Nick Cannon: I’m a Better Rapper Than Drake, Lil Wayne, Andre 3000


    nick cannon drake lil wayne andre 3000

    Nick Cannon was feeling himself during an interview with The Red Pill Podcast. The rapper and actor had the NERVE to say he’s a better lyricist than Drake, Lil Wayne, Andre 3000 and Will Smith!

    Do you agree?


    1. Maybe he is. Make a Wild N Out show about it and invite everyone on and let’s see! Isn’t that what the real hype/intention is!??

    2. Yeah I can agree that he’s better than Drake and even will Smith being that neither one of those ninjas write their own shit but lil Wayne ? Andre 3000? Eminem? Yeah he wildin for respect. This ninja is two shake of a lambs tail from puff daddy’s flow.

    3. He needs to get his Illuminati battery checked in a little because I feel him going off the deep end soon.

    4. Andre 3000 used to be a MC in the early outkast days, when he added the 3000 he came with that home shit so Yea he’s better than all 3 right now
      I don’t see how anyone can like Drake that Fuckin voice is annoying plus he looks like he smells like shit all-day

    5. I hope he is cuz the dumming down of rap is passed!!!!!!!!!! Can we have some intellectual rappers like back in da day? Don’t want much…….

    6. Outkast, eminem, wayne. All sold millions of records and got the plaques and the resumes to prove it

      Gotta Admit drake sold millions of records

      Nick stick to comedy

      • All those sorry niggas sold millions the wrong way and America fell for it, I know didn’t I’ve yet to listen to any of there music or buy the bullshit so let’s get real, millions of undercover faggots and and women wanting to be trannies bought there music and defend it


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