was accustomed to, I still had because my former wants then became my current needs. I don’t use everything I get immediately, but I eventually use it. If I don’t use it, I will happily gift it, gratis, to someone who can use it. I don’t have to know you. If I have something you want or need that I’m not using, check your mailbox. It will get there sooner than later. Lol

        • I’m right there with you, I’m talk bout the people who covet. I don’t want want other people have. I guess I should have specified covetousness wants.

          • True! I started not to reply to you because I know you know the word. I don’t want what anyone else has, either. I never have. I don’t know what they did to acquire it. Knowing me, I wouldn’t dare do what they did, so ’tis best that I get it on my own. Lol

  3. I still dont believe it. She could have easily walked away from this corrupt business. All these artists are broke and everything they have is rented. The group she was in wasnt making any noise. Robin Antin stay playing these girls. I still believe she was a sacrifice.

    • Not if they have a contract even if they back out of it they get sued and go bankrupt

      • True! True!
        Also, God rest her soul…I don’t mean to speak ill of the dead BUT… Most of these Hollywood types who are desperate to hit it big are narcissistic people with border line personality disorder or have some other mental or emotion issue.
        Hollywood is dog eat dog. Maybe she got sick of the game and saw no other way out.
        I will say this… She was gorgeous…At least she wasn’t out there selling her body to make it like so many other women do.

        • You’re not speaking ill, just cold hard facts.
          It’s still a very sad story and strange too.

  4. What is disgusting is how easily the parents believe this and let the murder go. Maybe her parents were part of the problem. They seem to be satisfied with the lies and ready to move on. Did they value her potential for success more than her? If that was a real brother’s daughter, someone would be joining Simone. Robin Antin,the boyfriend and the other girls would have been depressed and departed.

    • I don’t think the parents are satisfied but there really isn’t much they can do about this situation. You’re talking about lower income people going up against some powerful folks….those people don’t have a chance in hell.
      My heart goes out to them.

  5. Im praying that the family hire a private investigator and due an autospy because something is not adding up. This girl had her whole life ahead of her and very talented. The record companies are suppossed to take care of these ladies. Nobody is born with a silverspoon in their mouth.

    • I’m pretty sure no one here knew that young lady so you weren’t privy to conversations she had with her family and friends.People kill themselves emphasis on themselves,but here everything is a conspiracy.Again I ask are y’all really like this in real life.

      The same day Robin Williams killed himself a person who I hadn’t seen in years killed herself.

      She was I was told,supposedly speaking bizarrely on fb and none of her friends checked on her .She left a daughter who is in college who discovered her mom dead.Mom was in her 30’s.I would never had thought she would kill herself,good job,beautiful daughter,but you never know what people are going through and see as insurmountable. And this is with people you are familiar with.

      White men are the ones who kill themselves the most in this country and they have it easier than most.

  6. The other girls need to speak up from Girlicious, Paradiso Girls, Asia Nitallono because Robin Antin robbed them of a career they could of have. She held them back and probably didnt even provide them with transportation, clothes,makeup, etc. This wilderbeast Robin Antin needs her ass checked because she’s spending the money on her horrible plastic surgery.

  7. Having money isn’t gonna solve your problems,but not having it won’t make it better either. I’d rather die in a condo than in the projects.

  8. Yeah many people are born with a silverspoon in their mouth but their white. Im sure the other girls in that group have rich families that could take care of them but the only black girl in the group was struggling. It sounds a bit racist to me. There’s plenty of girls Simone’s age are in debt(student loans) and they are not depressed and killing themselves. Please the Battle family hire a private investigator, good lawyer,and autospy.

    • Why do black people have this misconception that all white people are rich??? I don’t EVEN get that!!!!

      • Same reason why white people have a misconception that black people come from ghetto. If a black comes from a well to do family it’s still not believed, right along with not believing that there’s black kids with 2 parent households.

  9. A lot of folk have money issues, no reason to end it all. Simon Cowell and Simon Fuller been abusing the system for years. These singing reality shows stopped being about talent when Jennifer Hudson got booted from American Idol. Now, they’re easy pathways to make money, the singers be damned. The music industry is in turmoil right now. Who buys CDs anymore, listen to radio stations, etc. For new artists, it’s impossible to get a footprint in the industry. I overstand the ambitious and prideful aspect of her demise. Despite this, she didn’t have to do it. This a sad ending to a beautiful life!!!

  10. Asia Nitallono was briefly signed to Murda Inc after that PussyCatDolls experiment went leftfield.Haven’t heard nothing from her since.

  11. It’s exceptionally hard for Artist from over the pond to have successful singing careers here in the States.Ask Keisha Chante and Miss Dynamite.Leona Lewis is a god given rare talent that was likely to shine regardless of her geographic location.

