R Kelly’s Lawyer Claps Back at Lady Gaga


    r kelly lawyer lady gaga

    After Lady Gaga apologized for collaborating with R Kelly on the song “Do What You Want,” and promised to remove the track from all streaming services, R Kelly’s lawyer has clapped back:

    Gaga has already taken home a Golden Globes for the song “Shallow” that was featured in A Star Is Born, but she’s hoping to snag an Oscar for her performance in the movie as well.

    Do you agree with R’s attorney?


    1. I’ve said in another post this bitch knew and didn’t care. She’s just as evil as he is behind close doors. It’s said she doesn’t even own 1 mirror in her house because she’s afraid of demons coming after her.

      • @11:51 If she look in the mirror she would not have a reflection,her soul is lost like the majority of HLWD f em all

    2. Youtube vloger M Mitchell said the best line so far this year, “I don’t care about R Kelly, I care about our taxes.” This line is in reference to President Hitler, I mean Trump shutting down the government. How many black people work government jobs? Thousands! #TSA #AirTrafficControllers

    3. gaga a damn witch who serves the mother goddess

      she knew Kelly was a pansexual now that they getting ready to dispose of him she was apologize

      what for unless Kelly had you pegging 14 year olds

    4. I’m sorry These thots ain’t about to mess up my playlist. I’m listening to his music still. But I’m totally against him at the same time. I won’t buy no more of his music, but I’m not deleting the songs I already bought either.

        • If you gone ban listening to his music, you might as well cut out music all together. I can assure you as a person running around Hollywood most of these celebrities are sickos…. all of them. You might as well cut out Snoop, Prince, Drake, migos, diddy, Rihianna, stop watching will Smith movies, Celine dion, stop watching Martin cause everybody on there except cole got something wrong with them, Jaime Fox, stop listening to Jay Z and 1000 other ppl that are all on some weird sicko shyt. Heck if you narrow it down the only normal person you gone have left is Nick Cannon and Katt Williams.

          You gone have to stop driving certain cars, stop using Apple, stop shopping at certain grocery stores, stop wearing nike, stop using yelp, Uber and a whole bunch of other stuff that have sock people as they founders.

          So the point is a lot of wealthy ppl are very messed up, in case you have not figured that out yet!!!

          I’m not about to go picking and throwing shyt out I paid for because some fast azz little girls want to be prostitutes and they parents crying cause they ain’t getting they cut.

            • Agreed stopped @ the 1st sentence,not calling you dumb but you do seem a little starved for attention.Do&listen to who eva you want.? what would you call a person who seems to get off hanging with-snitching on immorally-debauchery?If i find out somebody faking da funk i cut em off period.

              • Actually that’s the point. It’s a long list of stuff you gone have to stop doing if you banning RKelly. So if you stoped at sentence one, why should we even waste our time banning one man when 97% of the rest of celebs and business founders are just as sick???

              • I don’t need attention you do. Cause I would never comment on a comment, I did not feel was worth reading… Especially since I did not engage you in it.. I’m just saying??‍♀️ Did you really read it or nah!!!??? ?

            • I know you not, cause you don’t like the truth… do you want to know why that is??? Or do you already know… the truth burns, do you know why?? I do and I think the little demon that resides in you knows too. ?.

              • The Demon is you for calling abused women pros…what kind of Gutter Trash talks shit about people in a Fucked Up situation many of who are Young and being taken advantage of?…

                Only a Mentally Defective Hateful Ugly From the Inside Out Stank Low Down Dirty CumBucket like You.

                • And You wouldn’t know the Truth if it were a Dick Slapping you in the face…You Dumb Bitch.

    5. When your listening to his songs remember he is not singing about adult consensual sex when he says you remind me of my jeep, he is not singing to you but is singing to 12, 13, 14 year olds. He thinks women are repulsive and is telling you he’s thoughts when he is raping children.

      • These Idiots talking that Shit don’t give a Fuck.

        When the Shit hits home and it’s one of their kidz or them personally, just let it be known no one will Give a Shit about them & what they are going through either.

        I am Thankful Karma is a Happy Healthy Hefty Bitch, who loves Dishing Out Heaping Scoops of Just Desserts.

        • I couldn’t imagine how much worse things would be in our society if these Low iq knuckle dragging black men were supreme over us instead of the white men. White men have their ways too but atleast they compartmentalize and use logical thinking.

          So now we black women know that when black men yell black power they do not have black women and girls in mind unless theyre raping our children.

        • But that’s what happen to these ppl. All these woman came to him after the court issue. They still supported him and now look but took it a step forward by dating him. So now we supposed to delete our playlist because they wanted to support him. Please!!! He not innocent but they not victims.

      • You follow the trends. All these songs talking about stupid stuff, killing, prostitution, robbing, gang banging, drugs, but we gone stop at child predators. ??‍♀️ It’s all sick and twisted in case you ain’t notice. so if you cutting him out, cut out the rest too or else HUSH!! Cause you not about that life… just about whatever the press tell you to be about.. it’s called a follower!!!

        • Being a Brain Dead Dumb Bitch must really be freeing.

          Next time keep Your Helmet Off when you bang your head up against the wall…maybe it will give you more blood flow there or at the very least put you out of your misery.

