Nicki Minaj Backtracks on Geoffrey Owens’ $25K Check?

After it was discovered that former Cosby Show cast member Geoffrey Owens was working at Trader Joes to make ends meet, Nicki Minaj went on her Queen Radio show and promised to cut him a $25K check.

But according to sources familiar with the situation, the rapper and her team have yet to even contact Geoffrey or his people, and she hasn’t handed over the cash either.

The actor isn’t looking for any favors, so if Nicki finally coughs up the money, he’ll likely donate it to his favorite charities.

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  • She ain't got that kind of money. She better save her money, cause ain't nobody checking for her.

  • She Ain’t Pro-Black ..... She Is Pro-BECKY !!! ( see: weave, hair dye, and skin bleaching cream !! )

  • Attention black women, I do not want to hear anymore statements about how there aren’t any good black men in America. Geoffrey Owens is a good black man. He is working hard, he has a job and he graduated from Yale. So what he isn’t money rich, he is rich in education, hard work and kindness. Guess what my beautiful sistas, there are thousands of black men similar to Geoffrey Owens. Stop chasing after men with money and chase after black men with love, sincerity and education. Major props to Geoffrey Owens and all of the strong, educated black men.

    • It's irrelevant! Rich men are equally trifling as the poor men. Just find ur happy. Blessed. Beauty. Enjoy him& know that any can be useless twits so enjoy the good times

    • I’m glad he decided not to sale his soul to get ahead and I did not know he graduated from Yale. That’s right

    • He ain’t even married to a black woman though so your statement is irrelevant

  • What really happened was she met with her accountant, who told her hold onto those coins. Not dollars...but coins. Then someone in her circle told her that if she put ol girls name in her mouth, it would drive sales for Chung Lee or whatever her wack CD is called. Anyway, that backfired, Tyler Perry came to the rescue and hopefully, Geoffrey can earn more roles like he originally wanted.

  • I know he wants to earn stuff, but he should take advantage of the free publicity.

  • Not a fan of Nicki’s but at least she offered. Maybe their is more to the story. Black women always coming to the damn rescue. His wife is white and I don’t see any famous white women talking about cutting him a check. ??‍♀️

  • I agree.....he is a real man because he could have been home playing madden PlayStation with his hands between his pubic hair and the other hand on the remote.....sitting on the couch for what constitutes a full work day if not more. Makes you wonder who's the b***h in the relationship... .......

    • How do you know he wasn't before he got hired?

      This MF still ain't shit for barely having half a job instead of holding down a few.

  • I cannot find the article where he is whining, and crying, for financial assistance. I thought he was just doing a job, and Looky Lou took a photo, looking for five minutes of Fame. She should be ashame. It's not like he was running after a robbery. I am sure others have recognized him, but saw no need to start a war of words, advice, head shakes, or a chance for media to re-open Bill Cosby's case.