  12. The parents need an autospy, private investigator, and a good lawyer. I would not let this get swept under the rug like Brittany Murphy,Whitney Houston, etc. Do you know how many people are in debt and they dont kill themselves. Robin Antin has some explaining to do.

  13. Really?!! We know how to roll with the punches when it comes to money. Most of us came from struggle so we deal issues as they come.. not check out1

  14. Robin Antin is a thief! She stole Elise Neal from All of Us dance choreography. If you ever seen TV1’s Life After Elise talks about it. Robin is a snake.

    • And Elise stole “Don’t Cha” from another lesser known artist. Robin then stole it from Elise.

  15. Simone did not commit suicide she was sacrificed to boost album sales for that terrible group she was in. Dont get it twisted Simone was talented and beautiful but this group GRl did nothing for her but held her back. I hope Karma gets these horrible bitches in grl and that wilderbeast looking Robin Antin.

  16. No she was sacrfieced before the harvest moon we’re having now. BS and funny most women don’t hang themselves like supposedly robin williams/ Robin= rebirth. Her name along means Moon SIMONE/MON= MOON/water and SIN= moon as well. Also they said she died at 830 which= “11′ robin williams died on the “11” and Joan “Rivers’ really died on the “29th Mj’s bday who was also sacrificed Vigro/Virgin 2+9= 11. 17 yr anniversary not to long ago of Princess Diane which also means moon and was also sacrificed before the fall equinox and 911 really 7 11 since sept is really the seventh month. “Labor day= symbolic women giving birth not for workers. 9= completion.

  17. Those young celebrity girls are abused and
    Molested from young sometimes pimped
    By they family. The executives pass these
    Girls around. When they break the contract
    Especially dark skinned artist they are
    Executed. Hendrix Sam Cooke PAC

      • Uhm, yeah. That presupposition was around before the internet.

        Remember Hendrix was the 1970s. A black guitar player of rock.

        America can’t handle that now. In the 1970s they couldn’t fathom it. Take my word for it.

          • Thank you crazy chris. our resident musicologist.

            I thought he died like 1972 or something. The 70s were all about Jimi. If a person came from outer space, they would have thought he was still alive.

            But trust, any whites that dug him were having a hard time with his color.

            Don’t be fooled kids, a lot of those 1960s flower children 1970s disco kids 1980s coke heads were racist as f*ck!

  18. Simon Cowell’s former chaffeur was doused with acid! The police are saying it was a mistaken identity. Who was the acid attack for? Simon maybe.

    • Shiiieet. Never heard about that. That’s terrible.

      I don’t think it was an attack meant for Simon. Maybe an attack to silence the chauffeur speaking out about something?

  19. I found it very strange that Simone’s boyfriend’s name has never been revealed. Why would a beautiful looking girl with a loving family and boyfriend kill herself? Was the family and boyfriend not supportive?

    • I am starting to think that she owed the wrong people money.

      Or, they were trying to screw her and she wasn’t having it.

  20. It sounds like Simone’s family has been paid hush money. Why would they go along with this suicide nonsense? Smh.

  21. Let a blackman find a dead white singer. He would be the prime suspect. They lynched her like a the only nigger in an all white group because Ferguson, Trayvon Martin, Whitney Houston and passive society says they can get away with it.

  22. @ B Staviano thank you so much. So true I got my water bill money and a job interview. I walk by faith and not sight. I really appreciate the words of encouragement. A blog site was the last spot I thought I would be encouraged, so much love to you. Regardless of how bad a situation may look THE ALMIGHTY GOD WILL ALWAYS SEE YOU THRU IF YOU BELIEVE WITH ALL YOUR BEING! So to anyone on this blog going thru something and it seem like you cant go on, I ask that you pray and believe in THE ALMIGHTY GOD.

    • Oh my gosh!!! He is able!!! God bless you! Honey, I was plotting how I could try to send you some ends. I am so happy for you! Can’t wait for you to return with the good news about your new job! 🙂

        • Thank you. I try. I’m blessed, and I want that to be reflected in my everyday life. It is not for the purpose of being a braggart, but rather a reflection of God’s goodness. When you make good choices, you can and will be blessed the right way. We are all protected, but the more I learn how to pray and the quicker I release my concerns unto God, the quicker I see results. Supernatural blessings are real. Favor is real. A hedge of protection is real. Discernment is real.

          I can see things before they happen. My Holy Spirit speaks to me and will send me visions of what will happen in my life. One was a warning, so when it happened, I wasn’t surprised. Someone was seeking to harm me and my mother. Ultimately, they failed and failed miserably. To God be the glory. It may take time, patience and submission to His will (those are the tough parts), but anyone’s life can and will be turned around due to God’s grace.

          • Wonderful Jesus!

            I was about to go to sleep and include #3 in my prayers but He already fixed it!

            So many HSK commenters do my spirit man good, but especially you, B.

            Is there another commenting community like this one? Haven’t found it.

