Nick Cannon Calls Out Jay-Z for Dating an Underage Foxy Brown


    nick cannon jay z foxy brown

    Nick Cannon had Dame Dash on an episode of Cannon’s Class and attempted to grill the hip-hop mogul about Jay-Z dating an underage Foxy Brown, who Nick is convinced was only 16 when she signed to Roc-A-Fella records. Jay would’ve been 25.


    1. alright nick you gonna make hova strike you with a thunderbolt

      you know jay and bey know witches

      beyonces ex girlfriend is paranoid after beyond ce had her cat killed in bast name

    2. Another story that everyone already knew. The only difference is that no one is doing a documentary about Jay-Z. He’s got too much money for that. They will find another black man to throw to wolves after Cosby and R Kelly. Or it will be Charlie Sheen. Anyone to keep the public from the really big WHITE names.

    3. The thing about the R Kelly thing is that the ONLY reason media is on the story is because they want a black man to demonize publicly. That’s it. It’s not about justice for women or anything else. It’s all racially motivated.

      Most people with sense stopped effing with Kelly when the tape dropped. At that point, it wasn’t a rumor.

      The reality of Hollywood is it’s an industry that exists primarily to allow demented, wealthy white males to act out their fantasies. It’s like Dubai. They prey on poor, ignorant, and desperate people.

      • How about NOT giving them ANYTHING to Demonize YOU FOR!

        Stop making this a media/black thing…because the FACT of the matter is there would be NOTHING to talk about if he would have turned a new leaf after his FIRST trial and lived RIGHT!

        Fuck this dude and the horse he rode in on…he ain’t shit, never was and never will be…he should rot in the Piss Pot stew he created for HIMSELF!!!

    4. At the end of the day, all sexual abusers – black or white – need to be called out. Jay Z also fucked an underage Rihanna. Fuck Jay Z
      He could do so much for the black community but chooses not to. He is a poverty pimp. We all knew about R Kelly and truthfully the comeuppance is 20 years too late.


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