Shots Fired at Tekashi, Kanye & Nicki Video Shoot


    tekashi nicki kanye video shooting

    Shots rang out at a Beverly Hills, Calif. home where Tekashi 69 was filming a music video with Kanye West and Nicki Minaj.

    Sources say Tekashi and Kanye were inside of the rented $80 million estate when the drive-by shooting took place at 10:25 pm.

    Someone on set says there were approximately 8 shots fired, and at least one bullet went through a bedroom window. Thankfully, no one was hit.

    Kanye immediately left the scene and production was halted.


    1. One of the security or food truck ppl, prob tipped somebody off. All 3 of them are wanted so ain’t no telling who that was for. But they really jealous of that Tikashi 69 kid, prob mad Nicki and Kanye doing a song with him. Cause that’s about to make him official.

      So it’s prob YG hating azz. It’s sad cause I really like YG.. they both talented. YG is super dope with Mustard on the beat… and I like this 69 boy too.

      • 69 is a rapist…and just pled guilty to 3 counts of rape of a minor…not much of a shocker you like him.

      • One can only hope.

        Anyone who really cares about these people who choose to be in a satanic industry, need to be shot too.

    2. 69 fruity pebbles looking ass is going around dissing so called real street gangsters

      The game already exposed him

      He had beef with yg, and chief keef also

    3. Nicki fake Barbie doll.ass is beefing with cardi b fake wanna be black.girl ass

      She did threaten cardi recently

      Kanye dissed Snoop and daz and even.comedians wanna beat his ass

      We know Kim gave Trump head she said she was naked when he called her

      Oh really Kim what happened next oh we know

      You gave him brain surgery

    4. Kanye BOUNCED!!!!!!!! He said they ain’t getting his ass!!!!!!! With all that illuminated hair in the house how could they miss? Somebody needs to get a refund!!!!!!!!

      • I am sure if whoever shot really wanted him/them dead they would have been…it was prob a warning to ALL of them.

    5. Black folks always handing over their creative selves to these whitefolks! Just fucking pitiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. So we bout to get a new song wit a hot beat probably a hot video but with wack flows, Nicki is str8 trash fell off wen she deaded her ghost writer now he flashing his meat all ova the web, Mr Kardashian may spit a hot flow can’t be to sure thou its not like washed up Nicki Minaj and transman 6nine is gonna be inspiring in any kinda way, shit wit that being said the beat might be trash too


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