Lowdown Down-Low: Lifetime Recruits R Kelly For Aaliyah Movie…


“Big networks want to exploit their stories for a buck. We’re here to make it clear that it’s not okay!” -The Haughton Family

The latest development in Lifetime network’s Aaliyah movie could be the ultimate stab to the late songstress’ loved ones. Know why? R Kelly is now set to cash in on his spot in the project, sources say.

Not only is Robert R Kelly legally-documented to have sexually-preyed upon a long list of alleged under age victims — at 27-years-old, the ‘Keep It On The Down Low’ singer “illegally married” a 15-year-old Aaliyah. It’s a marriage reported to have been annulled by Aaliyah’s parents, citing she may have been coerced to claim she was 18-years-old on the marriage certificate.

“Aaliyah’s personal and professional relationship with R. Kelly will be explored with care in the film as we set out to depict her life with the utmost respect.” -Executive Producer Debra Martin Chase

Here’s what The Haughton Family had to say about the project:

“Aaliyah was more than a singer, she was – and is still – an American music icon whose legacy continues to live on and influence today’s music culture, just as Ray Charles, Notorious B.I.G., Selena and Johnny Cash.

Considering the magnitude of her fans’ affection alone, she deserves to have a tribute much more grand than a television network debut that won’t even consider the perspectives of those who were closest to Aaliyah. Disregarding the families and dishonoring the legacies of celebrated figures who have passed on.”

Let’s Go!

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  1. Um….Aaliyah is NOT an icon like Ray Charles, Biggie, etc…
    She was a young lady with breathy vocals who could sing within her range and dance well….

    C’mon, Son… *in my Ed Lover voice*

      • Why is it with black woman singers they have to be so “grown” and other race’s can more or less take their time growning up? Britney, Miley 18 and BOOM! Alaliyah, Beyonce, Rihanna.. under 18 coming across in more ways as being grown women. I’m not saying the sexyness isn’t there because it is, for ALL RACES, but think about how these girls comes across ESP, if you are a grown woman or a mom. Any thoughts?

        • Nobody told Beyonce or Rihanna to act like hoes. They chose to get naked and slang their pussies across a stage. Thats what yall like anyways right? Think about who’s controlling both of them.

          • Ummm, maybe those controlling them told them to shake their pussies across the stage.

          • You may think its ignorant, thats your opinion. I did grow up around that time period. I don’t see how its stereotypical though ,when Raheim made some valid points that kind of go along with what I said. And a great question is! Who the hell wants to see these girls unclothed? Its not the young girls, boys?

    • After her death, she became an icon. Everybody wants to dress like her, wear their hair like her, and now people are getting tattoos of Aaliyah. She definitely a icon.

      • AGREE! She did her thing but come on…noting to brag about. She didnt change the music world!

    • Well, to be clear, she’s an ‘icon’ to the legion of light(er)-skinned, pretty, flat-chested, model-thin, dancing black(ish) girls with long hair and airy voices that came after her (i.e. Ciara, Ashanti [Image only, though she also took from Mary J. Blige], Amerie [Image only–She can’t dance that well], Cassie, that ‘Sevyn’ chick that’s down with Chris Brown, and now Milla J and possibly others. They ALL took after Aaliyah, with Ciara and Cassie being the most prominent examples of the group. So in that respect, Aaliyah is an ‘icon…’ or rather, an Industry blueprint just like HER inspiration, Janet Jackson, was.

      • Plus have y’all notice that when Aaliyah died its like folks in her camp like Missy, Timbaland, Ginuwine, Playa, Tweet, Magoo, DMX, Eve, Ruff Ryderz, Lil Kim, Da Brat etc.. That their career’s went to a grounding hault? Like literary stop!

        • Its like her vibe haunts them to this day! Its like music is not music without her. The vibe is so weird and still is! Think about it. Have anybody notice that?

          • What’s up, DaRadiant1?

