Meek Mill Takes Lori Harvey Off His Wish List


    meek mill takes lori wish list

    It sounds like Meek Mill is done with Lori Harvey…at least for now. The rapper changed the lyrics in his song “Going Bad” from “I got Lori Harvey on my wish list” to “I took Lori Harvey off my wish list.”

    Meek explained his reason in a tweet:


    1. I’ll be glad when Steve goes broke so Marjorie’s horse face ass can leave him and this Build A Hoe can drop his last name.

      • Trey songs carrying that monster from what I hear….Lori Harvey is stupid with all the diseases these rappers carry

    2. Everybody seems to be fu*cking Lori Harvey. She must have that good good. She reminds of NYC females during the 90s bad, horny and gold digging


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