Offset Facing 12 Years In Prison


    Offset Prison

    Offset may be looking at some serious time behind bars when he heads back to court next month. The Migos rapper was pulled over in Atlanta for โ€˜illegally tinted windowsโ€™ in July 2018. After searching the vehicle, cops found a gun and marijuana.

    The felony charge of gun possession is due to the rapper having a prior gun conviction.

    “Focusing on the felony gun possession charge, the simplest scenario is that, if Offset is indeed a convicted felon, and if he did receive, transport or possess a weapon, and if this is his first time doing so as a convicted felon, he could face a one to 10 year sentence that may or may not include time in prison. The two other charges, including possession of marijuana, carry a one-year sentence.”


    1. He’s a puppet-like his “wife”-used to promote a feminine agenda among young males of color. He will get probation.

    2. Life came at him fast. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

      But seriously, this is how predatory the justUS system is in this country. It’s designed to get vulnerable groups in the prison industrial complex and keep them there. I’m sure he was punished already. There’s no reason to punish him his entire life.

      Yes, he’s a felon, but he’s also someone with dangerous enemies and associates. Part of that is due to the entertainment industry. He shouldn’t be punished for protecting himself. It’s supposed to be legal in this country to have the means to protect yourself.

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    4. Well that’s ONE way of getting rid of a mumble rapper…….12 years a prisoner or laryngitis……either way works for me………….


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