Nick Cannon Is Ready to Trick on His Woman!


    nick cannon support girlfriend

    Nick Cannon gave an interview to VladTV to let the ladies know that if they’re “with” him — whether they have a baby together or not — they’ll never have to work!

    Peep the video:

    Who’s gonna slide into Nick’s DM’s and get that cash?


    1. I’ve had men tell me if I’m with them I’d never have to work again. I was raised to not depend on anyone especially a man so this doesn’t impress me tbh but if he wants to take care of his women financially there’s nothing wrong with it

    2. Its nicks money plus he making up for all the pusdy he didnr whwn hw was young and beforw he got rich

      • You mean the 30 million Mariah had to pay him in a divorce settlement. He’s disgusting, cocky and conceited. Using his lupus for sympathy. Ever since they divorced he’s been smelling his corny cornball self a bit too much. I remember when he was on Nickelodeon and as skinny as a twig. He probably on them steroids.

        • I don’t like this dude either, I find him unattractive inside & out. Moreso, he has a messed up mentality. I think he only goes for skinny light skinned chicks. He (& his dad?) has said some ignorant things in the past when he was married to Mariah.

    3. Okay Ladies……….line up here over to your left……..single file PLEASE……..all others to the right!!!!!!!!!


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