LeSean McCoy’s Baby Mama Accuses Him Of Child Abuse


    lesean mccoy baby mama child abuse

    LeSean McCoy’s baby mama initially came to his defense when his ex-girlfriend, Delicia Cordon, insinuated that he had something to do with a home invasion robbery that left her severely injured. Delicia’s friend also claimed LeSean was abusive to his son, LeSean Jr.

    The football player denied all allegations and reportedly asked his baby mama to vouch for him by making a public statement, which she did.

    But now, she’s changing her tune. She says the day before the home invasion, she overheard LeSean on the phone saying, “I need to get this b***h out of my house.” She also said LeSean offered to allow her to enroll their son in school in Miami if she would “publicly support his character” in the aftermath of the robbery.

    The woman said she believes the football player has abused their son multiple times, and she has pics to prove it. She also said she regretted helping LeSean out by vouching for him. “I feel like I am sending our son to a monster every two weeks,” she said in court docs.

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    TSR STAFF: Christina C! @cdelafresh _____________________________________ #Roommates, LeSean McCoy’s baby mama Stephanie Maisonet is making some pretty big claims against the #NFL player, calling him a “monster” and alleges that he’s abusing their child and that he used their son to cover up his role in a home invasion that occurred at his home and involved his ex-girlfriend #DeliciaCordon. ______________________________________ Today, Maisonet filed new documents in Cordon’s lawsuit against LeSean claiming he used their son as a pawn in order to vouch for his character, so she would shoot down rumors he was involved in a home invasion that left Cordon brutally beaten, according to @TMZ_TV. ______________________________________ Maisonet claims the day before the home invasion, she overheard LeSean on the phone saying, “I need to get this bi**h out of my house.” She says after Cordon was attacked, LeSean called her, something he does not allegedly do often, and offered her a deal. Maisonet alleges that LeSean told her if she’d publicly support his character and insinuate that he was not behind the attack, he’d roll over in their custody case involving-read more at TheShadeRoom.com.

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