            And to answer your question, I’d have to disagree. I was and still am a HUGE fan of Aaliyah’s whole ‘crew/clique (She, Missy, Tim & Magoo, Ginuwine, Playa, Nicole Wray, etc.), and out of your list (Warning: Long read lol):

            Missy–Continued to promote her then-current album, ‘Miss E: So Addictive’ which was released months before Aaliyah died, (re-)introduced Tweet to the Industry & public (She, like Missy, Tim & co., was one of Jodeci frontman Devante Swings’ artists in his ‘Swing Mob Collective’ of the early-to-mid ’90s), and eventually went platinum, collaborate with other artists, lost weight, and released another successful album, ‘Under Construction,’ the next year.

            Timbaland (And Magoo)–Tim continued to be a top-tier mainstream Rap & R&B producer after Aaliyah’s death and, like Missy, released another album w/Magoo, ‘Indecent Proposal,’ later that year and collaborated with other artists, including fostering a working relationship with Justin Timberlake (Who was looking to go in a more Culture Vult–My bad, I mean ‘Urban’ direction post-N’SYNC) and Nelly Furtado, both of which last to this day. Magoo, when not collaborating w/Tim, would fade from the spotlight and, according to Timbaland, get into Real Estate/Home Ownership.

            Ginuwine, too, was promoting his then-current album ‘The Life,’ which eventually went platinum. He also dabbled in acting, appearing in an episode or two of ‘Moesha’ and Coonfest ‘Juwanna Mann,’ and was featured in Puffy’s hit single ‘I Need A Girl (Part II)’ before releasing his next album, ‘The Senior,’ in 2003.

            Playa had presumably broken up by the time Aaliyah died, though Static (Major), a frequent songwriter for Aaliyah, was gaining prominence in the Industry for his songwriting.

            You know what happened with DMX, so no need to write ANOTHER novel on his many, many arrests and illegitimate children lol Eve and Ruff Ryders, however, would fall to the wayside, even after Eve either re-signed with Aftermath Entertainment and her former mentor, Dr. Dre, in late 2003/early 2004.

            Lil’ Kim was fresh off her Grammy win for her ‘Lady Marmalade’ collaboration with Mya, Pink & Christina ‘Oversinging’ Aguilera, a collabo that also/coincidentally featured Missy. Kim also spent much of 2001 & ’02 acting, appearing in Coonfest ‘Juwanna Mann’ and straight-to-DVD/BET Western ‘Guns & Roses’ when she wasn’t releasing freestyles and promoting her next album, ‘La Bella Mafia,’ which was released in early 2003.

            Da Brat was featured in ‘best friend’ Mariah Carey’s straight-to-bargin-bin semi-biopic ‘Glitter’ around the time Aaliyah died, and after the movie and Soundtrack failed and Mariah had a ‘breakdown (How fitting)’ and took to infamously peddling Ice Cream to the screaming teenyboppers of MTV’s TRL, she (Da Brat) seemed to take a little break from the Industry, waiting until 2003 to release her next album ‘Luv, Limelight & Nightclubs.’

            So as you can see, pretty much everyone you mentioned continued to be successful after Aaliyah died, with some falling off a few years after the fact.

            I do, however, agree that the vibe without her is weird, especially when all her clones/’daughters’ like Ciara & Cassie are still around. You just look at them and KNOW it’s inauthentic in a way because you remember Aaliyah. People, especially young(er) fans today who aren’t familiar w/Aaliyah tend to downplay her influence on the above and other singers of the type, but her influence and impact is undeniable, especially among her former collaborators Missy, Tim, Ginuwine, Static, etc. I remember not believing that I’d never hear another sick Aaliyah/Timbaland or Missy collabo again.

            • Good read from the infamous Rah! I will be fans of those I mentioned. But what I was saying like when Aaliyah passed it was like. STOP!!! Like a brief intermission.

