Plans Moving Forward to Change Crenshaw & Slauson to Nipsey Hussle Square


    slauson crenshaw nipsey hussle square

    The intersection of Crenshaw Boulevard and Slauson Avenue took a step forward to being renamed after the late rapper Nipsey Hussle. The office of South LA councilman Marqueece Harris-Dawson told NBC News that they’re making plans to rename the intersection “Nipsey Hussle Square.”

    The motion to rename the area will occur this Friday, before potentially moving forward before the LA City Council for a final vote.

    The councilman is confident he has the full support of the other council members to make the big change in honor of Nipsey who helped revitalize the city by bringing businesses and jobs to the legendary intersection.


    1. If this is successfully done, can we rename the street where Notorious B.I.G. was murdered, Biggie Smalls Square?

    2. No disrespect but this is really getting stupid how are we moving forward if we have a street name after a gang members and I am not speaking like I live somewhere else I live not to far from this area and that’s very dumb to do don’t uplift this crap like it’s something that became a positive movement

      • STFU Bitch.

        He’s done more for that community than YOU, Any Politician or group has EVER Done and if the people in that community want to show appreciation for that…good for them.

        These Idiots decided to rename rodeo ~ obama blvd…like he did anything for the community, which is BS…At least this man ACTUALLY did something for the area they want to rename.

      • I get what you’re saying, but the way forward isn’t to point out his flaws, unless it’s a phony like TI.

        We need to recognize more men like this, and celebrate this commitment to OUR interests.

        What if every bad neighborhood had 10 Nipseys? Yes, he banged, but he wasn’t born into money, and you should know that in a lot of neighborhoods, you’re FORCED to join. Let me say that one more time. In a lot of neighborhoods, they make kids and teens join. They threaten them and family.

        And some of these bangers have no one. They have no support system or a bad one. The gang feeds, clothes, shelters, pays, and protects them. Don’t be mad at the symptom, be mad at the disease. Poverty and crime are engineered. It’s not an accident.

        You know how the Chinese went from a big crackhouse to halfway decent in such a short period of time? They incarcerated or EXECUTED a bunch of rich, powerful people running the country into the ground and making their people starve.

        • Don’t try to school this Ignorant Bitch…

          People like this just have to complain about Everything and Hate Everybody… No matter how Positive an Impact they made.

          This Bitch hates itself to be so Ratchet as to ONLY point out negative instead of embracing the positivity this Man bright to people.

      • And who the fuck are you mother Teresa? Yeah he gangbanged but so what. As someone else mentioned he didn’t come from money you don’t know what he had to do in order to survive or what he all went through in his life. So stop with the judgement. He was a very good man who wanted to help black people instead of like you, Tear them down.

    3. Blacks only make 8% of the population in los Angeles. Gentrification is going on left and right forcing blacks elsewhere.

    4. Ridiculous. Use his real name IF it happens. His name is a PARODY. Honor him properly and don’t insult Nipsey RUSSLE(‘s legacy) either.

    5. Not to take anything away from his incredible life but he’s not the only Black man that has helped out in the community they grew up in. Local businessmen that got their basic education or graduated from college, government workers, lesser-known entertainers and others have given back to Leimert Park, Inglewood, Compton, Watts and other areas the media sees as oppressed. These people don’t rhyme, have a sexy babymomma, or drive an Italian sports car but still do the thing without fanfare.

      • Did you complain when they renamed rodeo to obama who actually did NOTHING for that area…NO..

        This Man did something for the area they are renaming, so if this is who the people who live their want to honor that is their biz…

        • Obama may not have done anything directly for that area but neither did MLK. My point is there are many men and women who willingly give back to their neighborhood. Some of these people had the same or worse struggles as this young man, and remain humble enough to contribute without conditions. If more people got back to creating villages, they would realize that many residents, young and older, have the power to make their communities stronger.

          • Your point doesn’t matter to that community… they are honoring who they choose, so you can shut up about it.

            • I don’t have to shut up about a damn thing. If you don’t like what I have to say, leave it be. You’re just mad because you don’t have a real counterpoint. BYE!

    6. All of black hollywood and black media are talking about Nipsey Hussle. Nobody is talking about the white boy Kristap Porzingis allegedly raping a black woman. That’s a damn shame!

      • Because that’s what WHITE media wants. NHs death is very sad indeed. But this is all a smoke screen to take the attention off them. By the time we wake up from NHs death no more mention wiil be made about Harvey Weinstein, Spacey & the rest of the pedophiles.

        • The only reason mainstream media is giving so much attention to NH death is because the powers to be will be/are gaining something out of this. When have they EVER given this much attention to a Black person. Especially one that was doing something positive for his community.

          Well on the flip side, they gave us a little rope. We can either really come together. Or like poison ivy going on a tree, keep suffocating each other to death.

    7. Black women should honor the legacy of Nipsey Hussle. They should also protest against Kristap Porzingis. How in the fuck can a seven foot white boy in the NBA rape a black woman and sistas don’t say shit.

      Last thing, to honor Nipsey Hussel and all of the black community, I’m going to buy black. I’m going to Hawkins House Of Burgers and buy a double cheeseburger with onion rings. They I’m going to EsoWan Book Store to buy Hidden Colors Volume 4. That’s how I recycle black dollars. Rest in peace Nipsey Hussle. #BuyBlack

      • ^^^^ A man that killed only black people and then tried to improve the community he and his gang destroyed. And then you have the NERVE to talk about corrupt cops and politicians. Make it make sense. The black community IS CORRUPT TO ITS CORE. It supports, defends and looks up to pimps, murderers, rapists and pedophiles, but don’t you dare be disrespectful to Nipseys, baby mama. TRASH.

      • @NBA, I’m not sure what u r talking about when u say that Black women should honor NH. U need to clarify that.

        Secondly, the story about Porzingis was suppressed by mainstream media. As was stated earlier, the focus has been on NH, which is a smoke screen to keep the outrage about the rapes and pedophiles.

    8. Hell blacks will forever be dissed and talked about

      Where was all the positive things nip did when he was alive

      The white founding fathers of america killed and raped and enslaved blacks and yet they heroes

      Look at all the chaos and madness whites caused but you wanna critize nipsey

      At least.nip had a business

      Ok he was in a gang

      Sinatra a white italian singer was in the mafia

      White gangsters amd serial.killers are idolized like jegfrey dahmer and ted bundy
      Manson had women writing him live letters and he married a fan


    10. He didn’t like black women and was homophobic so, as guess that’s enough to make him great. He also only dealt with mixed race, white man And Ancient Woman s daughter, which automatically gives him a connection to the so called devil…..and did i mention he hated dark skinned Ancient women, the Mother of All. That only gets him into the club. All praise be to our new savior…..

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