Oprah Supports Michael Jackson’s Accusers


    oprah michael jackson accuser

    Oprah Winfrey is standing beside the men who accused Michael Jackson of sexual abuse in the HBO documentary, Leaving Neverland.

    Here’s her reasoning:

    “I know people all over the world are gonna be in an uproar and debating whether or not Michael Jackson did these things or not, did he do it or not do it, whether these two men are lying or not lying. But for me, this moment transcends Michael Jackson. It is much bigger than any one person. This is a moment in time that allows us to see this societal corruption. It’s like a scourge on humanity and it’s happening right now. It’s happening in families.”

    Do you agree with her?


    1. First of all, she needs to remember that whites will not allow her legacy to live on or her money to stay in black hands. One day they’ll come for her. They already partly came for her when they paid girls at her school (in a white ass African country) to claim abuse, and planted abusers there.

      Before someone forms an opinion, common sense should tell them to examine the whole picture. Regardless of anything, Michael Jackson remained a very rich black man with rock solid international fame/worship in every single corner of the world. There is no other artist besides the black architects of rock that have made a greater impact on modern music and entertainment.

      This bleached black man bought the Beatles catalog.

      Corey Feldman sat in a police station reporting crimes against children and naming names within the statute of limitations; the cops only wanted dirt on MJ and he had absolutely none. Feldman was angry with the Jacksons at one point because of some business agreement or something, and still maintained that MJ was never inappropriate.

      MJ refused to sell the Beatles catalog, which whites were furious he owned. When his estate was hit with money issues, he responded by setting up a month-long residency in London where he would likely make more money in one month than top artists make in a year. It was during this that he mysteriously passed away (or possibly faked his death to escape assassination).

      It’s reasonable to have doubts about accusers who’ve been exposed as liars over and over.

      Cosby occupied a similar cultural space as MJ due to his family values angle, pro-blackness, and approach as a clean comic with an act designed to appeal to all races, classes, and religions. Look what’s been done to him in such a short period of time with no actual facts and evidence; just the words of known criminals. No established white man could be taken down so easily.

      • Annonymous @ 10:03 In conclusion Michael Jackson and boule Bill were lynched because they were black men who became too rich and powerful. We need to start supporting our own.


          There is a hereafter and when the Lord ask you why didn’t you protect the Innocent ones over the wicked ones you are going to say because they are black?

          He is going to say that is not good enough and send you with them.

          Those MFs SOLD OUT and THEIR SOULS a Long time ago and you are selling yours with them RIGHT NOW…Good Luck with that.

      • Oprah is 65. No kids aint gonna never marry stedman cause she phukking him and gayle king they are in a polyamorous relationship you never heard of stedman being with any other woman

        Oprah pays spies to watch stedman

      • There is no statute of limitations for child rape. Because of children’s tendency to be in denial and bury the pain deep in their psyche the law allows for the prosecution of rape of a child any time they come to grips with what happened. It is completely different than rape of an adult male or female.

        • Yes there was especially in California based on the industry and so many pedos being out here…

          They just recently took the statute away based of the current climate, but it doesn’t go retrograde meaning anything in the past can’t be prosecuted… Which is BS.

    2. Yoko ono had no.problem.with her son sean lennon sleeping with mike wjrn he was a kid

      Mile slept with a lot of hollywood kids and most of these kids was raped when they was kids like feldman

      Mike sleeping with kids is guilty enough

      Why bring eddie murphy to trial when its known that eddie had dirt that gay ass video whats up wirh you wjen all the boys came out and eddie and mj was happy and those butterflues and rainbow special.effects with the gay ass unicorn symbolism

        • Eddie amd mike did a song called whats up with you where they act like they lovers check it oout

          Mike looked like a tranny himself explains a lot about eddie

    3. Oprah will have her day in court AFTER she’s gone too. Just like Whitney and Michael. The common denominator is MONEY. She is a tool being used by the agents of white supremacy just like Lee Daniels. She is not loyal to anyone.

