R Kelly Under Criminal Investigation for Sex Abuse Claims


    r kelly investigation

    A new investigation has been launched into allegations of sexual and physical abuse against R Kelly by prosecutors in Chicago and Atlanta. News of the investigation comes after the premiere episode of the Surviving R Kelly documentary.

    Chicago prosecutor Kimberly Foxx has asked any potential victims to come forward:

    “There’s nothing that can be done to investigate these allegations without the cooperation of both victims and witnesses. We cannot seek justice without you.”

    And Atlanta lawyer Gerald Griggs, who is representing a couple who claim Kelly is holding their daughter against her will, has said the Atlanta DA’s office has approached him regarding potential abuse.

    The singer has denied any wrongdoing,


    1. So interesting that after all this time, they decide to go after R Kelly. Not like there were any rumors of his behavior.

      It is so much easier to go after him than all of the other (white) pedos in Hollywood.

      He just became the new Bill Cosby. A gigantic head fake to keep you from the real stories.

      • The war against black men is at a very high point. These white devils want to destroy all strong, talented alpha males. Question, should we support R Kelly despite the fact that he is a pedophile? Remember, white people still support Roman Polanski and Rob Lowe!

        • STFU Dumb Fuck…

          How the Fuck are you calling a Rapist and a Pedophile alpha males, like these Mother Fuckers are the best examples we have in the community.

          You need to find another way to make a point because using cospig and kell-pedo as ANY type example of manhood is NOT the way to go.

    2. money must have dried up and some of the victims came out of that amnesia trance. This mf should have been in prison decades ago and there are only two reasons he wasn’t. 1. Money and 2. He didn’t abuse Susan and Jennifer. This bastard even said they should have got him 30 years ago.

    3. Black Children especially the girls have nobody to protect them in the black community. Instead of protecting and providing the black men are raping and molesting them and the black women are covering up the crimes. Also the women are also abusive to black children. So sad.

    4. Mainstream media is heavily covering the R Kelly sex scandal. The same racist white media isn’t saying a fucking word about the Allison Mack sex scandal. Amerikkka hates us! They have declared war against melanin and the black man!

    5. I don’t get you Fucking Clowns who want to make this a Black/White thing…


      I don’t give a fuck what race you are and just because this MF is finally being held to the fire don’t act like others aren’t…they ARE going after weinswine and space-cadet-y.

      Yeah they need to go after the Real Big wigs, but that means they would have to go aft the entire system and Not just in this cunt-ry…there is a WORLDWIDE Pedo Ring going on out there, that will NEVER Stop, until the second coming…and he restores peace back onto the earth.

      Fuck kell-pedo and everyone he is associated with I am glad they are going after him…he is like the jimmy savile of the black community who NEEDS to be taken down…his time has been up.

    6. This is a black vs. white thing. Mainstream media isn’t saying shit about Allison Mack running a sex cult. If you don’t know who Allison Mack is, look her up; that white bitch is evil!

      • No it isn’t you Dumb Bitch!


        You can stand on the side of WRONG all you want, but it doesn’t take away what these Predators of all races have done and it damn sure does NOT mean they should not be CHARGED including this Bitch who is getting everything he deserves!

      • That Bitch is a part of the same system kell=pedo is…all she is a fall person for the people who are really controlling things.

        Wake Up Fool…

    7. If they wanted kelly they could have been got him

      The labels saying they dont need him

      Lifetime caters to women snd whatevee maked black men look bad they all for it

      These me too dykes mad cause some man dumped rhem for another man or a white woman out to desteoy black men

      • How is lifetime destroying you?

        You Idiots sound so Fucking Stupid.

        How about just live Right and NOT Rape, Molest, Take Advantage of others and you won’t have to worry about anyone telling their TRUTH about you.

      • All of you pedophiles need to be corralled and cast into a fiery pit of hell! Times Up on men like him!

    8. I want to see a documentary called “Surviving Harvey Weinstein.” I also want to see a documentary called, “Surviving Allison Mack.”

      • Your disgusting by condoning R Kelly’s behavior. I say condoning because you are trying to deflect. No one gives a damn about Weinstein. This is about a black man who has been using and abusing young black women for years and people not giving a damn because these girls are black. You fall in this category.

    9. Finally, people give a fuck what happens to black girls. Pedophilia is rampant in the black community. Like Ms Sophia from The Color Purple said ” a girl child is not safe in a family of men!” Black men are supposed to protect black women and girls; not use, abuse, rape, kill, and destroy them. I hope they throw the book, the bricks, whatever they can find at R Kelly.


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