Layzie Bone Claps Back at Migos


    layzie bone migos

    After Migos called themselves “the biggest group in the world, to ever exist” in an interview, Layzie Bone of Bone Thugs n Harmony said not so fast!

    Peep his clap back.

    Are you Team Migos or Team Bone Thugs?


      • Migos is also worried about making sure they’re hair looks extra musty and greasy! They need an interpreter or captions at least. I don’t understand a word they’re saying! Maybe the birds understand them….Like all mumble rappers they have the girly look on point.

    1. Migos are a joke. Making weird sounds like they are 5 years old and not actually rapping. Will never take them seriously

    2. Lol. Dang did they really say they’re as the biggest group??

      Yeah Bone Thugs and Harnoney was that group or atleast NWA. I only know 1 migos song.

    3. YT made the a-migos because once Bad and Bewjy came out and that actor/singer/rapper DG announced them to the world on that award show – I knew they were finished in terms of being real.

    4. Props to the mostly takeoff for actually having bars…. but come on man Bone thugs yall had yall time….. its a new wave out here yall should just ride that mf


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