NeNe Leakes Is Fed Up With Her Cancer-Ridden Husband!


    nene leakes gregg cancer

    NeNe Leakes vowed to stand by her husband’s side after he was diagnosed with cancer. But now, she’s getting bashed for expressing her frustration over her husband’s illness!

    It all started when the Real Housewives of Atlanta star told Us Weekly that his diagnosis had taken their lives on a “rollercoaster ride,” and they had been sleeping in separate bedrooms. Then she said this:

    “There’s been days when I felt like I can’t do this anymore. Like I’m gonna have to leave Gregg, I cannot be with him anymore. Like, I’ve had every thought, because it’s been so difficult, and he’s not been the easiest patient in the world, so I’ve just felt everything. I need a support system, trust me on that.”

    Now NeNe is all over her Twitter talking about her husband’s bad attitude and asking people to pray for HER!!

    nene leakes gregg cancer


    1. Didn’t I read where she and KB were not ‘bringing it’ for the RHOA? Is this NN’s new ‘storyline’?

    2. Nene like she slick she tryna blood sacrifice greg all of a sudden he gets sick out of the blue cause they make sacrifices in reality t.v. world too. If he dies u already know whats good

    3. This is the fundamental difference between men and women.

      NeNe wants to pull a “kurupt” and get ghost on his dour, sweaty, and sully ass.

      But at the end of the day she’s goin nowhere.


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