            • Thanks Anonymous (I have a good idea who you are, ‘Mademoiselle’ (Hint) *wink*) and DaRa! But yeah, DaRa, I see what you’re saying, and I agree they were grieving, especially Tim & Missy, but it just seemed like everyone grieved for a time, then kept on working.

        • Nah, Aaliyah’s “vibe” wasn’t stopping anyone’s cash flow after she died. It’s quite pathetic how people make it seem as if she was some sort of “god-send” to the industry and everyone’s career was either go-or-no because of her presence. Which is false. After she died, the show went on, and bills were still getting paid.

    • big didn’t have a really huge impact.

      big only made 2 albums in his lifetime.

      big only became popular because he died young like aaliyah.

      at least ray and cash had more time to enjoy their legacies.

    • @Subtle, thank you. Aaliyah wasn’t an “icon” of any sort. Point. Blank. Period. Her family and friends have spreading that lie for years. She was only a pretty face, well dancing, STUDIO artist, with awesome producers. Don’t get it twisted folks.

    • Like OJ they still want to get this nigga for child rape no wonder he married a minor and everyone around him knew this creep was nasty but he got away with it and now that she can not defend herself they want to destroy her memory and make her out to be fast when they know this nigga is bad news for little girls and the grown ass women around him need to shut the f*ck up they all let this fag have innocent children to their knowledge and did nothing. with this film he will be caught.

  2. No fan, but rkelly was a big part of her life, she made this choice while alive, and lied about the situation on radio an in interviews. Like most entertainers, she has some secrets that the movie might show.

    • She was a child, a 15 year old little girl. When R Kelly was in a relationship with Aliyah I did not understand the scandal because at that time I was also 15, but I have a different perspective now that I am in my 30’s. I have a 15 year old niece, she is innocent, she is a child. Yes, she sometimes has an attitude and thinks she is grown, but as an adult I know that she is a child and needs to be protected—sometimes even from herself. Who is protecting our girls? If any grown man tried to be in a relationship with my 15 year old niece I would press charges. I am an attorney, I take this serious. I would put any pathetic man that went after the CHILDREN in my family in jail. Do not pass go! Too many black men get away with this foolishness because there is often a lack of Fathers in the home and many black women do not support the younger generation of black girls, or black women for that matter, and in the worst case scenario are in competition with CHILDREN, and yes teenage girls are children. Yes, I know there are child molesters in every race, but I am black and it sickens me how this behavior is justified in the community. The people who justify the Aliyah & R Kelly relationship are either child molesters or women who don’t like other women (or young girls) because they are insecure. This is sickening. I don’t care if she acted grown, she was a child and intelligent people know that when you are young you think you know everything, but really you know nothing. R Kelly is a pedophile and black people are the only group that still makes excuses for this sick man.

        • It’s not about being a “fan” dumb ass the commenter just wants you to recognize pedophilia when you see it.

          • Of course rkelly is a pedophile, a pedophile that married her. I am no dumb ass, never said that he was not a pedophile, so now you can suck the skin off my dick, dumb bitch, had to make me go there. Shit f*ck you, rkelly, and the movie.

            • @Yup.. Wow, you sound so intelligent. You further confirmed your ignorance. I will not respond to you again. I don’t waste time on fools.

      • Well Fucking Put!!!! I’m SOOOOOOOOOOO sick of (ESPECIALLY BLACK WOMEN)people defending and supporting his child molesting ass!!!!!

        • No one here as I read are supporting the child molester. However Aalyia and her family supported the pedophile, and defended him by not speaking out and warning other young girls who were later victimized by rkelly.

          • I was saying in the world ( as in buying his album, going to his shows, etc etc) not on this post- OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Your argument should be justly directed at the girls parents. Anyway, ain’t nobody checking for her or her ex pedophile husband. Y’all take this entertainment bs to seriously. All sides where fine with her being in the business until her death. There is so much you all do not know.

