R. Kelly’s Brother Spills Alleged Incest Tea


    r kelly carey abuse

    R. Kelly’s brother, Carey, reveals that their sister allegedly sexually assaulted them during their childhood.

    Carey says his sister allegedly made him perform oral sex on her when she was 16 and he was 6. They eventually had sexual intercourse.

    Although Carey says he never saw R get molested by their sister, R would spend a lot of time inside the house with their sister instead of playing outside with the rest of the kids. He also thinks the sister’s alleged abuse opened up another side to R.


    1. I believe him. Sexually molestation is rampant in the hood. Them old aunties and mothers friends would flirt and touch these young boys expecially during family get togethers and eventually have these boys faces between their smelly obese legs.

      • You believe it because you were raped by a dude…so now your saying your afriKKKoon mother was in on it too?

      • The visual just made my stomach turn, but you are right. No one ever wants to talk about it, but its the truth. We focus on the “Drunk Uncles” and other perverted males, but we never touch on the lonely women who get their kicks by molesting male AND female children.

      • Sexual molestation is not just in the HOOD, it happens in the rural, suburban like areas also. This stigma about the hood is bothering to me. Look at the demographics.

        • We know this…that Clown always talks hood this hood that because he is an afriKKKoon=hamite who is mad he isn’t Black=True Hebrew.

          And also because he was raped by a dude so he is confused about his sexuality.

    2. Fucking disgusting! R kelly needs to be locked away for the rest of his days in which I’m not sure why he’s even walking around freely

    3. All.that matters is that r Kelly makes good music for us all.to.bump n grind and make babies to

      Y’all.diss Kelly but you’ll.sell.yourvmsmas souls to sick his cock

    4. Some people say ignorant crap. Why should this post be any different. This is a mirror as to why victims do not come​ forward. Think before you speak. Would you feel the same if it was your mom or sister?

    5. Carey is speaking the truth about so many things. His descriptions of his family interactions I have heard from many people who have experienced similar things. His description of allowing his niece to be in his home makes sense and he is correct in describing how she should cover herself as an adult woman not even knowing him. He was right for feeling uncomfortable around her.
      This is so true for many of our families… we have to do better. R. Kelly was molested and changed his pain into enjoyment and turned it around in his head some sort of way.

      I pray for their blood line and all of our families.


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