Rosario Dawson Confirms She’s Cory Booker’s Boo


    rosario dawson cory booker

    Cory Booker alluded to having a “boo” in an interview with The Breakfast Club. And now, the woman who has stolen the presidential hopeful’s heart has been identified as actress Rosario Dawson.

    She and Cory were spotted at the movies back in January, but who knows how long they’ve been “dating.”


    1. Even with his new beard, he’s got no chance at all.

      Lackluster in Washington and let’s not even talk about Newark.

      Idk why she is even going along with this one.

    2. Don’t these women get tired of being beards like damn! I honestly believe him and Jussie had something going on

    3. Rosario Dawson, another latin bitch who got fucked by a bunch of self hating black men to get put on in hollywood. Harvey Weinstein and racist director Quentin Tarantino found out she has good head and pussy, fucked her a bunch of times and put her in the movie Sin City. Black men just don’t get it, latin bitches hate us!

    4. Anyway. Stop dappin up these Hispanics/Latinos. They’re you’re enemy. Don’t sleep with them either. And stop letting that wigg** stuff slide.

      • There is no black/brown coalition. They are quickly taking our jobs while calling us the N word. That’s exactly what racist Amerikkka wants.

        • @NBA I have to go along with you this time on just about everything your saying.You can trace hispanics hatred toward us all the back to that azz wipe christopher columbus. I also agree black people can be so stupid at times,always siding with everyone except their own
          wake da fuc up already,you aint got no friends mannnnnn

          • It’s not a matter of “friends.” Those “allies” are fucking irrelevant.

            The point is for black folk to focus on black folk.

            The reality is that only Africa can be totally self-sufficient. A developed Africa has absolutely NO need to trade with or contact fucking crackers, spics, and Asians.

            The other races can’t do that because their land is shit and they’re idiots.

                • LMAO…The FAGGOT here is You Constantly SUCKING DICK of afriKKKant TRASH…They Sold YOU DUMB BITCH WAKE THE FUCK UP…STUPID MF.

                • I’m awake, and all I see is another SHRIMP DICK WHITE FAGGOT mad at the truth. FUCK your race, bitch.

                  Africa forever, you hoe ass crackers. FOREVER ALL DAY. Now go back to your underage girlfriend.

                • LMAO…The Fact Remains YOU DON”T KNOW SHIT BITCH…

                  Like I said keep Sucking the Dicks of the afriKKKant Trash who sold your ancestors to Whites, although they’d rather slit your throat because they Hate you, You Stupid Bitch…LOL!

    5. Cory Booker and KKKamala Harris think they should become President number 46 just because they are tragic mulattoes like Obama. When The Breakfast Club ask them do they have a black agenda, both Cory and KKKamala got nervous and answered around the question.

    6. Since we’re on the topic of democratic presidential candidates, do you black people know that the Confederate Donkeys support illegal immigration? The Mexicans, Hondurans and Nicaraguans come here illegally and have “anchor babies,” thousands of them. The 14th Amendment automatically gives those Anchor Babies American citizenship. Those Anchor Babies become adults and take the jobs that used to be occupied by us! It is in the best interest of Rosario Dawson to hook up with Cory Booker. She wants more latinos and less blacks, just like the Democratic party. Are you still going to vote for the Confederate donkeys in the year 2020?

      • The most important thing for black folk to do is get on code. Voting is more important at the local level where there’s more control and accountability. If folk want government to work for folk, get on the local candidates. Those people have a greater impact on daily life (schools, jobs, gentrification, policing, environment, etc.). It’s like the difference between the CEO and lower level management. The most you can hope for is that you don’t end up with a dumb Indian CEO. The same goes for the president. Try to keep an absolute scumbag out of the office, so the local politicians aren’t forced to do dumb shit.

      • @NBA Them dumb arse black ppl prb are.Anybody living in so cali who has black children in public school,teens trying to find work at fast food. Black adults trying to get jobs in construction,janitorial,retail,government really need to think then action


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