R Kelly Fans Scream: ‘Take Me Hostage!’


    r kelly concert take me hostage

    R. Kelly performed at a sold-out concert in Chicago, and female fans could be heard screaming “Take me hostage!” during his set.



    1. And Charlie Sheen is still a working actor.

      And Woody Allen remains a respected director.

      It’s a messed up world.

    2. Crackers think they can distract from their depravity by wheeling out a couple of black pervs. When this R Kelly thing is done, the crackers will find a new one.

      They’ll probably pick another person most black people stopped effing with like Bambatta.

      And they’ll release more disgusting movies pairing beautiful black women with white pieces of s–t.

      • Bam aint got no money to fight off no case

        But bam is adfiliated with lots of rappers who.just happen to gay or lesbian or lgbt supporters like jay. Kanye. Queen latifah.mister cee. Mc lyte. Puffy and plenty more

        Badu and jill scott is in a coven called goddessses of the earth

      • The cracker didn’t make R. Kelly abuse black female babies. He did that deprived isht on his own.

    3. Steve Jobs being a piece of shit didn’t make me switch to Android so why would I switch up on Kells?

      • So you are comparing the Lives of Black Girls & Women and how they are being effected to pieces of plastic…Kill Yo Self.

        • 13:45 Agreed smh @ people who have such a hard on with these clebs who really don’t give a sit about them,keep gettN played

        • Blame the BLACK parents who sold them to the pos. Every single one of those victims were molested by family as a kid or had some tragic story – including Kells. How is cancelling his music gonna change the violation problem in the community? Ya “uncle” still gonna grope you and ya mama still gonna call you fast for letting it happen ??‍♀️

          When y’all ain’t blaming the white man for ya failures you’re blaming the black man yet it’s you and you alone raising these kids? ?

          The grown women crying on the show left their kids to follow him around the country and it backfired. Their trash mothers who contribute to the problem. I don’t give a shit- That’s why they get for being desperate.

          Oh and I don’t need to kill myself because y’all already killing each other.

          • There ain’t a mofo thing wrong for thinking someone can help you get on without raping you. It’s not the parents fault for thinking R. Kelly wasn’t a pedophile. Pedophiles are in front of our phuckin’ faces everyday walking around undetected. They’re our mail men, school bus drivers, uncles, fathers. They’re EVERYWHERE and they manipulate little children into thinking their parents don’t care for them. They are master manipulaters. Read a phuckin’ book.

            • to Phuck rapist kelly your point would be legitimate most times. But we have known about the pervert/pedophile since at least 1994, coming up on 25 years.

              He is who we thought he was and anyone hanging around him or parents sending their daughters to him were and are stupid.

    4. We have all just witnessed an INdustry turning point. Nobody tells us who to support or stop supporting. Not even INdustry movies and television programs. I know famous people read this blog. Know that we will support you, all of you, when you break away from the madness, sickness of Hollywood. Do it now. Burst the dam. Be a leader. Break away now. Take Control now, like Robert is doing. Win instead of accepting the losing trick hand you have been dealt.

    5. All these perverts wether they are black or white are a whole shade of evil. May they all rot in hell.

      • They prob already know their going to hell,so that won’t phase those types of creeps,the’re more concern with their funky azz $$/fame..ect ez solution DO NOT SUPPORT ANYTHING THEY PROMOTE AS OF NOW!! black white red blue … mho

    6. These parents knew r was on trial.for sex with a minor but they thought he might hsve been framed

      Yeah right

      As for the grown ass women who willingly went with kelly fucking him anf underage girls with him for years and andrea was his personal sex slave why else woyld you keep her in chains and locked in cages

      Now these women are tellibg everything for money and getting book and movie deals

      Sex sells even iif its underaged

      • STFU Clown…

        Just because You would Fuck an actual Dog for the Right Price does Not mean anything you said is the truth.

        • The fact remains that black women still supported him when he fucked Aaliyah and her mom back on 1994. Deal with that!

        • Still an r Kelly supporter the media can’t tell noone who to support as most blacks can see through bullshit. In Africa nigera rich men have marry more than 1 woman and they marry very young girls my first swexual encounter was at 15″ with an older man cause I wanted to and knew what I was doing

    7. If you beg a notorious sexual deviant/pedophile to take you hostage, you’re not a victim, you’re a hoe!


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