R Kelly Was ‘Guilty as Hell,’ Former Lawyer From First Trial Says


    r kelly lawyer guilty

    Ed Genson, the lawyer who represented R Kelly during his 2008 child pornography trial, now claims he knew the R&B singer was guilty of the charges he was later acquitted of.

    Genson told the Chicago Sun Times:

    “He was guilty as hell! I don’t think he’s done anything inappropriate for years. I’ll tell you a secret: I had him go to a doctor to get shots, libido-killing shots. That’s why he didn’t get arrested for anything else.”


    1. I thought a lawyer couldn’t speak about a former client, his record, if he thought he was

    2. A terminally ill man looking for a few minutes of fame before he meets his maker.

      Nothing to see here.

      But if I was R. Kelly, I’d make the money I needed by suing this bastard into the grave.

      • Thank you it’s against his oath to speak about or ill will about a client.. I called my
        brother who is a lawyer.. He will be sued and he knows he’s so wrong for this.. I’m taking up for RKelly at all.. I’m talking about his lawyer selling down the drain.. That’s a big slap on the wrist. He should’ve been in jail, when he married that 15 yr old child.. He’s a pervert and that’s nothing new.. He’s going to get his butt ripped open in jail, he going to be on his knees, with BigBubba peeing in his mouth.. Then they going to make his toss their salad..Ugh

        • “I’m not taking up for the rapist, just stating the law.. also he won’t be able to get a fair trail.. Everyone knows about this case and been hearing and reading about him for decades…

          • his last trial he wasn’t found guilty, so do u call that a fair trial….I’m a proud black man but don’t blame a white man for his horrible mistake’s…

    3. Regardless if he was guilty his lawyer was not supposed to give out that information even if R Kelly told him are not that was his defense lawyer this should show everyone that none of this is real this is a scripted show I am not saying he didn’t do it but all of this is a bunch of bull shit for whatever bigger they are doing behind the scenes don’t fall for this it’s a distraction nothing but clowns even oj fake crap was more believable and that well you should know by now.

    4. Boo hoo, because poor R.Kelly is being abused by the justice system. If only black men would use the same energy to protect black children, what a beautiful world this would be.

      • What a beautiful world this would be if black women didn’t help white daddy and feminazi mommy destroy black men!

        • The biggest AGENTS in black communities have been the black man. Who killed Malcolm X. Who was on the balcony when MLK was murdered. Who was sleeping white while screaming black power. The black man is the biggest slave catcher and has always been at the scene of EVERY CRIME committed against black people.

    5. Black women let’s go back to the year 1991. A black man name Clarence Thomas sexually harassed and assaulted a black woman name Anita Hill. Anita Hill testified to the senate the nasty things Clarence Thomas did to her. No white men or women supported her. No black women supported her. Anita Hill was alone defending herself. Those white bitches hated Anita Hill so much, they nominated Clarence Thomas to Supreme Court despite the sexual assault accusations.

      The fact that no white men or women stood by Anita Hill is proof that white people hate you. So why the fuck do so many of you help white daddy and feminazi mommy destroy black men? Did you ladies forget your history? Those racist white motherfuckers didn’t help Anita Hill, but so many of you want to help them destroy R Kelly, boule Bill, Chris Brown and neurosurgeon Dr. Myron Rolle. What’s the deal sistas? #FuckAmandaSeales #FuckJamilahLemieux

      • PS: To all of the black women doing Ghettogaggers, STOP! You are making fools out of yourselves!

        • Name me one black man that came out to support Anita Hill. Let’s not forget it was a black man that put he in that position and black men like the so called devils refused to support her. Called her all types of names. Black men were working along side their white daddy to bring her down proving that black men are/were the biggest AGENTS.

          • R.Kelly destroyed himself. Pill Bill destroyed himself just like Chris Brown. And black men who believe they are above the law will continue to self destruct because the leaders of black communities have instilled in them that if you have a penis, just blame the black woman, and you will not be accountable for your devilish ways…NOT. AND DELUSIONAL MUCH.

