Lauren London Shows Off Nispey Hussle Tattoo


    lauren london nipsey hussle tattoo

    Following Nipsey Hussle’s April 11 memorial service at Staples Center, Lauren London showed off her brand new tattoo in honor of the slain rapper.


    1. Girl BYE. Probably had something to do with setting him up. By the way, all those masonic references and 666 in Snoop’s eulogy was interesting.

      • Yep and I bet it flew over people’s head when F. was telling people about the mark of the beast and saying 666 PS his mom was the craziest part something really is not right they tried to put nip on Christ level don’t come at me I am just making a comment and what I seen

    2. Damn imagine the next man fu*cking her and then seeing his face on her arm (creepy)…she definetly aint getting another man to marry her after that….

    3. If she loved him that much she would have already had the tattoo makes no sense that he’s dead to get it. Like she’s never gonna fuck another man in her life yeah fuckin right


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