      • Aaliyah was 15, yes. But that doesn’t mean she was dumb in the sense of being around Kelly, nor “innocent”. Stop making excuses people. She lied about it and that was that. Face facts.

  3. American Icon, with respect I disagree. All sides seem to have lost a grip on reality. Also did she and kelly have a baby, that we hear in the background on one of her songs?

  4. So what’s the big deal? It took a parents signature for a marriage to happen, They sold her. Whether it was for money, fame, or whatever, She was allowed to have a very disturbing relationship with a grown ass man. And now Lifetime is airing there DIRTY laundry….what is done in the dark, comes to light.

  5. the family needs to stop. everyone in the industry knew kellz was into underaged girls and yet they saw fit to have this child mentored by him. what did they think his mentoring would entail? why do parents leave their children alone, unsupervised with sketchy adults? its the same motivation of parents who let their children sleep over at mj’s. MONEY.

    yes she died too soon, but don’t front on the truth. some of us remember all the tea.

    • the parents was thinking about the money and the fame now if Kelly was an ordinary duded with a regular 9 to 5 he would have been in jail.

  6. R kelly huh? I’m.going to get a vendors license to sell hand sanitizer, water and rain coats. He’s like the r&b Gallagher of piss.

  7. The suits at Lifetime are not the brightest. 3 bad decisions in a row, i would format the hard drive…Reboot! Kelly is a pedophile, WTF???

  8. Hello there! This blog post couldn’t be written any better!
    Going through this post reminds me of my previous roommate!
    He continually kept preaching about this. I will send this information to him.
    Pretty sure he’ll have a great read. Many thanks for sharing!

  9. Exec producer Debra Martin Chase should be ashamed of herself. She partnered with Whitney to produce the Princess Diaries with Brandy. Now Chase has fallen to an all time low. Seems her cancer she had has now gone to her brain.

    • I commend Ms. Chase to put the truth out there. The family is pissed because their coffers will not be filled with the proceeds. Believe me, this network just got the ball rolling quicker and beat them to the punch. That’s what happens when it’s delayed by greed.

  10. We all know how R Kelly lies so that proves that this will be a work of pure fiction

  11. I think the best comparison of Aaliyah and her lasting influence as a representation of that time and place in music’s ongoing story is the late actor James Dean.

  12. I brought up once how Beyonce in Destiny’s Child always had her stomach covered, and someone said it was because she was pregnant. (I googled some pretty convincing pics, was she preggers 3 times?) Alaliyah was always wearing those boxers, or very baggy clothes its makes me think if R. Kelly got her pregnant….. but then again she had that glass eye lol!



  13. Hollywood is shady just like a lady all them babies are fake just like cake

  14. If tejuano singer Selena was box office worthy enough perhaps we should grateful that Aaliyah’s story was at least recognized by Lifetime.

    If this tea is true, hopefully R Kelly is just desperate and not seeking money for more cigars and gaudy Versace house shirts.

  15. she was no icon, a whore who married pervert r kelly, her family agreed with it as dollar signs multiplied and this woman was no angel,slept with jay z damian dash and others, no legend with a barely heard range, did not send student to school, barely cool act. lifetime will do just fine

  16. I dont understand how that pedophile R Kelly is still walking this earth. He should be ashamed for taking advantaged of so many young girls. He should be under a jail. I totally sympathize with the family against this movie being done.

    • Anonymous 0800, I actually take some sort of ass backwards relief that this is the case. Now don’t get me wrong, I would be fine with Kels doing time, but we hear everyday how a black man can’t catch a break with the courts and John Law, and this is proof, no matter how small it may be, that a black man CAN manipulate the system just like a white man.
      Granted, it takes beaucoup bucks, but just like with OJ, it can be done.

    • @Anonymous 8:00–Simple, the Industry protects its own. I recall after the infamous ‘Sex Tapes’ were released, people in the Industry distanced themselves from ‘The Pied Piypah!’ for a while, then went right back to collaborating with him and seeking him out to write & produce their songs, which is very Masonic when you think of it (Protecting their own and such). So really, all involved are full of shit.