    6. How many times does this have to play out? Americans of African Descent need to stop supporting when our community gets used this way. The media will tell your children Santa Claus is real which is blatant proof that the media lies and yet you still accept it. Stop accepting lies. Not a one of us has had sex with RKelly. None of us knows how he gets down, but the media has you believing that you do. As for me, my parents did not raise a fool. I don’t act like a fool, nor do I study like one. A study of this crap about R Kelly has foolishness written all over it.

      • Shut Up Fool…

        The “media” didn’t make this sorry excuse of human flesh do Shit!

        He did ALL of this on his OWN and EVERYTHING DONE IN TH DARK COMES TO LIGHT…now it is in you FAE No more rumors No more speculations and you Fuckers want to act like it is Nothing.

        You people are as Sick as this Fucker to want to pin this on everyone. Except the Trash who did it…you all really need mental help as much as this POS does.

    7. So if you don’t know then you need to shut up and let those of us who know deal with the matter. Grown arse, crusty, perverted men fighting for the right to rape black children. SMH.

    8. And why is the devil the ONLY ONE WHO spoke out about the physical, psychological, mental and financial abuse of black children. Where is Faracoon, Diddy, Jay Z, Sharpton, and everyone else that were protesting about “free Meek Mills”. Ready to thrown down for another dick but silent about the abuse of black children. So you is the devil again?

    9. It never ceases to amaze me how many in the Black Community coddle & support Black Males, who do the Most Heinous Shit…while in the same breath Tear to Shreds any Black Woman who may do or say something they don’t like, like they committed a murder.

      NO ONE Else is to blame for someone’s Perpetual Horrific Actions.

      When People Show You who they ARE Believe them.

      This MF continues to Show Us Who/What he is and All MANY of you can do is try to protect him and his Criminal Behavior, then wonder why we stay losing as a community…Un-Fucking-Believable.

      • Like you my eyes are now open.

        I will never again cry about Dwight Man.

        I now see who’s really my oppressor .

        Not excusing Dwight mans fluckery but Problack folk are really about Black men they dont care about the women and children.

        Trust No ONE

    10. I’m cutting straight to the truth. When the feminazis say jump, most black women say “yessa massa.” When the feminazis say “attack that black man, most black women say “yessa massa.” Sistas you know it’s the truth! I didn’t see any of you attacking R Kelly in 1997.

      • Right!!!

        They are followers no brain of there own!! Whatever mainstream media tell them to do they do.

        That’s why I like coming on here to how how mislead ppl really are.

        How are the woman and parents less innocent than r Kelly? That’s all I’m trying to figure out. If he go down, the parents and them grown woman need to go down right behind him…

      • You are a Got Damn Lie…I for one Cut him (back then) and Anyone I find out is doing Wrong off with no Hesitation.

        At the end of the Day…You and this Dick Riding Bitch Above can’t take away from the Fact you Continue Supporting A Woman Abusing/Pedo even After ALL of the Truth is Out.

        You Both Are some of the Dumbest Woman Hating Nggas on the Planet and Both Deserve Every Misery You will receive in 2019 and Beyond for not supporting those who for whatever reason are Not able to stand up for themselves.

      • So basically you’re a pedophile that wants people to turn a blind eye to you touching on little boys and girls.

        GOT IT!

      • This whole thing is nothing more than white faggots trying to find a black man to demonize because they somehow think it distracts from the FACT that THEY’RE the most sick, evil, retarded people in existence. We knew about Kelly years ago, and anyone with sense stopped supporting.

        When a child goes missing, the FBI looks for WHITE men.

        WHITE MEN travel all around the world to abuse children.

        WHITE MEN sexualize non-adult-looking female bodies.

        WHITE MEN abuse children through the Disney and Nickelodeon companies.

        You could write a book on the long history of white male depravity.

        • There would Not be a story if this POS…didn’t do what he did to his OWN women…Dick!

          We know what they do, this is about a so called Black Male victimizing Black Women…and trash like you who Never take shit like this seriously… He needs to be in prison like he should have already been before when nothing was done.

          • I couldn’t imagine how much worse things would be in our society if these Low iq knuckle dragging black men were supreme over us instead of the white men. White men have their ways to but atleast they compartmentalize and use logical thinking.

            So now we black women know that when black men yell black power they to not have black women and girls in mind unless theyre raping our children.

              • Uh No Trick she is Obviously a Self-Loving Black Woman.

                If this were a white male doing this to Black Women you would be acting self-righteous, but because this is one of you, you have to make excuses for it.

                This Dung Heap has done Nothing for you Dick Suckers and is a part of the very crew you are talking about which shows how Mentally Fucked Up and out of touch ALL of you are.

                Once these Fuckers in the industry reach a certain level they feel like they are better than You yet NO Negroid in ameriKKKa is Untouchable!

                All Trash like you is proving how undervalued Black Women really are …and your comments are making You look like a Black Woman Hating Fag…as far as I am concerned all you pedo-supporters cards are REVOKED!

                • ^^So are black males & women who protect/deflect from the heinous shit other black males do.

                • White men are too busy dominating you low i.q knuckling DRAGGING child and tranny chasers to be on here writing about them. Lmfao.

                  But if I were a white man you would be bowing to me like you cockroach azz black males do every day.


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