Petty: 50 Cents Buys 200 Tickets to Ja Rule’s Concert


    50 cent ja rule concert tickets

    After finding out Ja Rule’s concert tickets were going for $15 each on Groupon, 50 Cent bought 200 front row seat tickets to ensure the venue would be empty and then bragged about his pettiness!

    Is 50 doing the most?


    1. Word on the streets is Ashanti got shitted on in dubai and those oli tycoons have thrown her to the curb

    2. This isn’t jealous it’s a new style of starting shit for petty beef, in my eyes these mtfs never liked each other so………..

    3. It’s sad that he’s pressed about Ja in 2018, and trying to stay relevant by trolling.

      Ja Rule made music that’s still good today. He made a name for himself with talent, not associating with a white and making music for white people. ??‍♂️??‍♀️

    4. @ anon 12:26… I swear 50 is the Queen of Queers. What rich grown azz black man acts and troll like he does. He’s infatuated with Ja. He must has a man crush. Lame azz ninja. ?

      • Yep nothing but a damn queen that mad ? bc he can’t get anymore dick from Lloyd Bank now he looking 4 some dick from Ja with his punk ass


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