Nicki Minaj Suffers a Butt Malfunction?


    nicki minaj butt 1

    Nicki Minaj gave a performance in Spain on Nov. 4, and everyone’s eyes were on her butt!

    WTF is going on here??!

    nicki minaj butt


    1. Nicki can rap but is all this on stage necessary to show case taken? Wth… these celebs are gone, I believe demons have taken over they bodies.

    2. I use to somewhat like Nicki but now she aggravated me so much. She’s way to old to be acting the way she does petty and dumb for no reason. She really thinks her ass looks good but she looks stupid asf.

    3. Absolutely vile. I can’t believe people actually look up to this fraud. Big woman acting like a fool.

    4. She has the same implants as Tiny ITs wife, Kenya Moore and Kim. They have to place it above your butt cheeks to heal properly so if you dont have a curvy butt to begin with it looks malformed especially if you get them too big for your size and body type smh.

      Now top that crazy shit off with fat transfers and you have a big ole mishapened diaper butt.

      You cant control the way the fat grows so it just rises and spreads like bread and peanut butter?

      Should have gotten a Brazilian butt lift to appear more natural in all 3 cases.

      • “Big Ole mishapened diaper butt!!! Hahaha! You got me crine! I just flatlined! Omg that’s too funny!

    5. These Fix-A-Flat hoes are just as fake as Beyonce’s hair weaves. Nicki Minaj is a disgrace to black women. I hop her ass implants explode. I would love to see Fix-A-Flat residue all over the floor. Fuck her and that non black bitch Cardi B!

        • I wish Caribbean people felt the same way about so many “black americans” on reality shows making a fool of themselves for the world to see. Then there’s the profuse use of the “N” word that is even now used on network TV. Plus the flashing of butt crack because so many feel that its fashionable to go out with their underwear showing. Yes, I wish black people thought more about the image they portray worldwide as the black people with the biggest footprint. But, acting a fool to make money is more important. Well, I guess Kanye could’ve been Caribbean. Disclaimer: I don’t support Nicki either and have never listened to her music. Finally, if many “black americans” go back fare enough, they’ll find an ancestor that came here from the Caribbean. Relating to us is relating to your African roots.

          • Why the Fuck do You/They come here and are so eager to be Clowns for the masses?

            With the Bitch this thread is about being one of the Biggest coons to ever do it…

            And NO many of US did not come from the caribbean so you can shove that yt lie where the sun don’t shine.

    6. See……sitting down on her ass throwing shade at everybody on her radio show…….these are the results!!!!!!!!!!

    7. I like black women who have real asses. Serena Williams and Tracee Ellis Ross have huge asses that are natural. Onicka is a perfect example of plastic surgery gone wrong.

    8. with all the money she made and a beautiful career and she still can’t be herself she had to fake an ass


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