Michelle Williams Slips Back Into Depression Following Breakup


    michelle williams broadway depression

    After announcing her breakup, Michelle Williams has reportedly slipped back into a depression. Her doctors have allegedly told her to quit her Broadway play, Once On This Island, and take a leave of absence from performing.

    Sources say the Destiny’s Child group member, who joined the cast of the play on November 30 in the role of the goddess Erzulie, is “struggling mentally and people close to her are very worried.”

    She also has reportedly stopped filming her reality show, Chad Loves Michelle.

    “She’s not cooperating. She is shut down […] She was told she had to reshoot the last episode of her reality show with Chad to include that they were calling off their wedding. That’s very emotional for her, she doesn’t want to relive that.”


    1. Shit I wish I could take a break from my job. I’m depressed too!! That’s sad tho she has some of the best therapists and money and still Isent happy. I think she needs to quit show business all together because it’s obviously not good for her.

    2. Blind Item from another site says she recently tired to commit suicide. Whatever is going on with her, I hope she works it out.

    3. I wish she take a nap……go to sleep!!!!!!! Dream about BLACK MEN…….. Do something to get your mind right!!!!!!!!!!

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