Nipsey Hussle’s Estate Gets Sued


    nipsey hussle estate sued

    Nipsey Hussle’s estate is facing a lawsuit for money he allegedly owed prior to his March 31 death.

    According to The Blast, Paramount Recording Group claims the late rapper owes them $32,000 stemming from a 2012 judgment against him and another unidentified party.

    Nipsey’s brother, Sam Asghedom, has requested to be the executor of his estate, and he believes his brother’s property is valued at $2,035,000. Sam says he needs to take control of Nipsey’s affairs in order to handle incoming business opportunities, but it looks like this payment to Paramount will need to be handled first.


    1. Omg the man is dead and mfs still trying to get money off him!! Jesus Christ I can’t with this evil world anymore

    2. I’m sorry I mean when she was with Wayne

      Nipsey was a well known LA nigga before he was a rapper.

      TMZ posted this nigga on a weekly basis prior to him exiting.

      Stop trying to act like he just came out of left field and nobody knew him until he died.

      This performance was in 2009 and as you can see he still had Love then just like he got now.

      If post about him upset you, wait til you see Crenshaw and slauson. Every business got a big azz painting of hm, including the bank..

      • Yeah but did eric holder care about any of that? I really like nipsey too but he should have grown bigger wings and got tha fuck away from a dump like crenshaw and slauson. Maybe this will kill that ole “keepin it real” slogan once and for all.

        • Oh I 100% agree with you. My first business was in his hood. On Slauson and 5th ave, it seemed like Nip was there atleast twice a week if not more. As soon as my lease ended, I got the f—k from up over there. One morning I got to my office and it was 3 different shootings on 3 different blocks unrelated. That was the last straw. I told my self, he give a f—k about these ppl much more than I do. I moved my office to Manhattan. F—k trying to clean up the area✌️


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