R Kelly Arrested On 10 Counts of Criminal Sexual Abuse


    r kelly arrested

    R Kelly has turned himself in after being charged with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, a class two felony.

    The charges involve four victims, three who are older than 13 but younger than 17, and one whose age isn’t listed. The charges claim the singer “used force or the threat of force” against them.

    R’s lawyer, Steve Greenberg, had this to say:

    “I think all the women are lying […] Mr. Kelly is strong, he’s got a lot of support and he’s going to be vindicated on all these charges — one by one if it has to be.”


    1. His lawyer of 30 years quit last year so she obviously got a tip off he wasn’t gonna be free much longer.

    2. Some of the evidence is supposed to be some semen stained shirts.

      Who keeps c*m stained shirts from 20 years ago? As dumb as Monica Lewinsky was, that dress wasn’t that old.

      Poor Robert has to pay since they aren’t going to get Weinstein, Geffen, Singer or any of the lighter skinned sex offenders.

        • Yeah it’s alleged that Robert did it. However, according to other sites, so did Kevin Spacey, Singer, Geffen, Weinstein, Mel Gibson, Clooney, Spielberg and on and on……… But nothing was done with them

          • So you niggas are argument is that it’s racist to not let a Black pedo rapist be a pedo rapist because White pos do it too…That’s niggas excuses for everything.

            • Nah its just that these bitch ass sisters want to put brothers as the face of rape culture ignoring that Bill Clinton has been sexually abusing sisters for years. Even some of the KKK members had babies with black maids

          • Only white boy whp went to jail was jared faggot ass guess he didnt have the money weinstein and the others had

        • Did you see HIM with your physical eyes …. You are a follower …. Do your research and get educated …. This man didn’t do this …. Repeat it never happened… Stop been ignorant.

    3. Once again the justice system and mainstream media go after a rich successful black man. They won’t go after white sex criminals like Jeffrey Epstein, Stephen Collins or Kevin Spacey. I’m not saying free R Kelly, I’m saying that this country is at war against black men. Unfortunately some black female coons like Dream Hampton and Jemilah Lemieux are helping the feminazis high tech lynch another black man.

    4. The Founding Fathers were sexually abusing black women and children daily but these bl@ck hoes never bring that to the Supreme Court.

        • These hoes never bring up that to the courts. Cause of the systemic rape and sexual abuse of black women…black americans are walking around with 20% neandrathal/white blood !!! Tragic

          • Umm, I don’t think that there would be much of a case if it were to be brought forward today. I am sorry to inform you of this, but Thomas Jefferson was the legal owner of Sally Hemmings.

            The Supreme Court will not revise cases based oon what was the law of the and when the action occurred, regardless of how disturbing the law was. Thomas Jefferson likely used cocaine and laudanum(heroin) in the 18th century, as did everyone else. Therefore he could not be considered an illegal drug user.

          • Slaves had no choice dumbass they were property. But you niggas won’t take out Zimmerman, kill each other over streets, swag, and blocks you don’t even own, sell drugs to your own people, and are less than 6% of the population yet are the most violent offenders and sexual predator criminals of the US and globally.

            • Even after slavery them crakkas where fucking and impregnating black women and children. Hoes want to point fingers at black men but massa has been abusing you and nutting in you for centuries

    5. They’re about 10+ years late. He should have been locked up last time. How did he get away with it?

      But if they lock him up, there’s a long line in entertainment and poor neighborhoods where 16 year olds commonly “date” much older men. That doesn’t excuse people like Singer who attacked teens and ruined their lives.

      • Singer is dunzo. Finished. He wil never direct a film again. Trust me I know this. He is considered poison in Hollywood now.

        • Acoording to another site, Geffen is backing Singer. And as long as that is happening, Singer will never be done.

    6. On the 5150 show Rizza Islam dropped knowledge. He said according to these white devil’s bible called the talmud, it’s legal for them to fuck children. That’s why Jeffrey Epstein, Kevin Spacey, Stephen Collins, Hillary Clinton and Roman Polanski can fuck little kids with no consequence.

      • @NBA Epstein just finishing paying off the government..
        All the political people are the same way.
        Their money is long and RKelly knows about all that.
        He should have been in jail since the early 90’s, that’s a fact
        He’s sick and he needs help

        • yup and thats why most muslims love young boys and girls…. caucasians (whites, arabs and berbers) are into some weird shit…

      • You are a complete Dumb Fucking POS… No one is worried about what whites do to whites… You Fucking Idiot.

        It still doesn’t justify this Fucking Rag doing what he did.

        And it isn’t only in the talmud nor is it the only reason why they do it… They do it for all types of sick reasons, this Clown does too.

    7. It’s Monday morning and R Kelly is still in jail. He can’t come up with $100,000 dollars to post his million dollar bail. Kelly’s career is almost over!

    8. The age of consent is 13 in Japan, 14 in Austria and 16 in many countries. So why is he considered a pedophile. I think he is a sexual abuser not pedophile

    9. R Kelly is currently in jail for sexual abuse against minors. Meanwhile white pedophiles like Bryan Singer, Kevin Spacey, Woody Allen and Jeffrey Epstein remain free. The war against black men is real. Gentlemen, we are in trouble!

    10. Wow. Black men crying and whining because they cannot rape children. Yet they keep telling us that melanin makes them.morally superior than the so called devil….SMH

    11. In most black countries it is still legal to rape/marry children. They call it TRADITION yet the so called devil, with his lack of melanin, has made it a crime. So who is really the devil. Before there was a ywhite devil there was a black one. And there are many on this post….boooing and ooohing about the white devil wont let us rape children.

      • So the white devil says 17 is a child and that 18 is an adult and you slaves believe it to a point that you are okay with people shooting sperm in a young womans mouth all in the name of pornography smdh. The age of consent should be 25


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