        • You’re retarded. And I can tell you’re a cracker because you keep bringing up porn and bizarre sex just like retard crackers. They live to do that because they’re literally retarded and not much different from a chimpanzee. No normal human being thinks this way. Only fucking idiot cracker POS.

          • We know the white man is a relative of the chimp and depraved. So what is the black man’s excuse for his depravity when melanin supposedly makes him morally superior to the caveman dumbo. This means black men, nearly the whole of Africa where men are allowed to rape/marry children are more demonic than the so called devil, because black men KNOW BETTER?

            • Yet the so called devil has made raping/marrying children a crime whilst black devils call it TRADITION.

    6. Did R.Kelly FOLLOW the rules of law and bdecency when he was raping the babies. Did he play fair like you want the so called devil too. So in your sick mind you think it’s fair for a black man to get away with abusing babies, pissing in their mouths and making them eat his shit and raping them….because a CHILD CANNOT CONSENT TO SEX WITH AN OLD, CRUSTY, DIRTY, BLACK DEVIL. It’s about time someone dished out the same deviant, let’s forget about rules and the law, as R.Kelly da Paedophile dished out to innocent CHILDREN. NOW ALL OF A SUDDEN YOU WANTS PEOPLE TO PLAY BY THE RULES. DEATH TO ALL RAPISTS AND PEDOPHILES BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

    7. Here is a list of white men who have committed sex crimes and never went to prison:

      1. Jeffrey Epstein
      2. Woody Allen
      3. Bryan Singer
      4. Stephen Collins
      5. Jacob Anderson (Convicted of rape, no prison time)
      6. Brock Turner (Convicted of rape, no prison time)
      7. Owen Labrie (Convicted of rape, no prison time)
      8. Roman Polanski (Convicted of rape, no prison time)
      9. Les Moonves
      10.Harvey Weinstein

      If R Kelly goes to prison for sex crimes, all of the white men that I mentioned should also go to prison. Those white men are not going to go to prison, but R Kelly most likely will spend the rest of his life in prison. In conclusion , the “Me Too” movement, the media and the justice system’s real objective is to destroy black men and protect white sex criminals!

      • The fact You don’t care about how a Depraved BLACK POS, has ruined the lives of numerous BLACK WOMEN shows you have NO love for BLACK Women, which speaks volumes as to why you are single and going to HELL with kell-pedo…smfh.

        Keep riding his Dick straight to the fiery furnace Dumb Ass….😎😎😎

        • ^^^^THIS. The black man loves showing his dumb arse to all and sundry by supporting rapists and paedophiles under the guise of “it’s a conspiracy”.

      • If you’re so concerned about the white man raping white woman and children how come black men are not holding them accountable. HOW COME OUR KANGS WHO ARE PURE IN HEART ARENT OUT THERE TEARING SHIT UP. Have you forgotten as KANGS your main duties is to PROVIDE AND PROTECT. Here’s a little advice. Charity begins at home. Sort out the rapists and paedophiles in your own communities before you go saving white people.

      • @Anonymous 15:51

        *Fame Brings Out The Worst Of…….”Everything That Was Already Within A Person.”

        Greed, Insecurities, Narcissism, Competitiveness, Pettiness, Destructive Behaviors, Fraudulence, Envy, Jealously, Power………….etc

    8. May his cellmate have a huge dick and serenade him with his own songs and force him to sing all his sex songs while ripping his anus in half!

    9. No matter what color a person is who violates another, he or she should go straight to jail. Even Trumps dumb ass….Color is not a option, and should never be!!

    10. We know R Kelly is guilty, but I be damned if I help these white devils destroy another black man. Unfortunately many black women like Jamilah Lemieux are going on public forums insulting R Kelly for the benefit and entertainment of white devils. These sistas are clueless, stupid coons who will do anything to please white daddy and feminazi mommy!

      • STFU Niglet …

        Your Bitch Ass is one if the Biggest Coons on here… Especially since you think standing up for RapistS of Other Blacks, because this isn’t the first one you’ve defended is okay…

        May you Never be Married or have daughters …I bet if you had a daughter & they ran into a kell-pedo you would be like since he’s Black it’s okay… Huh you Bitch Ass Ngga…smfh.