            • Thank you, ILJC! You are always positive. I appreciate you. I am so overjoyed to see likeminded, like spirited people uplifting those in need. You can still pray for #3’s interview and uniforms for their children. 🙂 We can all stand in agreement for these things to manifest in their lives.

              I don’t know of another forum like HSK. That’s probably a good thing for me on days where I post too much. Lol

            • Rent!!! Let us also stand in agreement for the poster to remit timely rent payments, in full, every month!

              I’m praying rn.

            • Hey @IloveJC 🙂
              Thank u 4 referring me to @Darby. The messages are a blessing 🙂

            • Rhymes with snitch is a good site also 4 gossip. But the commentors are pretty viscious
              But sometimes in the comment section there area few jewels being passed
              But I notice that @hsk commenters are more classier and settled then most @rhymes with snitch commentors. Some of rws posters can b a little bitter and angry. But 1 thing 4 sure,
              @Rws, they keep it real and raw

          • @B. Stiviano, please include me in that prayer also as I also pray that everyones needs be met too 🙂

            • @anon 4;17

              Wonderful! I’ve made it through all Pastor Darby’s previous messages and can promise each one is meaty!

              I’ve recently started watching Derek Prince’s old sermons and though he’s a totally different style his messages are just as rich.

              I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you start with “Breaking Generational Curses” on YouTube posted by The Lusiana (he has 2 similar sermons but I especially liked this one). There’s a prayer of deliverance at the end that was supernatural for me and yielded immediate results that I can only attribute to the prayer. I felt RAIN on me when I finished and was praising. The praise part cuts off in the video but keep going!

              It’s frightening how easy we curse and get cursed and all the doors we leave open. A mother just thinking “I don’t want this baby” when she’s pregnant is enough.

              Vital info for living in this world!!!
              (B)ASIC (I)nstructuons (B)efore (L)eaving (E)arth!!

            • @ILoveJC, thank u so much 🙂
              I’ve had Derek Prince”s book 4 many years and I read it once. Good stuff. But Im going to check out the youtube version .. Thanx 🙂
              Also check this book called “Unbroken Curses”
              By Dr. Rebecca Brown and “He Came To Set The Captives Free”. They r both good reads and the He Came To set The Captives free is basically telling her story and ministry
              I would suggest u read Unbroken Curses 1st though b4 her personal story. bcuz u will see its sort of similiar to . Prince’s book
              I 1st read Dr. Brown story in 2003 and it was such a joy and blessing
              A lot of what she says in her personal story is what we talk about here

              Thanks again @IloveJC 🙂

  23. Last night I was amazed that Hollyweird did not help or protect tis wonderful talent.

    Now I am just outraged at such a blatant lie. 2 year olds declare bankruptcy and keep it moving.

    Unless, they owe the wrong people. But then again, it gets back to protection.

    I don’t believe this.

    RIP Simone.

    • This site, why is it so hard to type here???

      this wonderful talent

      25 year olds declare bankruptcy and keep it moving

      Hollyweird is like Monaco:

      Monaco is a sunny place with shady people…Hemingway

      RIP Simone, you were beautiful and talented


    • P.S. Im not trying to discount the video bcus I didnt watch it yet I was just enquiring 🙂

  25. Some value reputation over life–and view broken dreams as failure. Instead of viewing it as an opportunity.

  26. simone like other artists found out that she was getting phukked singers and rappers make little to no money anyway.

    so I can believe she had m,oney issues plus she was in a group which means she had to split the money with the opther members.

    all these group members complain about getting screwed, tlc, swv, envogue the list goes on.

    everybody cant handle the music industry anybody heard of a drug problem.

    cant blame everything on the industry yes they serve a agenda but they like to sit back and watch their artists self destruct.

    heard a few grl songs the other day nothing special about this group they’re for teens and people who like raves.

  27. I find it suspect that this beautiful young woman had a boyfriend who’s name has not been released. She was pursuing her dreams and I dont believe it was a suicide. I thought the record companies at least give these artists an allowance for travel, wardrobe, etc. They better not replace her either. This group is dead to me.

    • robin is probably holding auditions…… we speak Hollywood is shady and disloyal

  28. The record industry is corrupt and isn’t built for good decent people. Your forced to sell your soul. I dont know why people join this business just to be pimped out and exploited.

  29. robin antin is best pal’s with kris jenner enough said Hollywood is shady why do they call it “the land of broken dreams”
    people with real talent thinking their be the next big thing so they will save up their money move to Hollywood

    rent a cheap apartment and a cheap car bust tables just to pay the rent and food bills attend acting auditions or sending their music demo’s to big record labels
    who do’t give a f*ck. they will just chuck it in a big pile with the rest

    celebrities relay on drink and drugs to full a void they can’t cope!! the money is not making them happy is making their sad

  30. @b.stiviano
    Nice of u to pray for people and really mean it frm ur heart/sincerity


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