Michael Jackson’s 17-Year-Old Daughter Dating 26-Year-Old Racist


    michael jackson daughter paris boyfriend

    Michael Jackson must be rolling in his grave, because the legend’s daughter, Paris, is now hooking up with a 26-year-old alleged racist!

    Paris turns 18 next month, but her new man, Michael Snoddy, didn’t hesitate to start a relationship with her while she was underage. But these kind of romances always get a pass in Hollyweird…just ask Tyga.

    But someone in the Jackson family needs to have a sit down with Paris. Because not only is this grown ass man dating a teenager, he has an obsession with the confederate flag!

    To top it all off, the lead singer of Pantera came under fire for having concertgoers scream “White Power” and doing the Nazi salute during their recent performance…and guess who was front and center at this racist ass concert? Paris’ boyfriend, of course!

    Just cause last night was so epic! The man, the legend Philip H. Anselmo! #Pantera #cowboysfromhell

    A photo posted by Michael Snoddy (@michaelsnoddy) on

    paris jackson boyfriend

    paris jackson boyfriend michael snoddy racist

    paris jackson boyfriend racist

    paris jackson boyfriend racist

    Is Paris trying to get rid of her biracial roots and pass as white?

    Maybe if Jermaine wasn’t too busy getting his ass kicked, he could step in and knock some sense into this child.


    1. Well, the american flag ain't better…go ask Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, Libya and many others…
      and for that white little hoe, if I'm not mistaken, her own father turned white.

    2. She is uneducated just like her sibs. MJ left it all to her and those two boys. This is his legacy, left it all to white folks of the worst kind.

    3. It is always the people who do not even look white who are trying to be about white power. They must have an identity crisis or something. That kid is clearly some white/Filipino mix.

    4. Paris looks like a white girl I see no black features in her or prince I even tried to compare her pics to those of Janet and LaToya and Debbie abd mike when they were kids that ain't mikes daughter prince does not resemble mike at all sorry mike you tried to convince us you liked women

        • The f*ck that mean ? … Because mike bleached all his melanin don't mean he down carry the dominat dna… That's a all white Europee-on bitch who benefits off Mike money f*ck Mj he was a lost soul who hated being blk !

        • The f*ck that mean ? … Because mike bleached all his melanin don't mean he dont carry the dominate dna… That's a all white Europee-on bitch who benefits off Mike money f*ck Mj he was a lost soul who hated being blk !

    5. Paris is 100% white. She is also a heroin junkie. We can't say shit about her and the Confederate flag when black people still embrace Kanye after he wore confederate flags on his clothes so please stay woke about that shit OK?

      • Please stop. Kanye wore Confederate clothing to piss you racists off. His MO was to steal that identity and empower blacks to lessen the message of hate it stands for.

        • Idiot, Kanye is a sell out, controlled. I hate you dumbass males defending them that why black males drop out of high school 50%, riding for fake hiphop punk f*ckas like Kanye. Nope your bullshit ain't working at HSK, Kanye is a sell out and any black male wearing and selling confederate flag gear is an enemy of bp. Keep coming at me, I'm woke, not a puppet, idiot!

        • All he accomplished was having whited call him a stupid nigger plus he made a album my sick twisted fantasy which expressed his love for white girls yeah gr really stood up for the black cause

    6. I'm sorry, but I've never accepted Prince or Paris as Jacksons. I feel they are not MJ's biological kids & I think it's sad that he'd want white kids. Blanket on the other hand, might be his. I think it's a shame that these kids will get most of the money that all began with the J5. Like them or not, I feel the Jackson family should have a portion of the money as well.

      • I agree but when it is your money 100%, you have the right to give it to whoever you want. MJ deserves this money to be flecced from him though those kids. It's called karma. All those people are damaged.

      • Jackie Who I so agree with you! MJ should be ashamed of himself for not leaving his family as part of his estate.

        Like him or hate him…if it wasn't for Joe Jackson launching the J5 MJ would of been another unemployed ninja in Gary, IN.

        And what did MJ do? As soon as ytes were through with his azz for those child molestation allegations, he threw his father under the bus with claims of being "beat" as a child…when the truth is that he got his azz spanked like every other black child back in the day.

        The bible says honor your mother and father and we see which one of those Jackson's went first!

        Those kids don't have a DROP of Jackson blood but moonwalked their way into a fortune started by MJs black daddy and siblings.

        And please spare me the "needy/greedy family" scenario.
        They aren't any needier/greedier than the folks running that estate…who by the way just SOLD MJ's catalogue before his kids got old enough to nix the idea.

        We seem the only folks in the world that can't pass our fortune down to our own.

        • The bible says honor your mother and father and your days will be LONG…and we see which one of those Jackson's went first!

          • Comment: Does that mean honor a mother or father who abuse their children? Days will be long? They should have been long- he was killed… by his doctor.

            • The bible didn't say honor your "perfect" mother or father…but to honor your parents and your days will be long.

