LeBron Admits He Let’s His 11 & 14-Year-Old Sons Drink Wine


    lebron james sons wine

    LeBron James and his wife, Savannah, are wine lovers, and the NBA star admitted to USA Today that he allows his 11-year-old and 14-year-old sons to drink wine too:

    “Whatever dad’s and mom’s having. Put it on me, though. Don’t put it on mom. Put it on dad, put it on dad.”

    What do you think about Bronny and Bryce sipping on some drank with their parents before they’re even old enough to drive?


    1. Alcohol has done just as much damage to the black community as cocaine and heroin. Lebron should be ashamed of himself. Call Child Protective Services.

    2. Should have kept this private cause now CPS has their antennas up and fonts judging him and wondering how soon the kids will have an alcohol problem that has to be dealt with by the courts and rehab! This was not a wise confession.

    3. It’s common in Europe for kids to drink wine at like 8. English and Irish start getting full on drunk at like ten. Rasta kids smoke. Asians are forced to drink at work to “show respect” to superiors, so it’s common for bosses to make a 19 year old extra tipsy.

      I guess Bron doesn’t want alcohol to be taboo, and they want their kids to have a normal view of it. They’re probably worried about binge drinking and etc.

      I disagree because the stuff just isn’t healthy, but it’s his kid. Be careful Bron.

    4. Wine is healthy! It keeps you from having strokes! Everything in moderation. And I’m sure they’re not having to the head contests……who can drink the most. They drink in church on special occasions. So I think its hypocritical to say that they can’t drink on some occasions.

    5. Stupid!! He thinks he’s being a cool dad, trying to make his sons cool, cause they probably surrounded by weird white ppl all day. But he just messing them up. Should probably just keep them out of the media, put them in public school and never tell anyone who their dad is. Lots of celebs do that so they kids will be normal.

    6. My mother is French and when went to France as kids, our French uncles and grandma let us drink wine albeit it was a 1/2 pour and sometimes diluted with ice. It actually allows you to have a healthy view of alcohol. When i came back to the States and my teenage friends all were getting drunk, i didnt drink.


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