R Kelly Breaks Down In Explosive Interview


    r kelly interview

    R Kelly spoke with Gayle King for 80 minutes about the women who are accusing him of physical and sexual abuse. The singer blew up during the interview, hollering and crying about being wrongly accused. R says he has done wrong things to women, which he has apologized for. But the new accusations are all lies.



    1. Black women I’m going to criticize you. Many of you are protesting against R Kelly, but won’t protest against Robin Thicke, Khloe Kardashian Bryan Singer or Ed Buck. None of you can answer my question. I guess it’s true, many black women like Jamilah Lemieux will direct their anger towards a black man whenever white daddy or feminazi mommy tells them to.

      • Because most of the people you just name are white people and that’s more of a white person problem .let them go after them .

      • You right all we do is listen to what White America tells us to do. So what we love White America. Black Men ain’t nothing and never will be. So f you and f black men. I am a strong black woman and I don’t need no black man for nothing.

    2. Whoever is in charge of R Kelly’s legal team is a fucking idiot! No black man should ever grant boule dyke Gayle King an interview. By the way, I bet you Oprah’s fat as is jealous because Gayle got this interview. Now if you excuse me, I’m going to go listen to the song “I believe I can Fly.”

      PS: Listen to Dr. Boyce Watkins’ commentary about Oprah Winfrey, Gayle King and Robin Roberts. It’s 100% on point

      • One thing you should know about Gale and Big O relationship Gale can’t do anything with it being approved by O first inside scoop trust me on that one.

      • Boy Watkins is a joke,he changed his tune,he was a Thomas Sowell type aka a coon ,then switched up.

        He is no better than those people.He is just broke.
        NBA is fixed you are wrong a lot.

        PS Gayle King is tired of Oprah,she wants some dick.

        She melted twice when R for Rapist said I love all women n when he said he had a 43 old women,them pannies got wet,lol. Check the tape.

    3. Bussie Smollett school of acting.

      He’s pretty much going to prison, and doing interviews like this won’t help him. He should be happy he wasn’t locked up years ago.

      All these years later and he’s still trying to bang high schoolers like some drug dealer in the hood.

      • Fighting for my right and my life…please he’s fight for the right not to be held accountable and passed around in prison like Halloween candy.

      • Will never happen. Whites have spent billions or trillions over centuries trying to distract from their degenerate nature and make false claims against everyone else.

        Their desperation would be funny if it wasn’t so criminal.

      • His label would have to pay off a lot of people. They’re not doing that again because it’s not worth it.

        And whites have decided they want him. Johnny Cochran isn’t here to save him.

        He would have to become a super sellout and marry a Trump loving white girl while wearing a MAGA hat and talking about how “the blacks” need to use the bootstraps, and about how interracial marriage is good for America. He would need to make a whole album full of conservative rhetoric. He would have to say Eminem is a brilliant rapper that invented rap, but all the other rap is ignorant and dangerous. He would have to talk about how racist it is for “the blacks” to have HBCUs and BET.

    4. This Interview Was Hard To Watch……I Felt Second-Hand Embarrassment For The City Of Chicago.

    5. R Kelly was right about two things:

      1. They are trying to kill him

      2. This is not about music. This is about high tech lynching a successful black man.

      R Kelly is crying because he knows racist white Amerikkka is going to to lynch him! After R Kelly dies, his music and his estate will end up in white hands, not his family’s hands.

    6. Ms.Gayle King is a mammy ass coon…just look at her…thats why you must stay from these masculine looking condescending speaking broads…!!!

      • Breeder,Rapist Kelly asked her for an interview,she did her job. That’s why I can’t be mad at Gayle or Robin Roberts,the subjects came to them.

        Oprah imo is different because first MJ isn’t here to defend himself and those 2 bitches accusing him are liars,they have told 2 different stories ,was it twice in court they swore MJ didn’t touch them?

        Oprah has an agenda,who would watch that bs on their birthday with an alleged pedophile who is definitely gay David Gayffen. A thing who hated MJ.

        Rumor has it both of them financed that doc.

    7. Here is something we haven’t seen and probably will never see. A black female lawyer holding a press conference defending a black woman who accuses a white male celebrity of sexual assault/rape. Unfortunately we have seen the feminazi Gloria Allred hold press conferences, using her status as a famous lawyer to destroy rich black men. R Kelly is the latest black man to be high tech lynched by Gloria Allred, the “Me Too” Movement and the racist American Media. Meanwhile, white male sex criminals like Jeffrey Epstein and Bryan Singer sit back and relax. Amerikkka hates us!

    8. R.Kelly NEEDS to be high tech lynched by whites since our so called blaxk KANGS refuse to so their job and take the trash out. Black men need to be embarrassed, standing around blaming weaves and the caveman for the destruction of black communities whilst they are busy defending and caping for rapists and paedophiles.

      • Anonymous Mar 8, 2019 at 16:12 this is not a Black man issue.
        Black women ,some, have supported this clown too. Latest example that woman bailing him out.
        Wake up or shut up,or stop generalizing.

    9. Black men are BIG MAD that they are being held accountable for their devilish ways. BIG MAD…SMH.

      • Anonymous Mar 8, 2019 at 16:13
        And you are BIG STUPID because you believe that shit .

        • Its you is BIG STUPID thinking a a pedophiles needs to be protected more than the thousands of children he has abused. NIGGA LOGIC. Only paedophiles and rapists defend other pedophiles and rapists. WE SEE YOU.

          • Our black KANGS are useless. ALWAYS whining about being abused by the so called devil then you turn around and abuse black women and children and then fail to see that you are hypocrites to the 9th power. Using the same tactics massa uses on you on your own people to ONLY PROTECT BLACK MALE ABUSERS. Arse backwards. Then have the nerve to demand we protect these abusers. Go kill yourself. This is the Age of Aquarius.

    10. OJ and Michael Jackson beat the system. From now on, every black man who is charged with a felony crime is going to prison. R Kelly is next and he knows it. That’s the real reason why he was crying.

      • For the millionth time OJ didn’t do it… his son Jason did… He was a woman beater, but not a murderer.

        And I agree with the people who say if the fbi-Fuck over black people… Or the LAPD-umb Fucks, couldn’t find or plant shit in mj’s house after checking it at least twice and every person who claimed to have seen anything was discredited then I believe he wasn’t guilty in the case he was charged with.

        Kell-pedo Actually DID IT… You DUMB BITCH… That is why he IS going to Prison… You Stupid MF.

      • Lol. You must be joking. Two of the biggest coons who sold their soul for fame and eventually had to pay the devil his dues. Beat what system. They were part of the system.

      • Two black men who wanted to be white. One left all his money to white children and the other is broke as a joke after spending all his money on a white woman and her family….Lol. Both screamed black power only after the system they loved, chewed and spat them out.

          • Unlike Your Dumb Bitch Ass…I am not vouching for them.

            Just telling the truth oj nor mj did what they were tried for or trust they would have been in prison.

    11. R Kelly is guilty. will not get an acquittal. He will spend the rest of his life in prison. I don’t think they will place him in protective custody. Oh well, I will still listen to his music.


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