Omarion Makes a Promise After Watching R Kelly Documentary


    omarion r kelly

    After watching the Surviving R. Kelly documentary, Omarion made a public service announcement, saying after his upcoming B2K tour, he’ll no longer perform any songs written by R Kelly during any of his future concerts.

    Do you agree with him?


    1. Lifetime is a feminazi network. Their job is to destroy black men. This time they are using black women to destroy R Kelly. Unfortunately most black women are falling for the scam!

      • This MF destroyed himself you Dumb MF…

        How you clowns have the audacity to say such ignorant shit is beyond disgusting… Pretty much like this sick POS.

        • Yer they keep telling us the ywhte man is the devil and it is the devil that will stop this sick FUCK, whilst all the KANGS/PROTECTORS of black women and children are doing what again
          ..NOTHING. Then they wonder why black men are being sold for $400 in 2018 and no one gives a duck.

      • nba wtf are you kidding me? in reality I see them as the ONLY STATION that strings are not attached so the story could be shared. I am a 35 year old Mexican American. I grew up during the bbd r Kelly keith sweat ect time. all those groups and artist were great. but lets get real. as adults u couldn’t see what was happening? you didn’t listen to the lyrics I guess. u just hummed the fuckin songs to the beat u heard. when I hear it seems like your ready at like 14, I was smart enough to play it for girls my age during make out sessions to try to get to 2nd base. but that was a grown ass man. singing to a little girl. waking around like its fuckin Sadie Hawkins dance day like twins. were just great friends. 15 and 30? just let this man take the FUCKIN L he deserves. great songs. should have only been songs. all this mans songs are his life. the white man didn’t drive him to the high schools did they? your a fuckin joke and need a reality check. no conspricy on that

    2. Quote from Malcolm X, “The media makes the guilty look innocent and the innocent look guilty!”

    3. What’s done in the dark ALWAYS comes to light…

      Now that the Truth is out there you Raggedy (and Not surprisingly) mainly male Bitches want to act like this is some type of smear campaign?

      You All along with this pedo should kill yo self.

      • It sounds like this is undercover outing what happened to him as well… Very few men speak their Sexual Abuse Truth.

    4. Several black women, including Jada Pinkett are jumping in front of a camera to protest against R Kelly. No black woman is protesting against Kevin Spacey, Allison Mack, Brock Turner or Les Moonves. Gee I wonder why?

      • Black men are supposed to protect black women ( especially minors) not sexually assault them. Why wouldn’t black women speak out against the black predators in the community?

        • Those FEMALES ARE NOT VICTIMS…THEY WILLINGLY participated…Underage Aliyah being the exception but her parents should be locked up

          • Many of them were YOUNG and he was their first experience with a GROWN MAN…videotaping someone doing things with other young/younger girls and holding those tapes over their head, using them as blackmail, being physically and mentally abusive over time are ALL manipulation tactics to make them feel trapped.

            Unless you have a degree understanding how those things effect someone or have been in a similar situation YOU can’t speak on what type of mental tolls (as well as the sexual & emotional) those types of experiences have on an individual.

      • Not taking up for that sick bastard but Jada can have several seats. Did people forget she allowed willow to lay in the bed with almost nothing on with a 24 year old when she was like 15. Jada and will are terrible parents so she needs to stfu tbh

    5. I have a another question, how come black women and black female celebrities aren’t supporting Cyntoia Brown? Why isn’t the so called black media talking about the Cyntoia Brown story?

      • We are talking about R Kelly pedophile ass! Please stick to the topic and stop deflecting. Perhaps you support grown men going after little girls! Is this why your with the “Questions?”

        • Mystique black women want to always claim victim…those bitches willingness chased a celeb and knew before what his reputation was and now want some sympathy…fuck them

    6. This is why R. Kelly gets away with this. Since it’s black women, no one was giving a damn! These sexual predators in the black community are rampant. As a young teen, I use to have many black men continue trying to talk to me even after telling them I’m only 12. Shit is disgusting. All the R. Kelly’s in the world need to go to hell!

        • Like they do elvis jerry lee and jimmy page rock gods who was known to tear little girls asses up

          • And how the fuck would you know? Wit yo crazy ass. White ppl ain’t got nothing to do with this black ass pedophile. Stop with all that “white ppl do it too mess.” Hold R Kelly accountable dumb nigga.

