Nipsey Hussle’s Team Speaks Out Against B.G. Knocc Out’s Lies


    bg knocc out

    B.G. Knocc Out did an interview with Vlad TV and spewed a bunch of lies about Nipsey Hussle and his alleged killer, Eric Holder.

    B.G. said Eric was affiliated with Nipsey and was also signed to the slain rapper’s All Money In Record Label.

    “He was actually on Nipsey’s label before. He’s in old music videos, some of the first videos and all that s**t. When Nipsey started building his name and doing his thing, naturally he was reaching back to his homies. So he started this little label and old boy was a part of it.” – B.G. Knocc Out

    Now, Nipsey’s team has reached out to shoot that claim down in a statement to HipHopDx.

    “According to [Nipsey Hussle’s] rep, the only members of the All Money In roster have been Cuzzy, J. Stone, Coby, BH, PacMan, Killa Twan and of course, Nipsey himself.”

    Here’s B.G.’s interview where he’s spreading a bunch of fake news:


    1. What did he say that was a lie?

      Cause either Eric Holder was a legit stalker, or he knew Nipsey somewhat or both.

      I think Nip was just being nice, cause they from the same hood. So he let him participate, ain’t no telling what Nip could’ve told him keep from hurting his feelings, that made him feel like he was really gone be on the team.

      Holder took it for more than what it was and got his feelings hurt when he found out Nip wasn’t really messing with him like that.

      I doubt anyone from Nips team really called BG knockout a liar. That sound like some shyt y’all said to make the story sound better.

    2. Nipsey was the cool guy, everyone wanted to be apart of his team. Even me. You could’ve gave me the choice between Obama, Nipsey, Beyoncé and I would’ve choose Nipsey.

      The point is, him rejected you, probably would shut down your whole world, make you feel like your not from LA or something.

      Everyone wanted to be around him, he was just the type of guy you wish you knew.

      Maybe that’s why God let him come home, cause now he can reach everyone instead of the ppl in his circle. 🤷🏽‍♀️ That’s the same reason Jesus had to leave, so his spirit can be in everybody and he ain’t have to keep going heal one person at a time.

    3. Yes I know it sound dumb to y’all. But Nip was really that important out here. He was the next best thing “AFTER” Jesus to Cali.

        • Read John 14:12

          “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father.”

          This is from Jesus, so if Jesus said we can do greater works than he did, what I miss.

      • Please stop that that man was not Jesus please go read your Bible and seek God don’t fall for this stupid bull shit the man just opened a store and didn’t leave his home town he didn’t die for your sins he was just a man human being nothing more nothing less this is really getting out of hand and the media knew exactly what they were trying to put out there this is not over and they will play this whole crap out to you believe this man is seen coming out of they sky because this generation is that loss and very naive and dumb.

        • You are preaching Christianity 101, what I am telling you is the Word of God. And Jesus says we will do greater works then he did. If you are saying that is not true than take that up with God and Jesus, not me. God is the one that allowed the Bible to be here and Jesus is the one who said it.

          God always used people like Nipsey to get a job done, never did he use a 100% righteous person other than Jesus. Moses killed a man, David killed many, Joshua killed many, Paul persecuted Christians or did you miss that part in the Bible?

          Their are many examples where the Spirit of God entered people to get a job done or did you miss those scriptures too? Or do you think God changed because it’s 2019?

          God was working through Ermias aka Nipsey. So if you don’t want to believe that, that’s your loss. But God already showed me who he was before and after he left.

          Now you need to ask God why you don’t understand the Bible and stop preaching fake non sense that make everyone feel like they got to be perfect to be used by God. Which actually turns people away from God.
          And you will have to answer to God for misleading his sheep💝🏁

          • Speaking of misleading sheep learn the Lord and his Son’s TRUE NAMES…You Fucking DingBat!

            Since you are sitting here trying to preach you should also know they don’t answer to either of those names and using them is also Misleading his sheep, Idiot.

      • I’m from Ca and no he was not. Not saying folks from the hood didn’t show him love but Jesus? All that didn’t start until after he got killed.

        • Well duh. Cause he died at 33 and in his own hood and by his own ppl. That’s where ppl came up with the Jesus comparison. Duh🤷🏽‍♀️

    4. And BG knockout is actually one of the most honest ppl I’ve heard speak. He’s not lying. Maybe the boy really thought he was apart of the label or was going to be because he was in videos and there is a video that shows Nipsey going out of his way to hug him, even when Holder did not seem to want to hug him back.

      So there is more to this story.

    5. Personally in my opinion. Eric wanted be be in Nips crew. Nip probably already knew that would never be the case, but played nice and that lead him on. Then he got his feelings hurt when Nip checked him. However I do believe it was a set up and I think someone else needs to be checked out. Like whoever knew Nipsey was at that store and happen to tell his other homeboys to go up there as well.

      There is 1 common denominator to all this. Can’t be a coincidence.

    6. For a bitch who claims to have better Shit to do, your Lame Ass sure can Fill Up a Thread all by your Damn Self.

      • FUNNNYYYY……… Now you know that was childish and immature…….but funny nonetheless😂😂😂😂😂

      • That is so true and she has been doing it for years. 😂😂😂😂. I slide through maybe once every week or 2 because I don’t have the time and I’m a regular 40 hours a week working woman with 1 child. This chick claims to be in the entertainment industry of some sort and is so busy but fills up every thread. I’m just like 🤔🤔🤔🤔. Lol

        • I know who you are talking about…that was a different chick..I think her handle was miss independent or something like that.

          This Bitch is just some Special Ed Case who thinks she is cute, but is drying up as we speak who was able when she was Younger to go to a few events, met a few people and Now thinks she knows everything about Everyone. She is also a bad representation of cali…please believe we are NOT all like this Dumb Cluck.

          So basically she is an old groupie who is lucky the lord has mercy on slow people…🤤🤤🤤

          • Actually I think her handle was ms. reg says…people hated her because she was always talking about being an insider.

      • I know I don’t know why they on here trying to shade him. Everything he said is exactly what everyone is saying that knew Nip.

      • The only thing ppl staying silent on is how bigu managed Nip and Sandman and how they both ended up in the same situation and in the same area. And how him and Nip got into it a while ago and how everyone on the scene was connected to him.

        I ain’t placing the blame no where but, that should be evaluated.

      • I question if Bigu is really an informant, undercover or an Agent of some sort. He not 100, something is off about him.

        Then on live, when they asked him if he did it. He said why would he do it cause he don’t benefit off of it, he don’t have business with Nip and that he created Nip.

        When he said he created Nip, that was the red flag to me… satan was talking

    7. Hi everyone, I just wanted to put it out there that yes shitty cuz is from 60s I no for sure I live in the 60s. BG is a real one he’s not lying. A lot of the 60s say they didn’t no him but that’s not true. No disrespect to nip or his hood in any way cuz I knew him personally and he was a very humble cool laid back guy but truth told they don’t like that he was from they hood. If anybody else had of killed nip they was already saying 60 days and nights and everything gotta get touched but when word got out that it was they own homie niggas couldn’t trip on nobody. So I don’t no but one way to say this but thank God that it happen like that because if it didn’t the streets of l.a. would of been a blood bath. Rip nipsey!


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