LeBron Caught Thirsting After Big Booty Insta-Model


    lebron james cheating

    LeBron James is still e-creeping without a care in the world. This time, he was caught liking the picture of a big booty Instagram model who looks NOTHING like his wife Savannah!

    Do you think it’s okay for Bron to admire other women online?


    1. These BLACK men don’t know how to respect the SANCTITY OF MARRIAGE!!!!!!!! Next thing you know……there’s threesomes etc etc. Then the couple on some show telling their marriage business with the wife in tears and the husband begging for forgiveness. Stop with this madness already!!!!!!!!!!

    2. The problem isn’t that he did it. It’s that it’s a white chick or Mexican.

      Dudes will thirst. It’s biology. However, there’s better options in the age of IG thottery.

    3. She’s ugly; she looks like she plays football with OG from Basketball Wives LA. Like damn for real.

    4. I like black women , but yeah I had sex with white girls and s few mexicans too

      Nature fir men to lust after pretty girls with ass and tits

    5. Lebron James is disrespectful. It’s like Steph curry is the only legit black man that exist. Wtf!!!!!

      Cause I even left my nigga over some stupid shyt like this before. And at the time we was just dating, meaning talking on the phone and going to the movies. He never did that shyt again.

        • How do you know the darker you are the more African you are????

          What if Ethiopians were the first Africans? Most of them are caramel with shiny, soft, fine hair.

          Steph is black, if you don’t consider Steph black than what is he?

          • Most Ethiopians are *NOT* caramel. Most are much darker. And most have thick curls or afros. GTFOH

            Steph is a mulatto, which is part of the reason the media won’t STFU about him and that other white boy. They wanna use him to promote the genocide through interracial marriage agenda.

          • Black who live in america aren’t african Dumb Bitch…if we were them they would not have sold us into slavery.

            I know you are too Stupid to mentally grasp everyone who has similar skin tone are not all from the same tribe.

            • Dumb bitch you were not sold by Africans but stolen by Europeans and Arabs who waged war on the black race

              • You are the Dumb Bitch…how the Fuck do you NOT know afriKKKAnts sold us…do any of them claim you now…NO so take several seats with your Ignorant Ass.

                • They all know who we are…meaning we are the Real Israelites~the Most High’s Chosen and they ALL were in on selling us off to every part of the world.

      • Well if he’s disrespectful…….I’mama put a foot in his ass and tell him to make his own damn sandwich!!!!!!!!!!

    6. Who cares Savannah jnws he cheats and she stays why leave he provides a lifestyle for her three she doesn’t have to work let the man live and lead

    7. If she was black people who say she’s fat. There is nothing special about her she needs to hit the gym

    8. Who ever said that the Ethiopians were the first African and most of them are caramel with shiny, soft, fine hair is an IDIOT. They are multi racials mixed witj black, indian and arab bloodlines. The true Ethiopians are dark skinned with WOOLY HAIR, as recorded by Herodotus, who was one if the first Greeks to have contact with the Ancient Egyptians/ Africans when Africa was called Ethiopia.

      • Ancient Athiopians were sudanese which meant burnt face ones. Modern ethiopians are 10 percent semitic (ie habesha) but they are caucasian just like somali and oromos.

        • You’re 100% bitch. Go back to reddit, CAC. Go sit around talking about BBC with your gay white ass.

      • And the Greeks were ignorant, violent bitches that liked teen boys, so no one gives af about their opinions.

        Most Ethiopians, past or present, are not mixed.

    9. Nothing to see here I’m sure he will find a way to blame it on white people .or fake his hate getting hated mansion spray painted because that also didn’t happen

      • Lebron been color stuck. Look at all the women he thirst after either light skin or white. When dude talks about how great black women are hes talking about the beyonce/lighties

    10. You are BLACK if you have 1 drop of BLACK DNA blood in you……….The BLACK gene is the dominant gene……….Sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • only low self esteem negroes claim the one drop ie western blacks

          blackness is the paternal genes if your father is not predominately of African descent than you are NOT black

          • STFU Redumbshit…

            You can change your name,but you are still the same POS hamite you have always been.

    11. You cannot be mad at a man who really like women who look like men some people really just don’t have no fucking type!?


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