Rapper Big L’s Accused Killer Gunned Down in Harlem


    big l killer gunned down harlem

    After rapper Big L’s 1999 murder, his childhood friend Gerard¬†“Woodley” Coleman was arrested and accused of shooting the rapper nine times in the face and chest on West 139th Street, near Lenox.

    Investigators believed Big L was part of a crew that robbed drug dealers. Police also believed the rapper would “double-cross people” he knew by letting his robbery crew know the location of cash-carrying drug dealers who they could rob. Big L’s actions were somehow damaging to Woodley’s hustle, and that’s why police think the rapper was killed.

    But the Manhattan District Attorney later dropped the case against Woodley because they didn’t feel they had enough witnesses, and there wasn’t any incriminating evidence on surveillance footage.

    Woodley was free to go, but he returned to the streets and picked up living that fast life.

    On June 26, while standing in front of 106 W. 139th St….the same block where he allegedly killed Big L, 46-year-old Woodley was murdered when someone approached him and shot him in the head. He was pronounced dead at Harlem Hospital. There were no arrests nor a description of the suspect.

    “[Woodley] did a lot of bad things and someone decided it was time to go,” – Source

    Police don’t think his murder was in retaliation for the killing of Big L…because if someone was really out for revenge, they would have popped Woodley 17 years ago.

    Woodley lived his life on the streets and was arrested and served time in prison on various guns charges. In 1994 and 1996, just a few years before Big L’s death, Woodley was arrested in connection with two different murders. He avoided conviction both times.

    At the time of his death, he was on parole for a weapon charge.

    Street justice?

    big l woodley


    1. Dude could have just been a fall guy too… However if he was indeed the real killer, then karma/street justice has finally finished sowing itself. If only it could catch on up to some others.

    2. Real quick guys… Lamont Coleman is actually Big L's real name. Gerard Woodley was accused before and recently gunned down


      • Thank you, not a lot of FACT checking on HSK since Jacky left.

        Just an epilogue to the major BS black on black genocide that ruined Harlem years ago.

        Adriano Espillat, a Dominican, (not even Puerto Rican)just won Charlie Rangel's spot for Congress. That is right, the legendary Adam Clayton Powell's spot in Congress.

        Harlem is no longer. I've never been to California, maybe the same is happening in Watts

        Negroes been f*ckn' around for so long, immigrants come and pick up your shit and roll with it and we will not be able to cry that racism song no more.

        We are truly slaves — the white man made us extinct, and by our own hand.

        Give the devil his due, YT had us ruin our own neighborhoods, children's childhoods, legacy and lives.

        • Rangel is a Puerto-Rican you know. Dominicans are black, but they are not allied with us and are against us. There is a lot dilution (diversity) that has been going on in Harlem. Black Americans had better get it together. I stick ALL Caribbean people in the same boat…

          • Rangel's absentee father was Puerto Rican and his mother was a black American woman of southern origin.

            Yes, Black Americans better get it together. We are now considered pass. And we are so damn violent, anti-education and self-hating, no one wants to ride with us.

        • In some parts of South Central LA, the water is contaminated, just like Flint Michigan. I'm not making this up!

          • No you're not but please tell the part about how "it didn't just start recently" & how it's been f'd up for quite a long while now.

    3. Oh well… This is why we never have to worry about seeking revenge on someone or even feeling like you never receive your blessings in what's owed to you for doing right. Good or bad, we know what ever you put out into the universe will come back to you. Everything we do is accounted for and will be returned.

    4. Since we talking about KARMA …what comes with federal time or peoples' own well deserved nd will reap their KARMA… mjust saying?

    5. Tupac, Biggie and Big L were the three greatest rappers of all time. Those three men were murdered in the nineties. Is that a coincidence or a conspiracy?


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