              And, again, spanking a child is NOT abuse…even by God's standards. Ever hear "spare the rod, spoil the child?"

    7. I pray that the young lady and her brothers be ok
      They didnt ask to be born in this chaos
      Hell, Michael family treated him PHUCKED up!
      I dont blame him for trying to create his own family in his own little weird way

    8. Well! He wanted white kids right? This is white people's heritage so self haters the jokes on you. HAHA HAHA

      • @Real THANK YOU thats what happens to swirlers all these sell out males when they die they money goes right back to white people/police. Kanye is a prime example, he dies white hoes stay winning.

    9. Paris is not mixed race, Jacky you should know better than this to falsely mislead your reader into believeing that she is biracial. Do you guys think she know that she is not black or mixed but publicly goes along with what the Jackson tells her if she wants some of her adopted father's money. I do actually think all three know they are white and not related by blood to the jacksons.

      • @beth, to be fair Jacky didn't write this, Sasha did. Jacky knows the real dirt. That girl ain't biracial even as a baby she was white as hell why are bp always trying to claim people that don't claim them??

        • I didn't say she was biracial, I said "biracial roots." Idk what she is but she was raised by black people and her mom is white sooo…still doesn't change the fact she's dating a racist.

          • Are you blind? Why do blacks try to claim anything with light skin? Her roots aren't biracial she was test-tubed by a self hating black man, may he rest in peace also, Kanye is a racist, too, as are most black male rappers so who really cares if this little WHITE girl is dating a crakker? Kanye is a crakker, too. He flossed the Confederate flag.

          • There's no such thing as biracial roots. Paris was raised by Michael Jackson and the white staff, and nannies he paid to raise his white kids. Those white kids barely knew the jackson family when Michael died. Paris and her brothers are nonblack.

            • To be fair there was one black nanny, Grace and the Blasian lady chef and some black male security guards. However Mike lived as a white male & undercover gay. All his art work in his home was white he wore a ww wig lipstick pancake makeup. Clearly he didn't like looking black. Logic tells you he didn't want black or mixed black kids!

    10. Mike f*cked their minds up telling them they're mixed and having them wear devil masks he was the only parent ttheyy knew til he died then they see mom then they get to live with fake black relatives none of the Jacksons like dark skinned black's

    11. How crazy is that mike raised these little white children and one grew up to be a junkie who hangs out with a 26 year old who has obsession with confederate flags smfh that girl ain't black and she's not Mh's and I hate to say it but yep that's karma he didn't want black children anyway sad story.

    12. American flag is just as racist as the confederate flag may be…ask the countries oppressed by the USA (property owned by the Rothshilds and Rockfellers) in the name of "freedom and democracy"…
      M.Jackson has always had a "problem" with his african DNA…
      His "daughter" has always been lied too regarding the origins of her DNA…
      Hollyweirdos such as the Jackson family have created this monster now may they deal with it…

    13. "Is Paris trying to get rid of her biracial roots and pass as white?"

      Uhhh, Paris is not bi-racial… she's white.

    14. Comment:I doubt the moderator will let this through… take a close look at the tattoos; that is not even the same guy. Paris Jackson is Michael Jackson’s daughter and she is bi-racial. Michael Jackson was not “trying to be white,” nor was he ashamed of his DNA or hate his African ethnicity. He had Vitiligo, an auto-immune disease that destroys the pigmentation of skin and results in colorless white blotches on any race. His grandfather had it and his son has it and it was confirmed on autopsy. MJ liked women and had girlfriends, donated hundreds of millions to charity and children’s hospitals around the world, was a Christian-not a Satanist, nor did he harm children. Do your research and read the trial transcripts and read what well respected journalists Aphrodite Jones and Charles Thomson said about the trial and the prosecutor and the media. Look at what the people who actually knew Michael said about him or read his book and his own words before you spill tabloid-educated drivel from an empty mind onto a public forum. The tabloids used Michael and created scandal to sell their garbage to the uneducated. I see they’re still in that ugly business.

      • Naw. I love my MJ but he was gay and most likely transitioning into becoming a female like Bruce Jenner. Rumors of him being gay began during his teen years. That girl isn't a Jackson, have you seen their original noses? Very wide/African. Hers is pointy she isn't mixed period and I'm a Mike fan but gotta keep it real.

        • Comment: ."Most likely" is an opinion at best and gossip at worst. Repeating it meets the definition of bullying. Michael Jackson was a heterosexual man married to 2 women and with several girlfriends including 2 when he died. Paris Jackson's mother is White. Rather than make up stories, do your research. Yes, keep it real.

        • Comment: Er… ah… news flash: Jehovah Witnesses are Christians. In fact, they consider themselves the only "true Christians."

    15. So was her father and his whole family. Unfortunately, the Jacksons were not able to overcome, even with all their money, the self-hate that was burnished in them by the white slave-master. So, MJ wanted white children, and Paris is obviously a junkie from the picture, then everybody got what everybody wanted, right?


