Lil Boosie Drags Demi Lovato for Clowning 21 Savage


    lil boosie demi lovato

    On Sunday, Demi Lovato tweeted, “So far 21 savage memes have been my favorite part of the Super Bowl” after the rapper was detained by ICE. Some celebs went easy on Demi for laughing about the incident, including Wale.

    But Lil Boosie went for the jugular.

    Demi was hospitalized in July 2018 following an overdose.

    She has since deleted her Twitter after receiving backlash.


    1. See where all this following KAP stuff will lead?? White ppl don’t run they mouth or fight with the fist… They smile and greet you and then uuse power and money to control you… keep trying to mess with the NFL if you want to, and you gone see a lot more of this..

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          Cause a domestic cat will never scare a Lion… and A gold fish will never scare a shark…

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    2. Lowlifes always cheer for other lowlifes when it comes to the criminal justice system….

      But when it comes to money they’ll be back to aiming Ak 47s at each other’s domes.

    3. This bitch use to get bullied for being fat and then had a song out that was decent and thought she was the shit and got on drugs. She shouldn’t be laughing at anyone !


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