Milwaukee Bucks Owner’s Daughter Trolls Drake With Pusha T Shirt, Drake Responds


    milwaukee bucks owner daughter pusha-t shirt

    Drake has been the talk of the Milwaukee Bucks vs. Toronto Raptors NBA Eastern Conference Finals after he was dragged for giving the Raptors’ head coach a “massage.”

    And now, he got trolled by Mallory Edens — the daughter of Bucks co-owner Wes Edens. Mallory, (who was sitting next to NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers) was wearing a Pusha T shirt during last night’s game.

    In case you forgot, Drake and Pusha T had one of the greatest hip-hop beefs.

    Drake didn’t seem to mind though:

    drake bucks daughter pusha t


    1. Pusha T destroyed Blackface Drake! Why is Drake more popular? Because he is a tragic mulatto who is supported by the devils who run the music division of hollywood.

    2. Something to think about. Drake, Tracee (Silberstein) Ellis Ross, the Smollett family and Rashida Jones have kosher parents. It is no coincidence that those people I named are celebrities. These tragic mulattoes have little to no talent, yet they became famous because their parents are kosher with strong connections to the hollywood mafia. #SocialEngineering

      PS: Don’t be surprised if Rashida Jones, Jurnee Smollet or another black/kosher actress is picked to play Storm in the next X-Men movie

      • Bruh hurry up and find some talent so you could stop blaming everyone else for being part of the lucky genetics pool….NBA is fixed tho

        • You sound stupid this is is not about genetics it’s about connections …can’t argue with people who have no clue about whats really going on , because its a lot of talented people who never make it in this industry ….but people are to brainwashed and mind control to see what is right in fron of you . Stop idolizing these fake ass celibrities . Drake with his uncle tom ass , that cave woman chastised his ass with one pic and he didn’t have shit to say , but had it been a sister he would’ve call her all kinds of bitches ….These negroes love the white Queen over the real Africian Queens all entertainers are selfhating ass Zombies, and so is the majority of Society. ..Wake the fuck up …we are living in the reality of the movie They live For real ….Love and Light ….

    3. And after 25 years in the game Push a is still rapping about…….DRUG DEALING. WHENN WILL THESE MAN-BOYS GROW UP.

    4. This CAVE DWELLER DESCENDENT probably never heard of PUSHA T until the so called beef with Drake who she probably was a fan of first until he got DRAGGED!!!!!!!!!! Then she decided to jump on the bandwagon because it was socially correct in her circles!!!!!!!!!!THATS IS WHY MILWAUKEE GOT DRAGGED……….UNHEALTHY CITY FOR BLACK FOLKS AND NBA PLAYERS….ESPECIALLY IF THEY FOR MILWAUKEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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