LHHATL’s Tommie Arrested for Child Cruelty


    love hip hop tommie arrested

    Atasha Chizaah Jefferson — also known as Tommie of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta — was arrested on Tuesday at her child’s middle school in Cobb County.

    According to news outlets, Tommie has been accused of shoving her child’s head into a locker, among other things, at Griffin Middle School. She was charged with felony aggravated assault, simple battery, first-degree child cruelty and disruption of public schools.

    She posted $27,000 bond on Wednesday morning and is out of jail.

    In case you forgot, Tommie has a long rap sheet and was also accused of attacking an Atlanta mall employee this February.


    1. I remember back in the 70’s, whippin’ your kid’s azz was the go to disciplinary action, now you get arrested. Good. Slammin’ that poor baby’s head into a locker. SMDH

    2. If I added up every time a family member (mother gr mother uncle’s and aunt’s) came to whoop one of our asses in school nobody would be free.
      But they didnt slam your head against nothing, just tore you natural black ass up with switches, belts, and barber straps, yep, a barber strap that they used to sharpen their straight razors with.

      My one uncle had a fiber glass stick with a thread spool on the end of it that he called the peace maker???!

      Kids these days dont know what an real ass whooping is and their parents dont know how to discipline them…who knows the truth? They did say middle school so maybe her kid bucked at her and she layed hands on em.
      Any ways, like I tell people, you better get your bid in before they reach puberty or they will try to whoop yo ass REAL TALK!!!

      • Right. Switches at 4 – 10 stop back talk at 12.
        & parents can barely parent, middle skoolers need their disrespectful butts kicked b4 they go snatchn purses etc. But whn society forcing parents into all kinds of detriment, of course the kids are struggling with the results. ..

      • & getting a whoopin at skool is how u put fear in ya kids to stay in line. Now,,,,,they can barely keep the kids from knocking the teachers out & the teachers sexually assaulting/abusing/harassing the students.

    3. This woman is evil, mentally ill and needs help. Is this the same woman who tried to run over Jocelyn Hernandez? She should have never been given bail in the first place. Her behavior is not discipline but abuse. How many mugshots is it going to take?

    4. Majority of the prison system is filled with criminals who got whoopings as children but did that stop them from raping, stealing, and murdering?

      • That isn’t true…

        Many of them were traumatized Excessively in ALL sorts of ways, but not spanked only.

        • They can say it a million times and still would not make it true…a spanking does not make you do any of those things…being brutalized which many children are can.

        • They can say it a million times & it still would not make it true…a spanking does not make you do any of those things…being brutalized which many children are can.

    5. Going to the school to discipline your child is one thing, going up there and slamming a 12 yo head into a locker is another thing. Tommie needs to quit drinking, and go to counseling/therapy.

    6. This is what happens when bad behaviour is rewarded. Mona Scott needs to fire her from Love & Hip Hop if she’s still on the show. Stop supporting and condoning child abuse is just wrong. Tommie is a bully. She’s a lost cause. Her eyes tell a story. I’m not trying to diagnose her but she seems to be bipolar. She needs to be on meds to control her outburts. She has anger issues and is violent.

    7. There’s a thin line between discipline and abuse… Apparently many people, especially black parents don’t seem to know the difference between the two. Whooping’s should only be reserved fro extreme circumstances. If your only recourse is to grab a belt every time you child does something slightly over the line, then you really need to re-examine your parenting skills, as well as get your head examined. We beat our kids, yet our kids are STILL being outclassed by whitey, the Asian, and now the Hispanic/Latino community. It’s time we reevaluate how we’re raising up our youth.

      • It has more to do with an ENTIRE system being set up against you than getting a whoopin’ and don’t get it twisted there are plenty of other groups who do waaayyy worse when it comes to damaging children.

        Mental, emotional, physical and/ or sexual abuse are equally damaging….and we hardly have the lock on who treats their children the worst.


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