UPDATE: Radio Host’s Husband Pulls a Gun Out on Katt Williams?!


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    Katt Williams went on an interview with Wanda Smith at V103, and not only did he drag Kevin Hart and said Tiffany Haddish is popular because she slept with white men to get her way to the top, he also clowned Wanda. He even mocked some of the questions she asked him, like when she asked what kind of food he liked to cook for his 7 kids.

    And now, sources are saying after getting clowned, Wanda’s husband, Lamorris Sellers, wasn’t happy, so he allegedly rolled up on Katt at one of his comedy shows and pulled out a gun! Thankfully, no one was harmed.

    UPDATE: TMZ is reporting Lamorris spoke to police and told them he had a gun on him, but he didn’t pull it out on Katt. The gun reportedly fell out of his waistband as he was chasing the comedian into a grocery store. Cops reviewed surveillance footage and it showed Lamorris chasing Katt into the store, but does not show Lamorris holding a gun.

    Katt said he did not want to press charges.

    Here’s the original radio interview in case you missed it:


    1. Totally unnecessary. Maybe, he shld tlk to his wife abt being shady to someone in an interview who will clap back.

    2. That’s like someone’s husband going to the job ready to fire on the azzhole manager for f’ng with his wife. You don’t do that! The huband’s job is to get his woman out of the line of fire! Find her a new job. Let her stay at home while HE pays all the bills. Clearly this is Mr. and Mrs.’s m.o. …. Now she and her husband are exposed and Katt continues to be Katt. Sounds about right to me.

    3. Her husband needs to fall back, his wife STARTED IT and Katt let her have it. That shit was funny as hell.

      • Rooooooight??

        That’s like trying to out argue a lawyer- it WONT happen.

        Kay showed her WHY they pay him the big buck$$$- he’s not an AMATEUR and he has an ART to what he does!!

    4. Katt Williams told the truth: THEY AREN”T FUNNY. Kevin Hart nor Tiffany Haddish. Truth hurts. But he almost got hurt for saying it.

      • He made a lot of valid points, but because he went savage on Wanda, people aren’t really talking about that.

      • That’s why the hollywood mafia and the boules hate Katt; he tells the truth. Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddsih are not funny.

    5. “I AM A BOY!” “Pimp in distress!” Dude really chased him for roasting his wife? ? It’s not that serious.

      And everything Kat said about Kevin and Haddish buffoon asses is right. Kevin built his entire career off dehumanizing black people. And Haddish is one of the worst wenches and comedians I’ve ever seen. Of course Hollywood loves them.

    6. Ctfuuuuu @ talkin about there are no pictures of them anywhere. How the they at the shows and there no pics, how sway?

    7. Black women I have a question, why do so many of you love Tiffany Haddish? She constantly displays negative stereotypes about black women, yet so many black women admire her. Girl’s Trip made over $100 million dollars on a $19 million dollar budget. That’s how much black women love Tiffany Haddish. Ladies why do so many of you laugh at your own negative stereotypes? Why do you think Tiffany Haddish is so funny?

      • Who said all black women like her?

        That’s like saying everyone watches Blackish and loves Issa Rae.

        Personally I can’t stand that dry Issa Rae bush.. her energy is OFF.

        Haddish is a shucking and jiving CLOWN literally- the only thing I applaud is her fake Rags to Riches story.

    8. Comedian Red confirmed what I suspected; they have old beef and she totally disrespected him off-air.

      Kat wasn’t even supposed to be on that morning and went on even after she disrespected him. Then she really pushed his button and talked about his children off-air.

      She must have been mad about something else and took the opportunity to try and clown him. Obviously, that didn’t work.

    9. I’ll say this, Katt Williams insulting Wanda Smith live on the radio was one of the most entertaining clips I have ever seen. That clip proved two things; one, Katt Williams is the funniest comedian alive. Two, Wanda Smith is a fat, jealous Aunt Jemima old bitter bitch!


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