LHHATL’s Spice Debuts Bleached Skin


    spice love hip hop bleaching

    Spice from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta debuted a brand new look on Instagram to discuss colorism in the black community.

    Her new look isn’t permanent, and she said she only wore the lighter body makeup because people are always making negative comments about her dark skin. She wanted to see if people would be pleased with her look if she were lighter instead.

    What do you think?


    1. People that bleach their skin look stupid asf. She doesn’t even lol like light skinned she looks like she’s auditioning for white chicks the sequal. She looked way before before. I don’t understand why women now want to all look alike shit wack asf nowadays

    2. Wtf is she doing? Spice; what are you doing?

      You are a fine DARK SKINNED jamaican woman.

      You the best looking woman on the show. Damn.

      Now u light skinnned? Hell to the naw naw! Talking about it’s just a trial run. You got your face, arms, and legs done! This shit almost made a nigga cry lol.

    3. The greatest gift God/Yahweh gave us is melanin. This bitch along with Lil Kim are fucking idiots! They destroyed what God/Yahweh gave them. It breaks my heart that so many of us are ignorant to the power and benefits of melanin.

    4. Jamaicans are coloured struck. These people wouldnt even elect a darksin prime minister before recently and allowed two beige leaders of the JLP and PNP to divide and destroy their country

    5. Jackie with his ashen urine color promoting arguments based on colorism, and constantly against who he is. Dummy.

    6. Hello family consider this information. Michael Jordan, Floyd Mayweather, Usain Bolt, Lisa Leslie and Lawrence Taylor are the greatest in their chosen sport. What do these black athletes have in common? THEY’RE DARK SKIN! The heavy amounts of melanin in their skin is a major reason why the athletes I named are so successful. Melanin along with super tight curly hair gives us the ability to perform physical accomplishments white people can’t do. No excuses, go watch Tariq Nasheed’s Hidden Colors for more information, and then thank God/Yahweh that he made us black. #MelaninMagnificent

        • Exactly…Stupid people like him always go for physical accomplishments over mental ones, just a Dumb Ass, who doesn’t know Shit about his own, trying to sound knowledgeable….smdh.

    7. I think skin bleaching is disgusting!!! That being said I guess no one read where it said that it wasn’t permanent, but body makeup for her new video. Spice is a dope artist. Good message in her song Black Hypocrisy. Now, Spice do a song on White Supremacy as well. ✌?

    8. I could have accepted the point she was trying to make had she not worn the contacts, blonde wig, and cheetah print top.

      LHHATL…the agenda within the agenda, within the agenda…

    9. It is so funny that the vast majority of posts about women on this site are about non black or mukti racials/lightskin or white women and rarely about dark skinned women, yet people are shocked that a dark skinned woman would bleach their skin. Maybe, just maybe if more dark skin women were in the spotlight then there would be no need for bleaching. DUH. And she didn’t bleach her skin she is showing you how blacks are hypocrites. They will scream black power but will date the whitest, “black” person they can find. Great example, Katt

    10. And BLACK men are the greatest hypocrites. Not once have I seen a black man complain about the amount of non blaxk women posted on this site or that dark skinned women are rarely represented. Pot calling kettle black. In the entertainment industry it is RARE for black men to date dark skinned blaxxk women.

    11. And for the person who said Jamaicans are colourstruck, as if black Americans ain’t. Have you seen a rap video lately. And please name me ten black male celebrities that married black women darker than themselves…..I’m waiting…. Next you’ll be telling me Beyonce, Riri and Nikki are where they’re at, solely based on talent. And Kelly, Fantasia, Ledisi etc aren’t mega stars because they have no talent..lol.

    12. For those people who didnt watch her video before they commented. Spice is saying, people have told her that if she bleached, she would go further. Didn’t Lil Kim tell you all that it was her own dad, Biggie and the Hip Hop community that told her she had to bleach to be considered beautiful. Even Beyonce, had to bleach, and put on a blonde wig.

    13. And Tariq, is another hypocrite. Screams black power, tells us all about the power of melanin, yet is married to a bi-racial and has a white mother-in-law that looks like trailer trash. You would think with all his great knowledge of melanin he would run into the arms of the darkest black woman he can find. Anyone that follows that idiot and buys hidden colors is also suffering from Stockholm syndrome, like Tariq.

    14. Even in the Black entertainment industry, as it applies to dark skinned black women, if you’re white, you’re alright, if you’re brown, stick around and if you are dark skinned, stay back.

    15. ^^^^^^^When you need seven posts to make a single comment, you should walk away from the keyboard….smfh.

    16. When you cannot refute what I am saying it’s best if you never responded AND took your own advice. . SMH. TRUTH trumps all. And that’s why YOU should have walked away from your keyboards..lol. Yet black men are the first to scream racism whilst they are colorist to the very women that birthed their arses…. and thats why they are the laughing stock of the whole world. The most worthless patriarchs known to mankind. Bigging up every woman that is not their own….lol

    17. And you need to stop projecting. I KNOW THE TRUTH HURTS..lol. And it YOU not I that is saying a whole lot of nothing and therefore needs to get a hobby. PROJECTION AT ITS FINEST. WE SEE YOU….LOL.

    18. And you need to stop projecting. I KNOW THE TRUTH HURTS..lol. And it YOU not I that is saying a whole lot of nothing and therefore needs to get a hobby. PROJECTION AT ITS FINEST. WE SEE YOU….LOL.

    19. If black men actually thought the way media and trolls like Keeper claim, there would be no black women or people left. But guess what, there’s chocolate everywhere. ????????????????????

    20. Have you forgotten that the Moors breed themselves out and that is why their mix raced children in North Africa are now selling their black daddies for $400 in 2018. Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Libya were once ruled by black people. I’ve heard in Cali, and many other states the same thing is happening. The same thing is definately happening in the NBA and other sports arena, and the black arts, which is slowly being DOMINATED by the black man’s mixed race babies…delusional much.

      • The Jackson Family bred themselves out. The new Jackson generation are tragic mulattoes. In other words, the Jacksons destroyed their melanin. #SelfHatred


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