Rapper Young Greatness Killed Outside New Orleans Waffle House


    young greatness killed

    Theodore Jones, who goes by the name Young Greatness, was killed early this morning in a Waffle House parking lot. Sources say the New Orleans native, who moved to Houston after Hurrican Katrina, was back in Nola for a funeral and was Facetiming his manager when the shooting occurred.

    The 34-year-old rapper who was best known for his 2015 song “Moolah” had just signed with Cash Money Records back in 2017.



      • The murder rate in jail is lower than in the hood. Alot of brothers go to prison to escape death in the streets

      • Am I to understand the young man was face timing in a Waffle House parking lot and previously posted pictures of himself holding money? Smh.

    1. You have never seen Bill Gates, Warren Buffet or Jeff Bezos posing with stacks of dollar bills. Why do these stupid rappers do this dumb shit?

    2. Grave yard scene, coffin scene and now he gone be in both!!!! What a coincidence??? You are what you speak into existence. Be careful what you say should be the lesson learned.

    3. Birdman blood scrafice he gets rid of all his artists u gotta be a fool to sign to cashmoney should be calld deathmoney


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