Pharrell Hits Trump With Cease & Desist


    pharrell donald trump

    Pharrell just slammed Donald Trump with a cease and desist after it was revealed his song “Happy” was being played at Trump’s Indiana rally — just hours after the Pittsburgh synagogue murders.

    The letter reads:

    “On the day of the mass murder of 11 human beings at the hands of a deranged ‘nationalist,’ you played his song ‘Happy’ to a crowd at a political event in Indiana. There was nothing ‘happy’ about the tragedy inflicted upon our country on Saturday and no permission was granted for your use of this song for this purpose.”

    The letter further states that the use of song without Pharrell’s consent constitutes both copyright and trademark infringement.

    Other artists have also made similar requests, including Prince’s estate after Trump played “Purple Rain” at a rally.


    1. Idk I’m getting a strange feeling everytime these celebrities talk about trump. Many of them are actually on his side and voted for him but are too afraid to say it. A lot more people like this motherfucker than u think.

    2. He made this song for suspect people. Are we happy? Should we be? Happy about what? Whose side was Pharrole on when he wrote a song about being happy.
      Now the song has come back to haunt him because of its real intent. Don’t believe the hype!

    3. I hate Trump but I have to respect him because he is fighting for rich, white people. Obama didn’t do shit for us. Where was Obama when Laquon McDonald was murdered by the police in Chicago? Where was Obama when Trayvon Martin was murdered by George Zimmerman? What did Obama do when Dylan Roof murdered several black people inside a church? He sang a song.

    4. We as black people are cursed. We have been for a long time, and will be for the duration of our lives here on this earth. Although it does matter that we are always treated less than human by others, especially Caucasians, we tend to do a great job at playing the less human part ourselves, and showing no love to one another. We are chosen people, but unfortunately after the cleansing of this earth, only a handful truly chosen.

      • Another racist rant fueled by white men knowing they’ll always be considered a joke standing next to any black man.

        You can sense the SMALL D**K energy coming off each word.

        Go back to phagchan, reddit, or phagfront you raw chicken face bitch. And send your underage Mexican girlfriend back to her parents.

    5. Here is something black people don’t talk about. On several occasions, Pharrell and the Neptunes plagiarized several of Marvin Gay’s songs. Black people have never criticized Pharrell about this.

        • Yeah and JB was pissed about it& he wrote a song about it,i saw a interview he did when he said the only rapper/hip hop dude to pay him was MC Hammer…pathetic

      • Why should they…who really listens to pharrell?

        But it ain’t just marvin…he has a lot of mj influence in his music as well.


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