Rihanna Slams Trump With Legal Notice


    rihanna trump

    After realizing Trump played her song, “Don’t Stop the Music,” at his Chattanooga, Tenn. rally, Rihanna’s team slammed the president with a cease & desist.

    A portion of the letter reads:

    “As you are or should be aware, Ms. Fenty has not provided her consent to Mr. Trump to use her music. Such use is therefore improper.”

    Rihanna found out her jam was being played at the rally after a reporter made this tweet:

    News of her decision to put a stop to her music being played at Trump rallies comes after the singer took a political stance on the Florida gubernatorial race, giving her support to Democrat candidate Andrew Gillum.

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    FLORIDA: You have the opportunity to make history this election. The US has only had four black Governors in its entire history, and we can help make #AndrewGillum the next one and Florida’s first! If you’re tired of feeling like you don’t matter in the political process, know the most important thing you can do in supporting a candidate is finding someone who will take on critical issues such as: making minimum wage a livable wage, paying teachers what their worth, ensuring criminal justice reform, making healthcare a right, and repealing Stand Your Ground. That’s a platform we MUST support. Let’s #bringithome, Florida. Vote @andrewgillum. And VOTE YES on Amendment 4 to restore voting rights to folks who have already paid their debt to society. VOTE on November 6th!

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    1. I i dislike Trump but are not there more important issues in the world beside tricking our lives to politics.

    2. We have been voting for 50 years and we are still getting murdered by the police. Why should black people vote?

      • LOL!!!!

        But seriously, what would be nice if more of with integrity would run, so we had someone to vote for…

    3. Unfortunately most black people vote because black celebrities/boule tells them to vote. Oprah told the blacks in Georgia to vote for Stacey Abrams. Ms. Abrams supports illegal immigration. She and CA. Senator Kamala Harris support the five thousand Central Americans who are marching towards America to take our jobs. A vote for Stacey Abrams means a vote for black unemployment. Do you support black unemployment?

    4. Hey……It was their land before white people took it from them and before we were brought here illegally!!!!!!! So who are the TRUE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS?

      • WRONG!!!i wish people would stop spreading that lie”it was their land first” the europeans ie spaniards came to the americas and murdered,tortured,raped,pillaged,enslaved.wiped out the indigenous people,you can thank mr christopher columbus who also started the atlantic slave trade,geez i also wish black people would read a book once in a while smh

        • This book is a very short& ez read by a world renown historian Dr John Henrik Clark
          Christopher Columbus & the Afrikan Holoccaust 6 or 7 $ on amazon.com

        • So you are saying that the indigenous people were here before europeans and the majority of Black people were brought here? So I’ll ask anyone again…..WHO ARE THE TRUE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS?

          • Whoever that is can barely write, so how do you expect them to understand they just argued your point back to you.

    5. Girl bye she probably voted for him at first. The rich loved that he was in office don’t be fooled

    6. And she’s still dating an Arab, people who literally enslave and kill African women and children every day.


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