Rick Ross Owes Over a Million In Back Taxes


    rick ross taxes

    Sources report that Rick Ross hit with a massive tax lien, totaling over $1.5 million!

    The 43-year-old rapper has an outstanding bill of $254,341.70 from 2014 and $1,294,059.88 for 2016. The IRS reportedly filed the lien against Rick Ross last month.


    1. That’s it! Another dumbass nigga who doesn’t know how to pay his taxes.

      Too busy buying cars, tryin to impress these thots, and everything else except payin the tax man

      You dumbass niggas cannot avoid him, you can’t ignore him, so stop tryin.

      Most ppl know niggas r horrible at budgeting their money most ppl expect food stamp recipients to be shit outta luck by early march.

      • U seem mad? 🤔

        Make your money, kang. Bless the land with delicious wangs covered in exotic sauces. 😁

    2. Black men if you floss your material possessions, the real gangsters called the IRS are coming after you!

    3. He has like 30 restaurants and other investments. He can’t watch everyone. He’ll be alright.

      U mad?

    4. He is the king of jacking verses from other songs and making another song out of it…. Why is he famous again?


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