NBA YoungBoy & Young Thug Both Targets of Miami Drive-By Shootings


    nba youngboy young thug miami drive by shooting

    There were two drive-by shootings that targeted rappers over the past few days, and they both happened in Miami.

    Sources say two party busses filled with members of Young Thug’s crew were the target of a drive-by shooting on Friday morning on I-95. Young Thug was riding alongside the buses in a Ferrari when the assailants opened fire. The rapper wasn’t hurt, but two men and one woman were injured, according to TMZ.

    And then, on Sunday, it was reported that NBA YoungBoy and his crew were in a black SUV outside the Trump Beach Resort when a drive-by occurred. One person was allegedly killed, and people are reporting that the rapper’s teenage girlfriend, Kay Marie, was injured in the shootout.

    The rappers were all in town for the Rolling Loud Festival.


    1. These mumble rappers are modern day minstrel shows! They might as well wear blackface like Drake.

      • Ha ha ha you crazy fool. Youngthug was just dying to try on that exclusive lace front set. Stole from a person who was “bout dat life.”

    2. These fool sold out for a season they time is up satan is collecting all the sell outs. Notice all these fools getting getting shot at


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