R Kelly Dropped by Sony Music


    r kelly dropped sony

    Sony has decided to drop R Kelly from its roster following backlash and petitions from members of the #MuteRKelly movement.

    RCA Records and its parent company, Sony Music, will no longer have a working relationship with the musician who last dropped an album for Christmas 2016.

    Did they make the right decision?


    1. I have to agree with the coon Corey Holcomb when he said, “R Kelly is going to get the Bill Cosby Treatment. He will go to jail.”

    2. Anyways…. Kellz can just tour. Record labels don’t do nothing for artists nowadays anyways… They’ll wait until all the hoopla dies down & then someone else will snatch him up. 😀

    3. Aruh how do this man get away with these lyrics back in the day …

      Only if you’re old enough, baby
      18 and over or 16 AND UNDER⬅️
      Oh, but how I wonder, I wonder
      I wonder, damn (I, I like)

    4. All of black hollywood is talking about R Kelly but they’re not talking about the fat white cracker who punched a 11 year old girl.

    5. It’s actually common in some countries for women to bang teenage boys.

      It’s far more common with men though.

      If the curtain gets pulled back though. The truth is a lot of male artists for some reason do this. I’m surprised that people are coming out against him with so many skeletons in their closets. ?

    6. Sony are old fashioned hypocrites so why is this any surprise.

      They made their money off the man so now they can cut him loose and focus on some of the other pedos, women beaters, drug addicts and rapists on their roster.

    7. This is just like Cosby…guilty before proven innocent. A doc with a bunch of allegations made by bitches mad cause the money train stopped got him dropped.

      These days if you guilty in the eyes of the public It’s over evidence no longer matters

    8. Breaking news: The feminazi Gloria Allred has gotten involved in the R Kelly scandal. Even more proof that Kelly’s time is almost up.

    9. The Evil One (fallen angel with melanin skin aka satan, santa, devil, blah blah blah…) lies as the exact opposite of the truth. The Evil One is using devil’s resources (tv networks, budgets) to say Robert is a pedo which means Robert is probably NOT a pedo….

        • I want to defeat and destroy the evil one and the evil ones. You want to be mad at Robert. Don’t you want to destroy the evil one and stop ALL of the pedos? wouldn’t that be a better outcome? Besides, the “Ancient Ones” (what we were once called because of our lineage to the first man and woman who btw had DIRECT VERBAL COMMUNICATION WITH GOD) condoned marriage once a woman had her first period.

    10. Sony dropped R Kelly but they are keeping his catalog. Proof that the outrage against R Kelly is a high tech lynching.

      PS: Remember the financial and media damage Sony Music did to Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey?

    11. Even though this guy is a ass hole pervert…he was never convicted of anything…..I know for a fact women skeezed themselves out for not only Kellz but celebrities like him couldn’t tell them anything……..i almost had to pop a chick cause she defended this guy to the wall!


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