    11. Yeah we all know you would be damned to be asked to protect black children from black paedophiles. The only people you will protect are other black men be they murderers, pimps, rapists…etc… SOUNDS gay and retarded. I am so glad that black women are slowly waking up to you TRAITORS to black children. WE SEE YOU. The whole world knows what you’re all about. There is NOTHING more gay than the black man’s culture. Yet when the caveman uses the same thought process, you get big mad. PROVING BEYOND A DOUBT THAT BLACK MEN ARE IDIOTS

    12. The world knows for nearly 4 DECADES the black leadership and community ALLOWED this MONSTER to rape children and NOT ONE BLACK LEADER stepped up to protect black children. NOT ONE. TOO BUSY SUCKING AND RIDING ANOTHER MAN’S DICK. BOONDOCKS FOR REAL….

    13. The caveman will only make the most depraved of our kind a STAR. Those who are willing to sell their souls for fame. Jay Z, Beyonce, Russell Simmons, Oprah, Diddy, etc are next. You must be an IDIOT if you think the caveman is gonna make “a good man, pure if heart,” a star. They MUST share their triats. DELUSIONAL MUCH.

    14. I not understanding you Jacky I thought for sure you would have had some real insight on this. I am also disappointed that you are posting the same news that the other bloggers are! You know black men are not the face of child abuse.

    15. R Kelly fucked underage girls and will likely go to prison and die. Roman Polanski fucked a 13 year old girl and is relaxing in Poland. Rob Lowe fucked a 14 year old girl and has made millions. Stephen Collins admitted to fucking a 12 year old girl and did not go to prison. In addition, his tv show, 7th Heaven is still on television; which means he collects residuals. What’s the difference between R Kelly, Roman Polanski, Rob Lowe and Stephen Collins? R Kelly is black and those other men i named are white. That’s the only difference!

      PS: Have you ever seen the feminazi Gloria Allred go after a white criminal?

      • The Other difference is kell-pedo Is Ruining BLACK WOMEN ASSHOLE!!!!!

        Not 1 Not 2 Not 3 Not 4 Not 5…. Shit you prob can’t count that high, given how Fucking Stupid you are… But anything where possibly over triple digits are involved should NEVER get a pass, especially when it is womenin Your Own Community… You Fucking Moron.

        Again I pray No BLACK Woman will ever Fuck with you on a personal level again! You Anti-BLACK Woman supporting POS.

    16. This idiot wants us to believe that only white men get away with raping children when in black communities 60% of black girls/children are raped or molested by the time they are 18. And these children have been brainwashed that they should not snitch on their rapists and put them in jail because then they will be working with the white man to bring a brotha down. NIGGA LOGIC. AND HAVE YOU SEEN ANY BLACK MAN OR BLACK LEADERSHIP GO AFTER THESE CRIMINALS. POT CALLING KETTLE BLACK.

      • Agrees w 11:51 RK deserves what will be with the grand schemes has done on/to those girls.Ill say this again,the black over class( preachers,athletes,entertainers,politicians ..etc) want noting to do with the black underclass,its overdue to do the same to them,ie don’t attend there churches,don’t attend there functions,concerts,movies,don’t buy there gear/records,or vote for them.Research Meritorious Manumission Act of 1710,the difference of a uncle tom and a sambo,or just read period #staywoke #beyourownleader
        MM&What is a uncle tom https://youtu.be/WIo6n39A0fQ