      AND HEY,





    17. God do I enjoy the ravings of a delusional MJ stan!

      Michael was not gay!! He did not bleach!! He loves women!!

      Oh my sides.

      • Agreed obviously Mike was gay many gay black man if they adopt tend to adopt either light skin kids or pure white kids. If he had lived long enough he most certainly would have transitioned into a white woman.

    18. the confederate flag doesn't automatically mean racism. i have plenty of friends who are obsessed with the confederate flag and they aren't racist at all.

      • Bullshit! You must think this is just a bunch of ignorant ghetto black people at this page think again

    19. Off his Instagram page when he first got that tattoo on his wrist

      michellew0289@parisjackson I bet any money if u had michael's blood in you he wouldn't even think about dating you. Choose your friends better than this

      Her and Kylie have lost their minds, where are the boundaries? And that reminds me, how does Kylie get a pass drinking in clubs?

    20. Michael was a self hating individual and those kids are not biologically his. Paris is white and so are the other kids.

      • They are his children, biological. Paris and Prince are biracial. Blanket has black mother and father -> Michael

    21. I'm a fan of MJ, but I doubt if he was straight. And no, Paris isn't his offspring, he adopted or got her through a white surrogate all because he hated being black. His dislike for being black was so extreme that he married that ugly white fat heffer in Australia! Like seriously? Paris is 100% white, and MJ's orientation is very questionable & he only associated with blacks when his beloved white people he tried so hard to be like turned on him & reminded him that he'll always be a 'nigger' no matter how much surgery he had. But it doesn't matter now, may his soul RIP I can't judge him & I sure know he went through alot of shit in his lifetime. He succeeded in his career & in his dream to be white, but was he happy? That's up for debate

      • why do you doubt if he was straight? He never dated men, only women and married two times to a woman. Just because he has soft voice, it doesn't mean he's gay. And Paris is biracial. Michael was proud to be black, he just had vitiligo.

        I see you're not Michael's fan, you don't know anything

    22. I will have to block the message feeds from appearing in my email alerts because some of the comments from Michael Jackson fans are unintelligent and ridiculous. They are not bright at all and very much gullible, I cannot believe there are people who still believe the bs that came out of Michael's mouth or the Jackson family.

    23. I know this Michael Snoddy personally and everything thing that Sasha R. has written here about him being an "alleged racist" is totally fabricated. He uses the flag to show his southern roots and nothing more than that. His affinity for Phil and Pantera comes from the music that he listened to, growing up. What Sasha R. doesn't show in her coulmns are the photos of Michael interacting with his family, friends, and fans which he all equally loves.

    24. She is not his biological child.

      She was a gift along with the boy, to Mike from that big ole' white woman, for him to do with them as he pleased. She got paid for it.

      She isn't Black and has no reason to love anyone who loves black people. And I am a Black woman saying this: she doesn't care what is offensive to her Black "family" because she has no real tie to them except that money which is already hers.

      This is what the Jackson's get for trying to assimilate away from their own culture so hard.


      • Obviously you have not. This flag represents those that were IN favor of slavery. The only ones who still love it are the ones who have been brainwashed into believing that it stands for something great while they were young just like the idiot above with the tattoo.

    26. There's a good possibility Michael was still a virgin. He suffered so much traumatic abuse as a child and probably was molested in the industry along with his brothers. He then became the molester.I still don't understand why these parents put their kids in the entertainment biz.

    27. stop it he's a child molester he's paid off multiple families already. god knows what his "children" went through.

    28. I don't know why this should concern any Black people. MJ didn't give a f**k about his own race. There shit loads of Black kids stuck in orpanages looking to be loved and to love in return and MJ goes out and gets himself 3 White kids. Now that bitch is messing with a racist skin head and she is going to give him MJ money. How ironic is this story? The entire Jackson family are self hating coons and it is long pass due that someone calls it for what it is. You have never seen them stand with the Black Community on anything. When MJ was dating Stephanie Mills he was told she was too short and unattractive. He hasn't been with a Black woman since then. Why Blacks love the Jackson family i will never know. All the brothers dropped their Black women for women of other races.

    29. This is JIVE! Any European that came over here in bondage was a black native European, not white. You tell us to read the white man's history books – to get truth? Now, whites are trying to say that our black rock music was created by the British, then traveled to the US via blue grass. Now you white Jhews want to take our blackness and even our slave history. I guess there is not much left to take after that.

    30. I still don't believe that those are his kids. No matter how much he changed his physical appearance, his DNA is dominant Black! Those kids don't have a lick of his appearance.

    31. For anyone who is saying that she or any of his kids should not get the money because they are not biologically his, you are dead wrong. HE chose the kids, they did not choose him so stop acting like she stole his money or something. He raised her as his own along with the others. The fact that she is young and probably dumb doesn't change the fact that they are his kids and this was his choice. Simple as that. And I am a black women saying this just so you know


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