Nipsey Hussle Pronounced Dead


    nipsey hussle shot

    Nipsey Hussle was shot multiple times in Los Angeles outside of his Marathon Clothing Company clothes store. NBC News is reporting the rapper has been pronounced dead after getting shot at least six times, and once in the head.

    Two other people were also shot.

    RIP Nip.


    1. This is tragic I knew he had enemies but I thought the big homie Big U had him protected. This seems like he was setup to me…

      • I believe it was his label. They recently put al those billboards up. Nip went from Muslim to Christian and start investing in that neighborhood and was doing a documentary with the same Dr left eye was with when she got killed.

        No way Nip was killed on slauson and Crenshaw in broad day light and it wasn’t a set up.

        Bs. I’m heated

      • Right. And he was killed at 33, trying to make boss moves like Jesus. Them ppl that own them labels are evil af.

    2. The Curses of Deuteronomy 28

      You can’t destroy a “black” man without the help of a “black” man.

      • A new way of blaming black men for everything? Go back to the devil and tell him your NEW screen will not cover OLD tricks. A family just lost a loved one and u come here with this bullsh*t.

        • The blackman is the original devil. In all their creation stories he was there, long before the creation of All the other races. So whilst your pointing a finger, three are pointing back at YOU. Something no black man is brave enough to admit. Then your baffled why you can’t get free. It’s because the enemy is within.

      • Which bible verse speaks of how the evil one made the gun, bullets, gun powder, and then sponsored the hit contract? Do not focus on the smallest part of the equation and expect true wise men to accept you as a wise one. FOH

        • The day you see a white drug dealer, or white pimp, or white gangbanger in the OUR neighborhoods selling to “blacks”, prostituting “black” women, or doing drive-bys on “black” males, then open you mouth.

          A “black” hand killed him. His mind was conditioned-just like you are-to destroy his own kind, you African-American house negro.

          • Have u ever been anywhere outside of your own hood? Go to south baltimore or chicago and you will see those white pimps drug dealers and bangers. A black hand holding a white guns, bullets, gunpowder, and a white contract killing for joos of the white pharmacy industry. How do u skip over all those WHITE facts and claim to be wise? Ur words protect the white hand, yet u call me the house negro? FOH

            • ^^^^lol. Black men are killing black women at 3 times the rate that wm are killing ww. So who is the devil again?

          • U r not even wise enough to, before u post, research any possible reasons for the HIT. U seem to be just an opportunist to just point ur finger at black men. Admit u r doing the devils work and therefore ur spirit is not wise, especially since u sold it to the evil one.

            • It can be gang-related, 60s-related, police-related, government-related, or a combination of all those things. At the end of the day, a “black” hand killed him. “Black” faces blend into our communities, not white ones. The only reason YOU and other dumb-downed negros answer to “black” is because of a German named Johann Blumenbach who classified you as such. Black is a color, not a race.

              If you knew anything about Deuteronomy 28, or
              Revelation 1:15, or Revelation 2:9, you wouldn’t identify with black, or African-American, or nigga.

              And it’s not called big pharma, it’s called the medical industrial complex. I’ve been fighting it since 1986.

              • U r correct about the german. U r correct about the medical industry to include hospitals, charities like amer cancer society, and pharmacy. All who stand to lose income in the billions. U r wrong to bring ur black hate into the equation. A few bible verses does not make up for ur claim having never seen the white dealers, bangers, and pimps. It should not take some 1 like me to force u to admit the white hands involved. Here u also claim black is not this or that but still somehow u manage to point out the black hand who pulled the trigger. Any wise man can see ur double speak. FOH

            • Black men have killed more black men, WOMEN and CHILDREN than KKK. So who is the devil again. The biggest AGENT and slave catcher is the Black man. UNTIL blaxk men tell the truth and are held ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR DEVILISH WAYS THEY will contine to be the laughing stock of the world. The creators of patriarchy yet they are the worse at it.