    17. Puh leze….Trump lawyer Mike Cohen told all his business on capitol hill, after that i realized attorney-client privliage dont mean shit nomore. Having said that, theres a VIDEO of rkelly pissing on a 14 yr old girl…that some of u have seen. So lets just be real here he need 2 be in jail, rwgardless of what a saltine did or did not do. Everybody bring up weinstein but those women were of age and looking for acting roles, nodoby was 14 and nobody was gettong pissed on on tape. Soooo yea. Yes its whites out here raping and getting away but we aa a people need 2 stop defending predators thats why its so much abuse in black community. Its how u end up with all these dl men and lesbians because everything is a secret and black ppl especially but other races also are willing to overlook obvious abuse of children to protect idols and icons at the cost of furthering the cycle of abuse. Its a joke, at days end protecting our women and our ppl is #1 priority, fuk what a cracker did…many black women lives are ruined and we are furthering the cycle by saying look what this crackker did…just stop yall sound like those eddie long parishioners now

    18. ^^^^THIS. BUT let’s stop calling them women. R.KELLY is a paedophile. A 14-15-16 year girl is not a woman THEY ARE CHILDREN. AALIIYAH WAS A CHILD. HE PISSED IN A CHILDS MOUTH. THE NEW TAPES SHIW HIM RAPING CHILDREN.

      • Most of those girls ARE Women now…so he has ruined the lives of the young girls who are Now Women….which means you can say he has ruined the lives of Many Women, because that trauma Never leaves you.

        • It negates the fact that he is abusing children. HE DOESNT LIKE WOMEN. HE LIKES CHILDREN. The women over 18 are a front for his sick, demented lifestyle.of abusing CHILDREN.

          • It doesn’t negate anything, if you had reading comprehension skills it would help you decipher English.

            Meaning instead of arguing nothing learn how to read and grasp what the other person is saying.

          • To further make the point there are No Girls in the documentary… they are All grown Now which makes them WOMEN… which means he ruined the lives of these Women when they were minors and as Women, because they are still traumatized… Get it now…🙄.

    19. When you keep repeating that he is holding women hostage it gives the impression that he is abusing adults not CHILDREN.. That is how he got away the first time with pissing in a CHILDS MOUTH. His lawyers delayed the trial for years until she became an adult. So the impact is diminished. Right now EVERYONE IS FICUSED ON THE women. Like yourself when in reality he is STILL SOMEWHERE RAPING CHILDREN. 12 year olds 13-14 year olds…..AND YOU LIKE THE MAJORITY ‘s attentuon is on adults. MOST ON THE DOC WERE DISCARDED BECAUSE THEY WERE NO LONGER CHILDREN. HE IS A PEDOPHILE. Concentrating on THE WOMEN creates smokes and mirrors as they are seen as grown so they should know better and it isnt seen as a big deal and ultmately their own fault, because after all they are adults. No one is mentioning the babies, just WOMEN, just like R.Kelly and his supporters wants your focus. When we should ALSO be focussed on the BABIES/CHILDREN who are still being abused.

      • Yet and still the majority of girls he abused are Now Women, Dumb Ass … we know he fucks minors, but even the girls with him now are of age … so you do have to call them WOMEN now because that is what they are.

        Please don’t be Stupid your whole life…🙄🙄🙄

    20. And as previously stated where is ANY mention of the babies he is raping NOW. Your statement leads people to believe he has stopped raping children. That he is into 18 year old and over now. Far from it. HE IS still raping 12 year old 13-14-15 year olds. Why NO MENTION OF THAT. ARENT THE BABIES WORTH SAVING. Save the babies now. Prevention is better than a cure. Pit the spotlight on the BABIES.

    21. Why wasn’t any of the BABIES on the show? Why ONLY WOMEN that he used to abuse? MAKE IT MAKE SENSE. ARE THEY MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE BABIES HE IS RAPING RIGHT THIS INSTANCE. WHY HAS THEEE NEVER BEEN A 12 YEAR OLD OR A 13-14 YEAR OLD SPEAKING OUT ABOUT WHAT HE DID TO THEM. WHY ARE ONLY WOMEN IN THE SPOTLIGHT? COULD IT BE A DISTRACTION, that is obviously working since everyone is talking about the women and none about the BABIES.

    22. Lol Niggas will defend R Kelly even if he’s on tape, witnesses,…Quit blamin white folks or prejudice. Ya’ll know this creep ass nigga been doin this for DECADES. Quit lyin to yourselves.


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