      • Agreed @ onewhoknows: She and the rest of those degenerates in the ind will get theirs .If the fbi hasn’t found anything to stick,how can some dumb azz doc do it,except to make MONEY off those dumb azz negros and racist caucasians who will watch that bs. LOLOL at those idiots who think OW and the rest of those clowns in the ind word is bond. Ps OW you too old to still be doing crack,stop it!! #boycott

    4. So she is spends her birthday on the yacht of a known paedophile and was great friends with rapist Weinstein and yet has the audacity to shout out a dead man. Her time, like Crosby da RAPIST and R. Kelly the paedophile, is coming.

    5. Oprah supports anything that keeps her in the spotlight.

      Is all the time she spends with David Geffen for an interview? Of course not. And he’s one of the biggest sexual predators ever.

      • David Geffen is whip smart and extremely cautious in his behavior. That is why he has never been charged with a crime or been successfully sued by a former over.

        He is not known to seek males under 18 anyway. Brian Singer is the one who likes boys in their mid teens, and he absolutely IS going to end up in prison. He knows it too. He has become a virtual recluse locked away in his home with round the clock psychiatric care.
        Very powerful people re going to see that he gets “Weinsteined” and soon.

    6. Remember this betrayal if Oprah decides to run for President. Don’t trust any black woman who is good friends with Harvey Weinstein!

            • Shut Up Fool… Than Man is a Rapist who would still be raping if he could get it up.

              There is something really won’t with you if you believe a pig who hung out with heffhog on the regular is Not capable of harming women…🙄🙄🙄🙄😒😒😒

              • Anonymous Mar 4, 2019 at 07:19 if one person tells a lie and 50 people repeat it I guess you believe it’s the truth.

                Never any proof from any of those women,the DA runs on a platform if you elect me I will lock up Bill Cosby( which also taints prospective jurors), then breaks agreements Cosby had with the previous DA to do it. That chick lied over 70 times under oath.
                Some of y’all are either ignorant or confused.

                God also punishes people who gossip and spread lies, so watch yourself.

                • Fuck off You POS Rapist Supporter…

                  Women have gone to the Police in LA the Dirty, Corrupt LAPD for DECADES filing reports, which were covered up…Your boy was able to get off because he was a part of “the team”… When he got too big for his britches and talked about owning nbc they finally stopped covering and HE IS EXACTLY where he BELONGS.

                  So sit your Dumb Ass down somewhere… lest you go where he is in the next life & Eat Several Dicks…🤤🤤🤤🤤😒😒😒

        • The people who run this website may have received orders not to post a negative story about a white male celebrity who has strong hollywood connections.

    7. Surviving R Kelly, Michael Jackson Leaving Neverland documentary and a black man present at the Oscars wearing a dress, the war against black men and the black family is happening as we speak Black men you must reject white bitches and love and marry the black woman. Sistas we need you, please support us and stand by us. #BackOwnedBlackMoney #FuckOprah

        • Boule are the so called elite bourgeoisie black people of America. Their official name is Sigma Pi Phi. The definition of boule is servant to the king. Members of the boule include:

          1. Oprah Winfrey
          2. Barack Obama
          3. Kamala Harris
          4. Roland Martin
          5. John Lewis
          6. Soledad O’Brien
          7. Bill Cosby

          The entire Congressional Black Caucus

          To put it in layman terms, the boule are modern day house slaves

    8. “But for me, this moment transcends Michael Jackson. It is much bigger than any one person.”

      So what you’re saying here is..”there’s an agenda to be played”.

      Ok oprah, I hear you loud and clear.

    9. Well, I watched the 1st part of the documentary last night. I do feel there’s some truth to it. However, I found James Safechuck more believable than Wade Robson. MJ didn’t understand ppl & lacked social skills. IMO, he would groom these little boys & gain the trust of them & their families. After he’d imo, abuse them, he’d then dump them & move on to the next. Some ppl don’t forget shit & will wait years to get any possible payback. In part 2, I’m particularly interested to see if Wade will make mention that he was in Quo, which was signed to MJ’s record label.

      • I didn’t watch it…. But I do believe they were Abused by someone in the industry the majority of kids are …even Michael.

        They could have been programmed to believe it was him or it was actually him. Someone is claiming to have a tape off Michael with a tween & it’s trying to sell it.

