Matt Barnes Scores Huge Win in Custody Battle


    matt barnes gloria govan custody

    Matt Barnes headed to court after his ex, Gloria Govan, reportedly flew into a rage at their children’s school on the Friday before Labor Day, putting their twin boys in danger when she used her car to block Matt and the kids’ vehicle from driving away from the scene.

    A judge awarded him sole physical and legal custody of their 10-year-old boys, as well as an 18-month restraining order against Gloria, claiming she’s a physical danger to him.

    The restraining order was granted through May 2020 but does not extend to the kids because the judge doesn’t think Gloria poses a danger to them.

    She will get regular visitation, including every other weekend from Friday until Monday morning, as well as dinner with the kids every Wednesday evening.

    Gloria was also ordered to complete 26 sessions of anger management and 10 parenting classes.


    1. I really hate to say this but “good for her” they weren’t like other couples.. They were worse they did a good job of hiding their truth. Gloria has to trade sex for things sheneeded in that house..

    2. Why is his hair so wet?

      It looks like when someone oils and brushes a baby’s hair for family photos.

      Why does he insist on slathering his head with “hair food?”


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