            • Lets see if weinstein gprs to jail.
              We all know whites dont get hated on like blacks wjen they do wrong

              Hollywood is full of pedophiles and rapists tjats been proven time and time again

              Only jared fogles fruity ass went to jail

      • R Kelly is a sicko but theses females of legal age or not need to learn not to be chasing after people like that and the ones that are legal are not victims

    7. I guarantee u, R Kelly was using these girls as prostitutes for some powerful ppl. He might as well spill it.

      Well, he will be seeing a door knob soon.

      • He still is using them.

        He sells their videos to higher ups.

        He got tired of getting turned out and decided to get pets.

        Be wary of artists in the industry who get “protege’s.” Biggie did the same thing with Lil Kim. Didn’t wanna turn his ass so he got her to do it. Baby face did it with Toni and Toni still ain’t recovered- Vince had Tamar shave off her damn hair ?

    8. White folks who run the industery is getting tired of kelly
      Jive records never gave a damn who he phukked long as he made

      Now they getting tired of him so they gonna expose him rhen get rid of him

      Before they killed mike and whitney tjey was exposed not saying they was innocent cause they wasnt

      Kelly satanic pansexual.ass gping tp.end up either with bullets or a overdose
      I blame the patents for taking their gorls around kelly knoeing hes a pedophile

      Since kelly didnt make their girls a star thet pissed

      Kelly told yall twenty years hes a freak
      Dont leave ypir gorl atound me if she go to his house its over

      • They’re gonna off him then capstilise off his catalogue MJ style.

        They only throw entertainers under the bus when they stop being profitable.

        Whole industry’s been told he’s going down that’s why the show made sure they had footage of the dj’s writing him off. Meetings already taken place.

    9. Typical ent ind ploy. Im glad many of you see through there bs. One side uses/exploits the other usually for the sake of fame/money/attention/loneliness/jollies. jada p,john l,omarion,lifetime.the creators of the 3 PART!! mini series,the whole ind,knew what was going on(prob participating right along w him)hell we everyday ppl knew what was going on 10+ yrs ago this is the perfect time for black ppl to say enough!
      STOP SUPPORTING ALL OF THESE CLOWNS support/love yoself

    10. This simp needs to go take a seat in just remain sitting. Looking like a fake ass Johnny Gill with the my my my haircut he look like he about starting singing I’m your fairweather friend

    11. Homie got the Eddie Winslow haircut it’s a rare condition this day an age to reading the good news on the news pay per pay loving conditions of the grand design some people say it’s even harder to find

    12. Half the industry worked with kelly and the majority of them are bisexual

      Will.used to kiss jaden in the mouth in front if that dyke ellen.
      Cant forget chris stokes baby raping ass

    13. All hail r kelly greatest pedophile pimp of all time

      R kelly got that secret sauce that makes women and teen girls lose tjeor minds they never wanna leave the pied piper with his amazing singing vocals

      Robert will have ypu ladies tjinking you can fly for real

    14. If you choose to protest against R Kelly, then you better protest against Marvin Gaye and the older brothers of the Jackson 5. They fucked underage girls too!

      • Marvins dead

        The jacksons are like the olympians

        They still defend michael knowing he waa into little boys assholes

        • Crazychris why do you think MJ was raping little boys. I thought all the boys that said he did, later said they were lieing?

          • You fall for that mike is innocent bs

            Hollywood has a history of rape and man child sex

            Michael.jacksin gave too many hints

            Kelly and mike had freak personas

            Kelly waa the pied piper mike was peter pan both charaxters waa based off the god pan who phukked men women children and animals

      • I hope you don’t have a daughter or niece that gets sexually assaulted by someone she is star struck from.

      • And dudes don’t?

        Shut Your Bitch Ass Up…on here practically defending this trash and blaming women only…so are you finally coming out as a woman?

    15. Lol…..This Lil Mf’er Said….. “After He Get The Bag [$$$]” ……..He Is Going To Distance Himself.

      You Can’t Make This Shit Up….If You Tried To.

      #The Love Of $$$

    16. If nothing else, I hope the next generation rejects Hollywood aka Sodom and Gomorrah. You can make real money independently. There’s people that don’t even do anything that are making hella money.

      I hope the club scene comes back too. Let art be art again.

      • We know about him like we knew about kell-pedo…

        But what boys, many of whom are men now, are really going to admit to being molested?


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