        What bothers me is their multi-million dollar lawsuit
        against the estate after his death…

        If it is all/only about other people coming forward like they keep saying drop the suit. Maybe they will if they get enough exposure money from the exposure.

      • Jackie Who I find it hard to believe anyone who is currently suing MJ for HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS after he dies but when he was alive swore under oath twice he never molested them. But that’s just me.

        Rumor also has it that David Gayffen and Orca Oprah were financial backers of that hit job documentary on MJ,both were no fans of MJ.

    10. Janets ex rene elizondo told janet give me 20 million or i write a tell all book about mike and his boy lovers janet paid him off

      Mike peter pan tinker bell tiger lily ass was a freak we know he was pedo

      Its not ok for grown men to sleep wih kids

      Only in hollywood and if u rich. Can you get awsy with phukking kids

      • @ Crazy Chris what about Kevin Spacey more or less saying if you take me down I’m taking everybody else down with me.

    11. Dan sneider fat ass was getting dick from n sync and backstreet boys and he was a pedophile ask amanda bynes

    12. Okay, I watched a couple interviews of Robson and I have some questions:

      Why is he suing the estate for a ton of money?
      Why are him and another guy using the same lawyer that got Gavin money?
      Why would parents leave their young child with a stranger for a week?
      Why does he admit this AFTER his choreography career is over?

      I do believe Robson was likely abused, but I question whether it was Michael.

      Robson also sounds very rehearsed.

    13. Okay, both of them got caught in a bunch of lies, and there’s a lot of holes in their stories.

      These two are clearly trying to cash out. Robson is literally trying to get money every way off this.

      The biggest thing is how totally rehearsed and unnaturally they talk about alleged abuse. No emotion. Scripted language (known to be lifted from a perv fiction novel).

    14. Shame on Oprah. She interviewed MJ/was at Neverland back in the day. She interviewed Michael’s Mom & kids. Etc., etc. IMO, it’s like she turned on them. And like how it’s been said before, if she’s so anti-abuse, why is she associating w/David Geffen & Weinstein? Maybe Michael’s nephew Taj said it best; “Oprah’s never been on our team.” Also, like others have said, Oprah may think she’s protecting her legacy, etc. by going along w/Geffen, etc. But it won’t work, they’ll come after her too. Always felt Oprah was a sell out, but even she’s taken it to a whole other level.

      • To OW and the rest of those hypocrites and parasite entertainers,” those who live in glass house(& glass crack pipes ms oprah) should not throw stones

    15. I have never liked this fat bitch. That’s why WeightWatch is losing money daily
      She lost 33 million.. Oh and don’t worry the same will happen to you.
      Oprah fat ass are with the wealthy white men raping young boys and girls
      but those are her so called friends.. Let her get in trouble, they will all turn their
      back on her fat ass.. Her legacy will be a hot mess.. FatNastyBitch
      She and Gail needs to come on out the closet, everyone already know the truth

    16. Oprah is trolling for clicks at this point because she’s saying some wild stuff.

      Like, I get that people want to change the discussion around victims, so we can tackle the problem better. But this chick is using words like “seduction” in a discussion of abuse. That’s totally unacceptable and I won’t get behind someone like that. She’s intelligent enough to articulate her point better. She’s disrespecting survivors.

    17. But nothing on the biggest pedophile ring in existence… The CATHOLIC Church!

      If were going after Michael J., Bill C., or R. Kelly, The CATHOLIC church should also be shut down!

      • They aren’t shutting that shit down… besides it’s not just the church ALL of their systems are steeped in pedophilia.

        The govt is heavily involved in child sex trafficking, in the education system they use children in these preschools, group homes, orphanages etc etc… it’s a Worldwide networking system…anywhere children are there is someone abusing them.

        We are surrounded by Evil at All times and the goal is to destroy the world by destroying innocence… the world has been going to hell in a handbasket for a long time now and it is looking like we are finally there.

        The majority of people are too busy defending Trash i.e nbho is a trick above or just plain ignoring what’s happening in their face because it’s easier to do that than deal with the issue. There just aren’t enough people who care about defending children and that is why these people are able to get away with what they are doing.


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