Marques Houston Gets Engaged


    marques houston engaged

    R&B singer Marques Houston is officially off the market! He recently proposed to his girlfriend, Miya. According to sources, Marques and Miya have been dating since October 2018. In an Instagram post from last year, she credits God for bringing them together.



    1. This little girl can barely wash her honey pot properly. I wish them luck..considering she was learning how to multiply fractions when all of those sex abuse allegations came out..she probably has no clue what his history entails….no babies Chris, no babies!

      • 70% of black women in Atlanta are HIV positive and it not because of the straight men…Almost ALL women are promiscuous and date bisexual or gay men. Knowingly..something is wrong with these unaccounteable and irresponsible women..

      • One more thing, black women falling in love with DL black men is the reason why so many black women have sexually transmitted diseases! #Atlanta

      • I doubt she’s black. Stokes, in addition to sexual assault, would stop all his victims from dating or liking full-blood black women. He abused them into not dating black women. If they tried, he’d abuse them in every way.

        He also did the same with them dating any women until they reached a certain age.

        • So, Chris Stokes abused them for dating black women, and exacted the same abuse on them for dating (wait for it…..) women?

    2. I don’t even think he’s gay. He was one of Stokes victims. He doesn’t know what he likes.

      You have to research his story. Stokes is…

      When is he going to bring charges against Stokes? Is he that financially dependent on him?

    3. I remember a behind the scene video he was recording and he had to kiss this girl and he was very unhappy that he had to and he wasn’t even trying to hide how much he hated to kiss her.

    4. So many fruits the CIA, FBI, and other government factions put into the entertainment industry to do there bidding in there non-stop war against black people Afro-descendant American Negros Descendants of slaves how ever you want to spin it.

    5. Heyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! Ya’ll I’m fabulous! See my new beard. Shout out to Big Daddy Chris Stokes. What up Omarion and Bow Weezie.
      Pied Piper in alot of trouble, so no more MH and the Pied Pied Piper.


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