Serena Williams Husband Joins Natural Hair Groups


    serena williams husband natural hair

    Serena Williams’ husband is taking a hands-on approaching to fatherhood by joining some natural hair groups on Facebook. Here’s his announcement.

    serena williams husband

    Will they let him in or nah?


    1. Her husband seem pretty cool…and I think he geninuely wants to appreciate his daughters hair….but on a side note can you believe he is the one spreading the cheeks of this goddess everyday…. black men taking Ls

    2. Sistas if you marry a white man, he owns you. It’s highly likely he will divorce you and take half or all of your money. If you disagree with me, ask Aisha Tyler and Halle Berry!

      • Aisha found her “gayness”. Halle Berry is a nut job. Can’t blame the white men for that.

        Whether a sistas’ mate is white or black; if he/she is entitled to half….it is what is it. Can’t blame the white men for that. Because that’s who the sistas chose.

          • Reformed @ 1750: In the lesbian community black women love to submit to white women and eat their pussy all night. Ha ha ha.

            That statement is true in regards to Robin Roberts and Wanda Sykes.

        • It’s common for victims of domestic violence to date women after leaving the abuser. But I don’t know Aisha Sellout Tyler’s situation.

    3. NBC —— If I list all the black men that lost half their monies to white women
      the page is not long enough. STFU
      You sound ignorant

    4. Personally I don’t see myself ever being with a white man but I guess it’s okay he’s trying to learn about his daughter’s hair but with all the money he and Serena has why not just hire someone to teach them about their daughter’s hair..

    5. The fact that she married that disease is disgusting and so disrespectful to her father. I feel bad for him because it’s not like he can reject his granbaby, but she was raised so much better than that.

      At least Bron is raising strong black men.

      And this Ohanian bitch doesn’t even have money like that. His money is like half vapors. I hope there’s a strong prenup.

    6. You guys better listen to Dr. Umar Johnson. He said (I’m paraphrasing), “Our most beautiful and intelligent sistas are marrying average white men.” Here is the short list:

      1. Halle Berry, Two children by two white men
      2. Tamera Mowry, married a white man
      3. Stacey Dash, child by a white man
      4. Tika Sumpter, Child by a white man
      5. Kamala Harris, married a white man
      6. Soledad O’Brien, married a white man
      7. Serena Williams, married a white man
      8. Garcelle Beauvais, married and had two children by a white man

      These extraordinary sistas didn’t marry up, they married down; they married white trash. They also destroyed their children’s melanin. Most interracial marriages don’t last long. If those white men divorce their black wives, they will receive all of the money. Unfortunately Serena does not realize this. #AishaTyler

    7. Serena will get her BLACK WOKE MOMENT……or maybe he has some BLACK hidden genes……..somewhere!!!!!!!!!!!

      • She had her WOKE moment when blacks….especially blaxk males called her ugly, masculine, nappy head, and told the world, white skinned Latinos or multi racials are beautiful.

      • Of course he’s does. He’s Noah descendants. Noah was albino not white. Thats why Kim k babies look Black…

    8. The photo of them together is so disgusting. She’s one of the top athletes in the world, but disrespects her body and people with that ugly demon.

      • How come we never hear this same commentary when PRINCE, THE TWO MJs, ALL OF THE BLACK MEN IN HOLLYWOOD, TOO MANY BLACK ATHLETES, ETC do the same thing. NEVER HEARD MICHAEL JACKSON, JORDON OR PRINCE, DISRESPECTED THEIR BODIES BY MARRYING THOSE ULGY DEMONS…..idiot. Every black man featured on this site has non blaxk/multi racial partners and no one ever calls their partners demons. I guess this only applies when unambiguous women, who blaxk men tell the world, are ulgy, do it.

    9. I never said Serena was ugly. Serena is gorgeous. I question why she would marry a white man; thus insulting her father who prepared her and Venus for stardom. When the time is right, I will post list of black men who sold their soul to becky.

      • He didn’t just prepare them. His country behind took one (ONE) tennis class, and trained them to be the best in the world. White people spend hundreds of thousands and their frail, ignorant children still suck.

        He also trained them to deal with all the racism they’d encounter.

        It’s so sad how Serena talked about how the child looks like her. No, ma, that child is basically white, and one day, it will discriminate against people that look exactly like you.

      • The cac looks like an old piece of chewing gum stuck to the bottom of an old beat up desk since the 70s.

    10. What a bunch of sad pathetic haters. If anybody had done their research they would know that he is a millionaire and has his own money. If you also did research you would see that he has treated her like the Queen that she is. No matter what anybody thinks he has said over and over again he thinks she’s the most beautiful woman in the world. I’m sure her father is happy that she’s married a man who loves and worships the ground she walks on.


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