    3. Local and network news are heavily covering the unfortunate shooting and killing of a black man who was a rapper. The same media isn’t saying a fucking word about the white boy from the New York Knicks who is being accused of rape!

    4. What real gangster gets to go out in public be famous, rep your hood to the fullest, floss with big ads gold ropes, still go in the hood and expect never to be tested on that level.

      U can be a nice guy don’t take any shit and still have a million enemies in Los Angeles that’s why I moved out that bullshit, if you grow up there and continue to stay there and live through it you’ll probably end up getting smoked that’s the reality there. Los Angeles is definitely not a place to raise a family after high school I’ve had far to many homies die or kill someone because of that life I’m glad I left it alone before I fucked up my life more than I did already

    5. Lauren does have a new TV show coming to bet called games people play could this be the green light to make it a successful show ?

      • Are you implying Lauren London used Nipsey Hussle as a blood sacrifice? If so, she is a evil demonic bitch!

            • Real deal are not when you have to pay up you have to pay up it doesn’t matter if you are true to yourself onece you signed up for that life all of your morals and self respect is out of the window .

                • So didn’t Nipsey sign up for that life too? He has a tear tatoos. Bad gone good. But once you sign on the dotted line you can never leave or do good?

                • I agree with the theory that black men sacrifice other black men, WOMEN and CHILDREN EVERY DAY. Over 60% of black girls are molested and or raped before their 18th birthday and black men are killing other black men at HORRENDOUS rates. Meanwhile, they are killing black women at over 3 times the rate the so called devil, the whiteman is killing white women. Melanin is supposed to make black men morally superior to the so called devil. WE ARE TAUGHT BY BLACKMEN that it is in the so called devils nature to kill, rob and cause confusion. SO WHAT IS THE BLACKMAN’S EXCUSE?

                • This is for the Dope talking about Nipsey… because nowhere did anyone make a distinction about what he did/didn’t do… Dumb Fuck.

        • ^^^^lol. Black men are killing black women at 3 times the rate that wm are killing ww. So who is the devil again?


        • Thats so rich, NBA DA PEDO who supports and defends a well known pedophile who has raped and molested THOUSANDS of black children. So a black woman who kills a black man is evil and demonic but R.Kelly needs our support. So who is the devil again?

    6. I keep hearing about how he did a documentary on Dr Sebi, I remember Left Eye going on a retreat thing dealing with Dr Sebi and we all know what happened to her πŸ˜₯
      hopefully he wasn’t killed because of this. R.I.P

      • I think he was killed for that reason. It wasn’t no gang violence like they want us to think, if you from LA, he was getting his Tupac movement on and he was making things happen and everybody over there LOVED HIM. Literally. He was buying up all those buildings and cleaning up the area.

    7. Yeah this is crazy. I grew up off overhill and slauson and still would eat from masterburger inside that same complex. I would see him from time to time whenever I was at that plaza. Never saw anything but love from everyone over there. This seems to fishy and in the middle of the day???? Smfh. RIP Nipsey!!!!!

    8. Any black man that tries to uplift black people gets got.

      21 savage almost got deported over that.

      R.I.P. King πŸ’”

    9. I’ll never understand how black, brown, and yellow men join a gang, kill each other over bullsh*t!!!!!!!! They don’t own anything in da HOOD!!!!!!!! Young men dying for no reason at all. Just a deterrent for keeping THESE men for being Great!!!!!!!

    10. He was and and represented gangs and hood/street life and culture…It came back to destroy him in the end. I do feel awful for his children because they are now fatherless. I hope he had his business affairs in order for the benefit of them.

    11. How old was Nipsey Hussle when he was murdered? 33. That number is satanic and sacred to the devils who run this country.

    12. I agree with the theory that Lauren might have sacrificed Nispey for her career. Look at Angela Simmons sacrificing her child’s father and Diddy sacrificing his child’s mother Kim Porter.

    13. Lauren london had something to do wit that bet money on that she an industry chick they sent her to him an she had a baby wit him too thats the way the indistry goes once u sign on ur done


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