  17. Ummm Lips, the company behind this production is black. I’m not talking about Lifetime per se, but Lifetime like all other networks BUY projects from production companies. Not even the BIG 3 still in-house their own entertainment shows. When you see the show runner card at the end of a show, that’s who is behind the production. Ex: Shonda Rimes’s company that produces many network shows. She doesn’t actually work for ABC.

  18. They want to be broke off. For them to compare Aaliyah to Ray Charles is out of line. There is simply no comparison. If R. Chester Kelly had molested a bunch of white girls he would be a pariah.

    • no Kelly would have been in prison no black man no matter how rich can get away with molesting white girls.

    • Zaj…that fam diesn’t just want to be broke off, they want the whole enchilada.

  19. Hollyweird has pedophiles just as the music industry does. Roman Polanski, Paul Walker, Woody Allen, Dan Schneider just to name a few.

    • woody’s sick ass didn’t give a damn about showing off his little girl lovers and molested his other step daughrer and why did mia forrow allow it.

    • Pedophiles are in every industry, especially elementary education. Those mugs everywhere probably working in a court house some where near you.

  20. Oh let’s not forget MJ, Chris Strokes, Shane Sparks, Lawrence Taylor, Darren Sharper. Just sick!

    • ^Add Brian Singer to that list. And really, the pedophilia, like men dominating & controlling other men sexually, is a throwback/continuation of the ancient Greek & Roman culture that inspired Western Civilization. Of course, you won’t find that in one of their doctored ‘history’ books, but it’s very true. The fact that so-called ‘minorities’ willingly participate(d) in the same practices in a pathological attempt to appeal to their white gay/pedo masters is especially sick and sad.

    • if they molested white kids they wouldn’t be here but in peison.

      mj had enough money to fight his way out of prison chris stokes, Kelly, and shane sparks doesn’t.

      • True dat. If MJ had been anyone else, he would have been in prison following the Jordie revelation. And honestly, he should have been. Except for his multitude of stans, a blind man can see which way her swung.

  21. I hope you all understand that this argument is about female behavior again being micromanaged by the media while male behavior remains unrestricted.”

  22. Let’s not forget Aaliyah was only 15 years old when she met the pedophile R Kelly. Her innocence was taken from her. She was taken advantage of like most kids in the industry.

  23. I dont recall behind the music going into her relationship with R Kelly but then I could be wrong. Why hurt the family more.

  24. well r Kelly was a part of her life he helped made her what she is and if lifetimes gonnado a film about aaliyah they have to add her life with Kelly.

    • According to the news today, the movie WILL include the Kelly episode. Now how far they will go remains to be seen.

  25. I wonder where this location of buildings they are going to use in Chicago? He sold the loft and Olympia Fields mansion is bought by Rudolf Isley. Now how th y are going to pulled that off?

  26. If this is true, then why would anyone who really appreciated her (out of those who auditioned) want to have anything to do with this film? Especially knowing the RKelly part was going to be a part of the film? Zendaya or Zumba or whatever the child’s name that is playing Aaliyah is in for a big surprise..Many people and black folks like me despise RKelly and I will NEVER be supporting this LifeTime garbage. I hope Missy/Timberland and her family come out with a Motion Picture that will blow this one away, not to mention they could’ve had their share of people who look more like Aaliyah and who could dance and sing too. I will not be supporting this phuckery, especially if RKelly has anything to do with it!



  27. Yalllll! I just got done reading that book! R. KELLY IS FOOL AS HELL! I SEE HOW EASILY HIM AND AALIYAH GOT MARRIED! IN 24 HOURS! DAMN! LOL!

  28. I think Zendaya should back out of this movie because there will be plenty other roles she can play. If anything should happen to Beyonce she should be the first person in line to play her.

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