Musician Vivian Kyong Accuses T.I. of Touching Her Booty


    vivian kyong ti

    T.I. tried to brush up against musician Vivian Kyong’s booty, and sis wasn’t having it!

    ti touches woman


      • Exactly, she’s unattractive w/a stank attitude to boot. You don’t have to be fake badass to tell a dude to fall back.

      • WTF are we talking about her looks for??? It doesn’t matter wtf she looks like, she was touched inappropriately by a man with power and she did not ask to be touched. WTF!!??? I think we focusing on the wrong thing. If that was your daughter being touched I wonder if you fathers out here would like it if people commented about her looks instead of her being sexually molested.

    1. Black men are all thirst buckets with no self control. All they do is rap, fuck anything that allows them to, and cheat. The thirstiest race of males on the planet. The highest rates of stds on the planet, and the biggest cheaters worldwide.

    2. Still have respect for TI. he is telling us to boycott Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton. Two words for my fellow brothers and sistas, buy black!

      • Yeah uuhhh nahhh. Iโ€™m wearing all my LV shoes, they are comfortable and good quality. From the tenant soes to the Heels

      • And also touching women that are not asking him to touch them He’s probably teaching his sons that that’s appropriate.

    3. When did he find time to do that is must of been when he was telling people off the street to stop wearing Gucci ๐Ÿ˜‚

      • Yeah, so if she bends over its free game? I don’t phuckin believe this. Black women, once again, not being given respect by our own men in our own race and culture.

    4. Why is her ass all in his face? Why did she position herself like that? As a woman I am not buying what these HOES selling, some of these women are vile creatures.

      • Bitch Please…

        A Dumb Bitch like you is questioning why a woman is either standing up or sitting down… FOH.

        You must be a troll if you have never been around dudes being unnecessarily inappropriate for no good reason.

    5. Can you take this down please. That isn’t TI. It was a man in his damn 50’s-60’s. This is a false story.

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